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How Mobile and Web Development Impacting Consumer Buying Behavior?


Those days were gone when companies used to contact their customers through traditional methods like email and phone calls. The advancement of technology has changed the whole market scenario.

In this digital-driven world, the brand value is now in the hands of customers which earlier is in the company’s favor. Companies earlier used to offer information according to their choice.

Thanks to the development of web and mobile applications, customers can access and have control over the information. The amazing amalgamation of mobile web and digital technology helps users research, browse, and buying products.

Mobile technology has completely transformed the retail market. Retailers are now making strategies to fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations. The top-notch companies are providing advances to enhance user’s shopping experience so they can convert their customers into users.

This has raised the level of users’ experience to the advanced level and it has completely changed the dimension of retail shopping. Thus, retailers are investing money in advanced technology to enhance the credibility of their brand. It helps them achieve ROI and stay ahead of their competition.

In this blog post, we will talk about the impact of these advanced technologies on consumer buying behavior? And how can companies keep their customers by making powerful strategies?

Customers are Connected with Online Platforms

Each individual is living two different lives: online life and offline boring one. But in all ways, we love to be in contact with our loved ones.

In the online world, it connects us with people over multiple platforms to keep ourselves updated on everything and everyone.

According to the Exact Target Marketing report, the report shows our dependence on online platforms. The report stated that 91% of the customers access content across all the devices.

Information technology enhanced the connectivity of the world and make this entire world one big community.

This technology trend will not change soon as a now 5-year-old kid knows how to operate smartphone devices, even platform like LinkedIn has decreased the age group to 13 years to increase their number of users.

In most cases, companies want to connect to the maximum number of consumers and fulfill their requirements. The new generation of people is mostly on Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social media platform.

The right way for companies to approach the new generation is through social media channels. It will provide benefits to your business. On-demand mobile application developers are in enormous demand as the number of online platform users is increasing.

Customers Expectations Have Changed

As technology is transforming, the customers’ behavior is also changing accordingly. The emergence of e-commerce and smartphones has almost fulfilled customers’ requirements according to the business. For buying any items or services.

With top-notch smartphones and tables, they provide access to products or services to the users. This is the reason companies are raising their standard in the aspect of customer service.

If you are providing features and functionalities that adapt to the changing behavior of customers, then only you can generate revenue for your business.

To recognize the concept we are going to explain with the help of examples. Let’s assume a customer wants to buy an item at night and looking for an answer to his query from customer support.

If the customer support executive gives them a satisfactory answer, then he will move to the next stage and complete his transaction, buy the product, If he isn’t satisfied with the response to customer service, then he will look for another platform that can fulfill his requirement instantly.

In this digitally driven world, customers are well-versed informed about their leverages. They know that they can share their opinion regarding everything through their social media handle.

And as you know that this allows them to share their views on the products and services. So companies need to keep checking customer’s reviews and responses immediately.

New Communication Channels

Earlier, companies are using email, SMS, and calling for customer services. Though we consider that email mode isn’t effective because of the late response.

On the other hand, there are several other obstacles that consumers while dealing with the other two modes of communication.

Moreover, these methods are more inclined toward the company, while consumers only get the information that the company showcases to them.

In this digital-driven market, the situation is bizarre. Thanks to its mobile and web app development, consumers are now more informed about technologies. Social media platforms and live chat features keep the business alive in front of consumers.

If you wonder that by losing a single customer you can save your company’s reputation, you are wrong. Because of social media, information is accessible to millions of people, so it hampers your brand image on a global level.

Nowadays, there are so many tools that can help you support your business. You can use data analytic tools to perform the research and analytics that help you understand customer’s behavior. You can offer them offers that they can resist.

Mobile Devices and Secure Payments

With the increment of smartphones and internet users, users are spending time in a lot of time online. Users are accessing the brand’s website or mobile apps of the companies for the information or the product or services they are looking for.

Therefore, it’s significant to have a digital presence of companies through mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites. Thus, making information accessible nowadays.

If your companies are not an online presence, then it leaves a false impact on customers and reduces the credibility of the brand. Every individual uses their smartphone for accessing the product’s information and reviews while they are searching for their need on the eCommerce platforms. Then they will purchase according to their budget and requirement.

The digital presence of your company is not only helpful for customers but also beneficial for your business. Both can be done through an online network.

It is easy for companies to make their digital presence. All they need to do is make a website and hire a dedicated mobile app developer for their brand.

One reason people are opting for online buying is the enhanced security integrated into e-commerce platforms. People are way more relaxed and comfortable in buying things online and making payments through their devices.

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed growth in online buying. Consequently, retailers are now investing money in e-commerce to fulfill their customer’s expectations and to stay ahead in the competitor world.

Retail Branded Store Credit Cards:

Retail branded store credit cards is now a part of the digital strategies of companies as it serves the large number of users that hold these company’s credit card.

Companies provide special retail brand programs to offer amazing shopping experiences to customers. That the shopping experience should be mobile-enabled and use the tools and apps for maintaining user engagement.

Integration of IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Technology

According to technology experts, IoT is considered the future of technology. And the cloud is going to be the connection between all the technologies from Alexa to wearable devices and others to provide an IoT phenomenon.

Soon cloud computing is going to analyses customer behavior. In the upcoming years, most preferably, it is going to integrate with IoT to provide personalized services to customers.

Soon everything is on the cloud, as it became simpler to produce new products and services for their customers. In the last few years, different industries are adopting cloud computing.

Because sharing, storing, and outsourcing is easy and possible on a single platform. Companies are now enjoying the full benefits of cloud computing to test the data for enhanced customer users’ experience.


Technologies have evolved rapidly in the last couple of years, it has seen some amazing changes. The crystal clear impact of this is on the users’ buying experience.

In this article, we have tried to cover all the aspects (which move close to the customer’s buying behavior), new communication models and integration of payment gateway, brand’s credit card, IoT, and cloud computing integrations.

These are some technologies that make a tremendous impact on the users’ buying behavior. This technology advancement era truly standing to the statement “The Customer is King” which companies have never experienced before.

To enhancing user engagement, companies don’t forget to make some innovative strategies that fulfill customers’ expectations.

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Alex Carey
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