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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Assist Your Business?


Selecting the appropriate Customer Relationship Management system helps companies to streamline their business’s process not only for customers but also for their employees. When it comes to selecting the most reliable CRM platform, most companies opt for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM.

Using Dynamics CRM, companies of all scales can access the user’s data in real-time, which helps them offer a personalized user experience. It provides accurate data analytics to the sales and marketing team for clients, which recognizes opportunities, produces customized marketing communications campaigns, and integrates all the user data in one place.


What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Dynamic CRM is a prominent Customer Relationship Management system launched by tech giant Microsoft. The systems help companies in streamlining the company management system and automate their business’s process, including sales and marketing. It helps companies in the smooth integration of mobile and software development.

The advanced software covers all the basic detailed information of clients or customers, along with the communication. The detailed information includes e-mail, contact number, letter, faxes, and more. Companies have all this information in a single place, which helps the sales team to get a quick overview and provide customized solutions to user requirements.

Dynamic CRM tests the user’s data so that the sales and marketing team can set their importance based on insights. Data analytics also help in providing customized services for their clients. The experts will also know how to contact the customers and smoothens the relations between the company and customers.

Tech giants Microsoft built this software in 2003 as part of its Dynamics Suite. The suite included advanced five solutions- Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, and Dynamic NAV.

In the year 2016, the tech giant introduced Dynamics 365, which integrates Dynamics CRM and ERP products. The other products are Dynamics Suite which is now accessible as separate services.


How Dynamics CRM helps in business growth?

Customers are the most valuable asset for companies. To utilize the user’s data and provide personalized solutions to users, more and more companies prefer digital transformation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the digital solutions that help companies in transforming their business and helps them stay ahead of their competition. These are the following top seven reasons it helps companies.


  1. Integration with other apps

Dynamics CRM offers advanced-level integration of many software and applications. Some of these integrations include Microsoft’s products- SharePoint, Exchange, Power, One Note, ERP, and Outlook.

That’s one of the topmost reasons companies are opting for this CRM. These advanced integrations make Dynamics CRM an innovative solution, as companies don’t need to depend on services from multiple service vendors and can opt for single service providers, which makes the operations simpler and smooth.

For example, the sales and marketing team can share significant documents related to lead using SharePoint and collaborate with no hurdles. If teams want to mail the document, then can directly use Outlook. Dynamics 365 comes with Outlook plugins, helps employees to track the email, whereas Power BI integration allows innovative dashboards and reports.


  1. Centralized data

Without the utilization of appropriate CRM platforms, all the user’s data are stored at different platforms at different places. There are doc files, customer service database, shared drive and email marketing platform, spreadsheet. This makes data accessibility easy.

If the employees of the sales and marketing team are searching for the data of old clients, they will need to invest their time and money in searching the data.

If the information is related to the customer support case, the employee will look unfamiliar. Just imagine the time the sales and marketing team will spend creating a report where the data is placed at different locations. They will check all the places to ensure that they don’t miss out on any important files, time-wasting on non-productive tasks.


  1. Faster & better customer service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Relations Management helps companies communicate well with their customers in real-time, resolve their queries, and solve their problems quickly. When the data is available in an integrated system, there is no need to check it.

Replying to the users in real-time and offering enhanced services is something that companies are using for their betterment. Microsoft Dynamics development plays a significant role in customer satisfaction, right from the time of getting leads and at all sales-related insights, which helps increase the brand’s credibility.


  1. AI-enabled automation

They build dynamics CRM using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. Artificial intelligence allows automated process and data visualization capabilities. These methods help in understanding the users’ behavior, making strategies based on user data.

Artificial intelligence helps companies in resolving the customer’s issue quickly. For example, there are some automated customer support messages, sentiment analysis, and offering suggested articles.


  1. Save time & money

Dynamics 365 helps companies in growing their business by saving time and money. The software boosts the productivity and efficiency of the sales and marketing team. By bringing all the sales and marketing teams on the same platform, Dynamics CRM makes it easy to respond to the customers and respond to them faster.

The data centralization system saves a lot of time that experts invest in searching the data at distinct places. They can use the saved time in understanding the users’ behavior and making marketing strategies.

The staff can also save the email template so they don’t need to type a similar email from scratch each time. It also improves brand integrity.

It reduces the monotonous work and can convert the business card into records.


  1. Enterprise Mobility

Dynamics CRM is hosted on a cloud-based platform that enables employees to access the data anytime, anywhere. They can even collaborate on the documents, sheets, and presentations. Office 365 integration and Dynamics 365 offer many enterprise mobility features. 


  1. Sales & Marketing Management

The advanced software offers precise and achievable activities that are based on using AI-based technologies. Both marketing and sales teams come together to enhance their performance, turn leads into customers, and communicate with their clients more intelligently.

It amalgamates dynamics CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for smooth CRM. Sales managers can check the profile of customers to understand their behavior from Dynamics 365. It helps them in getting the same leads.


Wrapping Up

The appropriate CRM system like Dynamics 365 CRM manages the business process for the sales and marketing team. Companies of all scales are moving forward to grow their business. It is important for all sizes of businesses. It’s time for businesses to use this advanced CRM software to take their business to the next level.

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