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How to Improve the Visibility of your App on the Play Store?

Currently, mobile applications are ruling the digital industry. There are over 3.7 million smartphone users, and it connects almost each one of them to applications. Daily, they upload thousands of apps to the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store.

It is estimated that the revenue of the mobile app development industry is going to cross $189 billion by the end of 2020. We all know that the number is huge, but this number suggests that the future of mobile app developers is bright.

However, building a website is not enough for business. Given the app idea, the developers need to follow the idea, trends rigorously, understand the uniqueness, and serve the app to its targeted customers.

Even though you build the app, you also need to market it. Just uploading the application to the Play Store and App Store will not get you any users. The app needs to be customized according to the user’s expectations.

To be accurate, companies need to enhance the visibility of applications. The App Store and Play Store pages of the application should catch the users’ attention. From the app icon to the keyword title, all should have something that catches the user’s attention.

This would not only get several downloads but also drive traffic to the applications. If you are planning to develop an e-commerce website, then you need to go through different ways to personalize the applications.

Optimizing App for the Play store

App Store Optimization

There is this certified method that can optimize the application within the Play Store, called App Store Optimization, or ASA, which you need to pay attention to.

ASO strategies help developers enhance the visibility of applications on operating system platforms.

The optimization techniques work both on-page and off-page, which enhances the ranking of applications on the Play Store and App Store.

Keeping in mind the layout of ASO, it increases the number of downloads and drifts people toward the download of applications.

ASO methods

Insert Keywords in the Name and Description of the App

The topmost thing that companies need is the name of your application and its description. Companies need to use the application name in the title and also within the description as keywords.

It will help users search for the application quickly. In case you aren’t very informed about the keywords, you can use Google Analytics to know which keyword is more suitable for the application.

User Reviews & Ratings

If the application has positive reviews and good ratings, there are chances that it will perform better than other applications; it will show above other applications on the App Store. Thus, it enhances the app’s visibility.


If the number of downloads is high, the value of the app is also high. Each download showcases trust and enhances the visibility of the application. The Play Store and App Store remove applications if they don’t follow the guidelines, so always be careful.

An Attractive & Apt Icon

The app icon showcases your business. In some ways, it speaks for itself, and the icon is the first thing that users notice.

Users can easily understand what you’re offering by just looking at your application’s icon. The more detailed icon has a higher chance of landing on you and increases the conversion rate.

Integrate a Freemium Model

According to the research, 97% of the applications earn money through in-app purchase features. And it is a fact that most people like to download the application that is free compared to the one that needs to be purchased.

To improve the app’s visibility, you need to check the number of downloads, so companies most likely prefer free applications for their online store app development.

Improve Online Presence by Sharing Content

One of the most important aspects that would enhance your business is the digital presence of your company’s website. To run your application, you need to know how to enhance its digital presence.

Uploading blogs, infographics, social media posts, and sharing content are some of the top ways to boost your business’s online presence.

You can also invest some money in a promotion or Google Ads to promote your business. Producing regular content on social media channels about your business will not only drive traffic but also enhance the conversion rate.

Modify your App Regularly

User review and feedback aren’t just forms, they need to be read, evaluated, and implemented. One of the primary reasons behind the success of any business is to understand the customers’ expectations.

You need to update the application more often according to market trends. Regular updates keep the application bug-free and running smoothly. Adding additional features to the application will attract a number of users.


Launching an application on the Play Store differs from generating money from an application. As a mobile app developer, you need to build an application that offers something new and valuable to the users.

So optimizing the application or enhancing visibility is not the only option left. Instead, to survive in this cutthroat, competitive world, you need to measure the digital presence of your business to improve the visibility of your application.

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Alex Carey
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