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Top 10 On-Demand Grocery App Development Companies in 2024

Mobile app development is one of the main focal points for companies in different industry verticals. There is a high demand noticeable in the market for many different mobile app types due to their ease of use, smooth functions, and accessibility.

One of the main needs of customers is quick delivery of their important items. Here, on-demand grocery apps are the best solutions.

Are you looking to begin on-demand grocery app development? You should hire one of the best grocery delivery app development companies for the task.

However, in the context of app development, you have to consider many things first, like the cost of development.

In this article, that is what we cover, so read ahead to know more.

What is On-Demand Grocery App?

On-demand grocery apps are mobile-intuitive mobile apps suitable for users to order grocery items. These apps come with diverse features and geo-location-based functionality. Plus, they allow customers to order and receive their products directly at home.

There are different types of on-demand grocery apps that companies focus on building. They target specific objectives or user bases and include specialized features related to their functionality.

The most common version is the grocery chain application, which customers can use to manage or request orders and make online payments.

Other options include aggregator apps (multiple stores on one platform), personalized grocery apps (customized product lists, alarm setup, and cost analysis), and marketplace apps (sellers sell their products).

Indeed, they come with different features specific to the type of app model and require varying development methods.


Types of Grocery Delivery Apps

Types of Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps


Global Food and Grocery Retail Market Worldwide

global food and grocery retail market worldwide


Professionals at the top grocery app development companies center their cost structures around the features they add.

So, you must know what features to expect.

Top Features of On-Demand Grocery App

The functionality of any mobile app would have greater quality depending on the type of features available. Companies hire mobile app developers to prepare customized on-demand grocery apps with specific attributes.

Read ahead to know what they are, depending on the user type.

1. Apps for Customers:

Here are the common features of customer-oriented grocery apps:

  • Registration/Login– Users can log in or register a new account on the grocery mobile app step-by-step, adding details like email and password. Some developers include a social media syncing function for login.
  • Search Bar- Customers can search for the items they want by typing the name, category, or keyword. There are filtration functions for easier product search, like area, food type, cost range, etc.
  • Product list- The whole list of available products or categories is available for easier accessibility.
  • Shopping cart- Users can add their products to the shopping cart and manage multiple orders/transactions. One can leave the product in the cart and purchase it later.
  • GPS tracking– This is useful for customers to track their orders with a real-time view of the driver’s location during delivery.
  • Payment– Multiple contactless payment gateways, like debit/credit, cash payment, UPI, and other options, are available.
  • Order history– Information about previous and ongoing orders is saved in this section.
  • Push notification– Even when users are not actively using the app, they get notifications on their device about orders, new offers, and other information.
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2. Apps for Delivery Agents and Drivers:

The following are specific apps available in drivers’ on-demand grocery app types.

  • Registration– The delivery professionals can register into the account through this section, adding all necessary details and payment settings.
  • Customer details- In this section, drivers get information about a customer, delivery location, store location, and other details.
  • Profile– Drivers can prepare their personalized profiles with relevant information and area of preferred delivery details. Customers and the admin can access it.
  • GPS tracking- This section shows the exact customer location with route information. The drivers can complete their delivery on time.
  • Order description- Details about the order, price, number of products, and other details are available for easier understanding.
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3. Apps that Admins use:

These are the common features available in Admin-based grocery apps.

  • Administrator Login– Admins can register or log in to their account through this section. Also, they get details about the recently registered driver or user.
  • User Profile Review– The admin can see the profiles of all users and see insights into their recent orders, frequent orders, and feedback.
  • Users list– Admin can check the list of customers using the On-Demand Grocery App. They can access records about their orders and app activities.
  • Category list management– The admin can include more products in the list based on the order rate and customer demand.
  • Management portal– The admin can manage all app users, like drivers and remove or restrict those who do not have proper documents for safety purposes.
  • Transactions and payments– This section holds records of all transactions by and with the user or driver.
  • Orders list– The admin can check and manage all order lists of the users for scheduling the delivery ETA accordingly.


Want to Develop grocery Delivery App

Market Leaders in On-Demand Grocery Apps

Market Leaders in Grocery Delivery Apps

Major Techniques to Earn from Online Grocery App

Major Techniques to Earn from Online Grocery App

List of Top On-Demand Grocery App Development Companies

Without a doubt, relying on the best professionals for the on-demand app development work would allow you to have intuitive and scalable apps.

There are multiple software development companies that create personalized grocery apps for clients.

To choose the top grocery app development company you should trust for the project, here is a list of the best options available.

1. Moon Technolabs

Moon Technolabs- Grocery app development

Moon Technolabs is one of the leaders in IoT-based development services. The members of this team can create dynamic mobile apps, web solutions, and software solutions.

Plus, they hold expertise in blockchain-based development, web app development, and AI/ML development. The team here covers services for clients in different sectors, like food and restaurants, Taxi, healthcare and fitness, Dating apps like Tinder, and on-demand solutions.


2. IonicFireBase


Being one trustworthy and leading grocery app development company, Ionicfirebase has a dedicated team of passionate and well-trained developers to develop an all-encompassing grocery delivery app.

They are dedicated to creating premium products ensuring user-interactiveness, with all advanced features for a comfortable handle.

Their on-demand delivery app is flexible enough for startups, aggregators, and also for a grocery chain, etc., imbibing all novel marketing capabilities as per the requirement of the business.

Their grocery ordering app facilitates shopping & safe delivery from local markets & organic farms. Ionicfirebase stands out with a decade of experience in building high-quality grocery delivery apps with Admin, Customer, and delivery domains for future-ready online outlets without being physically present.

Being a well-known name in the industry of grocery app development companies, they strictly adhere to providing applications with a user-friendly interface using the latest technology that manages orders, stocks, etc., from any location.

The dashboard & tools assist in viewing the ROI of your grocery business and creating reports frequently.


2. Mindster

Mindster- Grocery app development companies

Mindster is another top company with various services like app development, web app development, Drupal development, UI/UX design, and more.

There is a wide team of software development experts employed in this company, and they handle diverse project types. These professionals offer on-demand grocery app development services as well.


3. SpdLoad


This is one of the best software development firms. The team offers customized software solutions for clients in scale-ups and start-ups, benefitting them in expanding their reach with dynamic digital solutions.

They provide their services for companies in different industries, like food and delivery. They use top-notch technologies and tools and are skilled in handling diverse project types.


4. Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares- Grocery app development companies

One of the notable grocery app development companies in the USA is Arka Softwares. It provides a wide range of services, like web and mobile app development and digital transformation.

The professionals here have worked on various on-demand app development projects, especially in the food industry. So, they are capable of creating robust grocery mobile apps. They further provide digital commerce services as well.


5. Smarther Technologies

Smarther Technologies

Smarther is another leading mobile app and web development company in India, based out of Chennai. Founded in 2011, this company has a huge team of proficient and passionate developers and designers.

The workers provide high-quality customized app solutions, like food delivery apps, grocery apps, taxi apps like Uber, etc.


6. Clavax


This company is one of the leading companies now in digital product engineering. The professionals in this team have worked on diverse software development projects, related to web development, big data and analytics, mobility, enterprise content management, and more.

The team here has long-term experience in this field and is experienced in handling different custom app development work, like on-demand grocery apps.


7. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink Infosystem

This is a top company in the United States that offers dynamic services and works in app development. The professionals at Hyperlink InfoSystem have worked on diverse top projects for corporate brands, offering services like game development, blockchain development, CMS development, and more.

One of the top on-demand app development services they handle is the development of modernized grocery apps with advanced technology and features.


8. FatBit Technologies

Fatbit Technologies

Another notable name in the context of the top app development service providers available for on-demand grocery app development is FatBit Technologies.

The team in this firm is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to their projects, offering full personalized support to clients in startups or enterprises.

They offer a wide range of services as well, like web design, custom software development, mobile app development, and e-commerce services. The team gathers insights on ongoing trends and prepares modern solutions for clients.


9. Appsrhino


Appsrhino is another top company that offers on-demand app development services, like grocery apps. There are well-trained designers and developers employed in this company that offers their dedicated support to their clients with all projects.

Many service options are available under this company mostly related to on-demand delivery support, like taxi services, logistics, and home services.


10. Qburst:


Along with being one of the best eLearning companies in 2024, it is also an expert product development service provider.

The company focuses on offering convenience with front-line education and eLearning software solutions that use next-gen technologies. Big data consulting, SEO and Cloud consulting are the core technologies.


On-Demand Grocery App Development App Cost in 2024

Regardless of the type of on-demand grocery application you build, the cost and time of development can differ. Developers generating hybrid or no-code apps notice less time, while native app development costs more.

Plus, the level of proficiency of the developers also affects the overall cost of development, i.e., the fees. Altogether, the number of team members thereby affects the rate.

Here are some average cost estimates as per three different locations.

  • US– Developers charge approximately USD 70-150 for each hour.
  • India– The developers take approximately USD 10-40 for every hour of work.
  • Eastern Europe– These developers approximately charge around USD 30-100 per hour.

Therefore, with resource/technology/overhead costs, the overall development cost can exceed USD 20,000 to USD 50,000 approximately.

Here is a breakdown of the several phases of on-demand grocery app development and the amount of cost and hours each stage requires.

  • Android-based app development– The total time of the development cycle can last 500 to 600 hours and cost around USD 6000 to USD 7800.
  • iOS-based app development– It can take around 500 to 600 hours to make an iOS app and would cost approximately USD 60500 to USD 78600.
  • UX Design– This stage requires around 100 to 200 hours of work and can cost approximately USD 2700 to USD 5400.
  • Backend Development– The average time for this phase is 700 to 800 hours and can take USD 9800 to USD 11200 approximately.
  • UI Design– The average period can extend to 200 to 300 hours, and the development cost can stay around USD 10000 to USD 15000.
  • Testing– It takes around 400 to 500 hours for this process, and it costs around USD 8400 to USD 10500.



Certainly, the on-demand grocery app development market has a high level of popularity. Companies create mobile apps like ice-cream delivery apps, flower delivery apps, alcohol delivery apps, and food delivery apps.

In fact, statistically, the market value of on-demand grocery apps can reach USD 187.7 billion by 2024. There is high-profit potential with these apps, as long as the functionality, features, and benefits are high.

Hiring and working with top app development experts is helpful here. They add the necessary features, use robust and modern technologies, handle complex work fast, and complete all stages within the deadline. They also assure a lowered cost structure.

For the best results, research your options and then decide which team to rely on.

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