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How to use Video Content to Grow your Business?

Videos dominate! And it’s not just on YouTube, but everywhere. In fact, four out of six platforms where viewers watch videos are social media channels. And there are no chances of this trend going down any time soon.

As per the report, approximately 86% of companies use videos in their marketing campaigns. And then there’s the average present-day individual, spending 100 minutes every day watching videos on the web.

This will make up 82% of all online traffic in 2022!

Not to mention, 95% of the messages are retained by customers in video form, while only 10% are retained in text form. Cisco, the technology tycoon, reports that 82% of all online traffic will be video in the near future.

So, the numbers say it all – video content will boost your business more than anything else.

But where do you start? Here are some ways of using videos to grow your business:


Use Videos for Creating Brand Awareness

Branding is vital for your business. You have put a lot of effort into planning, researching, and developing your business. So, it’s quite likely that you would want people to recognize your brand the moment they come across its products and services.

And what better way of doing this than using videos?

Top-quality, targeted videos of your company’s mission, products and services can get you ahead of your competitors.

How? See Lyft, a private transportation network firm based in San Francisco?

The company recently came out with a video explaining how its peer-to-peer ridesharing mobile phone application works. That branding video included its signature pink mustaches on its drivers’ cars to create instant brand awareness.

And, this worked for Lyft, bringing in huge conversions and sales.


Use Personalized Videos to Target Different Consumers

Earlier, when it was expensive to make videos, businesses had to limit themselves to creating only a few videos. But things have changed these days because of a free online video maker.

So businesses can now create videos for specific buyers targeting them as per their gender, profession, interests, positions, and the issues they are trying to solve. Personalized videos can target different customers according to their personas.

Use Personalized Videos to Target Different Consumers

Remember, the more specific is your target, the better results you can get. For example, UpWork, an American Freelancing Agency, used this tactic in its Hey World campaign where it targets different customer personas and their problems entertainingly.


Choose the Right Video Format

To choose the correct video format for your business, first, be clear about your objectives and audience. Then, choose a format that perfectly suits your objective.

For instance, if your objective is driving sales for a 24-hour sale, it would be great to use Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories to promote the event.

Also, ensure scripting or storyboarding your video. When making personal vlogs, Stories, and live videos, jot down bullet points to cover all the crucial areas or things you want the audiences to know.


Offer Instructions Before Promoting Your Product

Simply because you know your product thoroughly does not mean people also know about it.

Thus, use videos to guide them about its use before starting the promotion. People like

well-edited, high-quality product instruction and demonstration videos. So, promote your product in a way that does not sound too salesy in the video. At the same time, offer detailed information on product use to help the prospects decide better.

This way, you provide value to your customer instead of promoting your product throughout.

Offer Instructions Before Promoting Your Product

Check out Dash, a connected car platform that releases videos to showcase how its service transforms cars into smart cars. Its videos highlight how to use its products, making it easier for the viewers to understand instead of going through the long-form text.

That’s exactly what you need to do!


Repurpose Good Quality Blog Content

Blog engagement is crucial for business. Therefore, if you can replicate all these features that make your blog attractive through videos, your chances of connecting with the target audience will increase.

Check your business website analytics to find the blogs getting the highest traffic and audience engagement. Deconstruct these blogs into video form. Make sure to display your brand personality in the video while adding extra information.

Videos should offer the same points as in the blog post if you want to get the same traffic, engagement, and sales. Not just blogs, but you can also repurpose other content forms.

For example, if an infographic has brought great results, create a video showing the chart and speak about the numbers.


Put Across a Clear Message

Pictures are good at getting a business message across, but videos are far more effective than images. As per studies, a video is worth 1.8 million words. So, there’s nothing better than videos when you want to convey complex messages to your customers.

Video helps with simple, direct, and quick communication. When customers do not have to go through huge blocks of text, their mind is open and free to receive moving images blended with sound.

This leaves a strong impression on the viewers, and your business message is out and clear. It is absorbed and even retained properly by the viewers.

And with more than 90% of the users watching videos on their mobile devices, videos are perfect for attracting smartphone users.


Host Live Events on Different Social Media Platforms

As per estimates, by 2025, a whopping 4.41 billion individuals will be using social media platforms to engage with different businesses. This makes it evident that channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can take the growth of your brand to another level.

Making your Webinar fun and engaging

One good way of using videos on social media sites is by hosting live events. Businesses can host everything from AMAs or Ask Me Anything sessions to educational webinars. Live events offer new visitors and followers the chance to get closer to a brand and the people behind the scenes.


Final Thoughts

Video content is here to stay, and there’s no question about this. So, if you are looking to take your business to the next level, think of different creative ways of making videos and make them an integral part of your business marketing plan.

Alex Carey
Alex Carey
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