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10 Best AI Video Generators of 2024

AI dominates most industries, and the entertainment industry is one of them. Have you observed that platforms like Instagram are flooded with videos with rich graphics and imaginary characters?

What do you think about it, and what makes it possible? 

It is due to the rise of AI-powered video generators. It is a surprising truth that technologies like ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Copilot, and others are helping creators create virtual influencers, automated video editing, AR videos, and more.  

The AI video generators are helping creators and making it easy for businesses to expand their reach via video clips. People are more interested in watching short videos on platforms like Instagram or TikTok than in accessing textual content.

To make it more exciting for the readers, we have created this article, and the motive is to share information about the best 10 AI video generators.

So, let’s start!

What is an AI Video Generator?

The AI video generator can be an app or piece of software that allows creators to create videos, short clips, and animations from scratch. Let’s simplify it.

Most AI video generators follow the text-to-video process. It works simply like a user inputting the text, and the video generator generates the video. It is so simple!

Although, behind it, the AI’s complex algorithms work, you do not need to bother about it as you need to download the app or software and start using it.

Advantages of Using AI Video Generator

Before we reveal the list of the ten best AI video generators, it would be nice to know about the key benefits of an AI video generator.

  • Time & Cost Efficiency

There is no need to arrange the shooting equipment or studio arrangement; you only need an internet-enabled device like a PC or mobile, and your video will be ready within minutes.

  • Editing

Suppose you have a recorded video but do not know how to edit it perfectly. No worries; your AI video generator will handle it and perform tasks like editing, transitioning, and special effects.

  • Consistency

Producing videos with consistent quality is one of the biggest benefits of AI-powered video generators. It delivers every single bit of video with fine quality.

  • Task Automation

AI video generators are popular among creators for task automation. They automate tasks like recognition, labeling, and creating captions and subtitles.

  • Boost Productivity

Using AI video software, you can create and edit more videos than by doing it manually. That makes AI video generator apps beneficial for a business as they boost productivity.

So, it’s time to reveal the list of the top 10 AI video generators. 

List of 10 Best AI Video Generators of 2024 

The idea behind creating the list of the best AI video generators is to make your search easy, and it’ll help you choose the best AI video generator for your personal or professional purposes.

#1. Synthesia  

Synthesia is recognized as one of the top AI video generators. It allows you to create studio-quality videos with AI avatars and voiceovers in 130+ languages.

It works like this: create a video script, enter the prompt, customize, share, and export. You can also collaborate with your teammates to make a video with a professional tone.

Using Synthesia, you can choose from 160+ diverse avatars. One of the top advantages is that you can embed your videos into any of your favorite content authoring tools, including LMS, LXP, e-commerce websites, and others.

Pricing: Starter ($22/mo.), Creator ($67/mo.), Enterprise (On Requirement Basis)

Free Trial: One Free Video

#2. AI Studios 

Among the top AI video generators, AI Studios is another ultimate text-to-video platform. Deepbrain’s AI Studio is known for simplifying the traditional video process and providing the best features for AI-driven video content creation with ease.

It is best for education, sales, media, and marketing professionals. It offers 100+ voices in 80+ languages that you can decide on as per your locality or targeted business area.

While creating a video using AI Studio, you can choose any of the avatars from the 100+ avatars available and make videos by choosing from the 500+ video templates.

Pricing: Starter($22/mo.), Creator($67/mo.), Enterprise (On Requirement Basis)

Free Trial: One Free Video

#3. Pictory

What if you have an AI video generator that allows you to generate highly engaging videos in a minute, and no video editing experience is required?   

Any Guess? It is a Pictory-AI video generator. Content creators can create professional videos using realistic AI voices and characters. You can even add matching footage and music with just a click.

Pictory is the perfect software for digital marketers and SEO professionals. It can turn a blog post into a captivating video that can attract readers and boost rankings on search engines.

Its other benefits are transforming long-form videos into engaging branding clips, caption creation, team collaboration, and more.

  • Pricing: Starter ($19/mo.), Professional ($39/mo.), Teams ($99/mo.)
  • Free Trial: 3 video projects up to 10 minutes long

#4. InVideo 

As other AI video generators create videos using prompts or texts, InVideo is an AI video generator software that allows you to generate the scripts, and later, you can use them to create videos from it.

So, overall, it works like – generating scripts, creating scenes, adding human-sounding voiceovers, tweaking video at command, and more.

It is an AI video generator with unlimited possibilities. Additionally, while creating the video, you have complete editing control.

  • Pricing: Plus ($20/mo.), Max ($48/mo.)
  • Free Trial: 10 mins/weak

#5. Lumen5

Lumen5 is another fantastic option for AI video creation, and professionals working in the multi-media industry can use it to create interesting videos using long-form blogs and new articles.

It is easy to use, as it provides drag-and-drop tools and a variety of templates to create captivating videos. Lumen5 is the best tool for repurposing marketing content.

Making videos with it is as easy as creating a slide deck. Some top brands, like Siemens, SAP, and Cisco, already use it.

  • Pricing (Billed yearly): Basic ($19/mo.), Starter ($59/mo.), Professional ($149/mo.), Enterprise(custom)
  • Free Trial: Community version (forever free)

#6. Elai

Corporate learning is trending, and AI video generators like Elai are the best. Elai is a one-stop destination or all-in-one video generation tool for making videos for corporate learning.

2000+ companies around the globe trust it. Some of its key use cases are learning & development, technical training videos, knowledge base videos, and personalized videos at scale.

If we talk about its audio and avatar library, then you can clone your voice in 75+ languages and 450+ accents and use 80+ high-quality avatars.

  • Pricing: Basic ($23/mo.), Advanced ($100/mo.), Enterprise (custom)
  • Free Trial: 1-minute free credit

#7. Colossyan

Colossyan offers the best AI video generation experience, especially when you work in collaboration with your team.

It operates based on the workspace model, and as an admin, you can create multiple workspaces for different teams and their tasks.

Within a workspace, Collossyan easily allows the addition of more users and the modification of role permissions. It also offers pre-built project templates that make work easy.

  • Pricing: Starter ($27/mo.), Pro ($87/mo.), Enterprise (custom pricing)
  • Free Trial: 1-video of five minutes

#8. Descript

If you are a podcaster looking for a solution to create interactive videos, then a good way is to use Descript, a simple but powerful AI video editor. It is one tool for your full workflow.

It helps with video editing, podcasting, screen recording, transcription, clip creation, and publishing. Descript comes with powerful AI features like editing video using text, AI voice cloning, sound-quality sound in one click, and a green screen effect.

  • Pricing: Creator ($12), Pro ($24), Enterprise (Custom)
  • Free Trial: available, 1- watermark free video export (in a month)

#9. HeyGen

Is it possible to create high-quality videos without a camera and crew? Yes. Consider HeyGen for it. It is a superb AI video generator tool for all, i.e., next-gen startups to established enterprises.

Its best features are choosing 100+ AI avatars, 300+ automated voices in 40+ languages, photo animation, and Zapier integration to automatically distribute AI videos via channels like YouTube, Slack, or Intercom.

  • Pricing: Creator ($24/mo.), Team ($120/mo.), Enterprise (on a requirement basis)
  • Free Trial: 1-free credit

#10. Veed.io

Veed.io is one of the best platforms for AI video generation for beginners and professionals. It helps create and edit videos the most.

Veed.io offers multiple features to simplify work, like a drag-and-drop editor, auto-subtitling, screen recording, teleprompter, and more.

  • Pricing (per user, per mo.): Basic ($18), Pro ($30), Business ($59)
  • Free Trial: Available with limited features

The Final Thoughts 

The year 2024 is full of AI advancements, and AI-powered video generators are one of the best examples of them. Now, the market is flooded with various AI video generators.

However, in this blog, we have curated the list of top-10 AI video generator software so you can choose and use it accordingly.

You can also opt for AI video software development if you need more customization. The best way to get it is to get the help of a custom software development company.

Arka Softwares is a reliable custom software development company providing services for diverse industry domains. You can share your requirements with us, and we would be happy to assist you with that.

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