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Mobile App Design Trends that Promise to Soar High in 2024

The level of technological advancement is beyond our imagination now!

The majority of our day is spent in front of screens. We wake up to an alarm set on our mobiles. We turn to our mobile calendars to see the tasks scheduled for the day.

We scroll through our social media apps to know what’s going on. We send and receive important emails and messages on our smartphones.

The above examples show how mobile apps have become synonymous with oxygen today.

Hence, it is important for app designers and developers to come up with new ideas and concepts that enhance user experience.

Why Follow The Trends?

The tech industry works on a continuous cycle of innovation.

Each day, you hear about the launch of new apps with better functionality. The way these apps are designed changes rapidly.

With new trends making their way into the market, old trends become obsolete. Apps not designed as per the latest trends lose their appeal quickly.

Keeping up with these trends is challenging. However, they are important to make your apps more interactive and relevant for your users. The sense of freshness they bring to your digital platform is worth the effort.

Don’t worry; you do not need to make significant changes in your design every day.

Just figure out which trends are in for the long run and take inspiration from them. This blog tells you about promising mobile app design trends for 2022.

Before jumping on to the main topic, let’s understand the kind of trends involved in app design.

The Kinds of Trends in App Design

Trends in Mobile App Design belong to 3 main categories. Some of the trends may belong to more than one category, but that’s not a problem.

1. Visual

Visual trends are associated with the look and feel of your mobile app. Most trends belong to this category because an improved user interface automatically attracts more users. These trends are associated with concepts, shapes, colors, and other visual elements of an app.

2. Technical

Technical trends focus on bringing more functionality to an app. New and interesting features increase the value of your app in the market. These trends are associated with how an app works. More precisely, they are concerned with the procedures inside an app.

3. Interactive

Interactive trends determine how a user interacts with an app. These trends are on the rise because they give users a chance to provide their input and feedback. They make apps more engaging for people.


Top Mobile App Design Trends for 2022

Here are some mobile app design trends that will definitely impress your users in the coming year.

1. Neumorphism

Sounds too complicated, right?

Well, you would be surprised to know that this trend has proved to be a hit in recent times. Read its definition and background below to know what I am talking about!

Earlier, people were new to technology. To make it easier for them, designers used to imitate the interface of real-world objects.

Simply put, they made applications that appeared and functioned just like their real-world counterparts. The technique of using concepts familiar to people is known as Skeuomorphism.

However, people are used to technological advancement now. Apps designed with the concept of skeuomorphism seem too simple today. Therefore, designers have introduced the concept of Neumorphism (short for new skeuomorphism).

Neumorphism basically uses real-life imagery like skeuomorphism but with a twist. Designers use new and improved 3D-like graphics to give those traditional flat icons a dimensional makeover!

Techniques like multiple box shadows and background color values bring a floating effect to elements.

Give your app an eye-popping and realistic feel with this hot new trend!

2. Minimalism

This trend has made its way into every field existing today.

Earlier, designers filled their apps with visual elements to make them look fancy. However, this practice quickly made its way out of the market.

People spend most of their day staring at their screens. An overstuffed app obviously stresses out their eyes more! Plus, it becomes difficult to find and focus on the desired content. This is why minimalism is the new hype in the design world!

Designers are now keeping apps simple and clean. They avoid all extra elements that create a distraction for users and make them lose focus on the main content.

3. Geometric Art

The love for geometry never ends!

Using shapes to make apps look more aesthetic is a go-to technique for modern designers. Unique geometric shapes paired with 3D effects bring depth and visual interest to your app without spending much on photography.

You can use different shapes to create an image that stands out. Plus, geometric art can also help you create an eye-catching background. Another interesting technique is to combine photos of real-life objects with different geometric patterns. How about a collage made out of shapes?

Geometric art has opened up endless possibilities for modern-day designers. You just need to figure out what works the best for you!

4. Creative Data Visualization

Who said data has to be boring?

Gone are the days of studying those boring old graphs! Numerous creative ways to present data have made their way into the market. These data visualization techniques have made it fun to communicate information with users.

Info-graphics with animations, colors, and wave patterns not only engage the users more but also help them understand your analysis clearly. This is why the modern ways of visualizing data are no less than a blessing for app designers.


Digital advancement has completely revolutionized the field of design. All mobile app designers must keep an eye on the past and current trends to stay in the race. Some design trends come and go like thunder, while others create a long-term impact.

Apart from the ones mentioned in the blog, look out for other design trends like virtual and augmented reality, photos from unexpected angles, unique swiping experiences, and app color schemes.

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Alex Carey
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