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How to Drive Traffic & Engagement with Push Notifications?


Who doesn’t want to boost traffic to their website? Every website owner wanted to have 1k plus traffic to the website consistently. After all, higher traffic equals the number of leads and chances for better sales. 

Whether you have a product-based site, personal blog, or services-based website, you’re already aware of the difficulties of keeping getting traffic and customer retention. Well, it is normal with the time and sometimes seasonal changes.

Therefore, we have analyzed the market in-depth and found some push notifications strategies to help you generate maximum revenue for your site. 

Let’s look for ways to improve the website’s ranking and performance in search engines.

How Do Big Publishers Bring In Traffic?

Similar web publishers such as New York Times receive up to 40% organic traffic, 6% from social media, 4% from referrals, and 2% from emails. Ultimately, the majority of traffic comes from direct sources. 

Besides that, the Wall Street Journal receives up to 30% organic traffic, 7% from social media, 7% referrals, and 1% from emails. Just like the New York Times, Wall Street is also receiving much traffic from organic. 

In organic traffic, the direct sources can be harder to pinpoint, but it often considers users who entered the direct URL in a search engine or have bookmarked your site. Moreover, website analytics tools such as Google Analytics can help you check the number of new or returning users. 

Even more, you can analyze the visitor’s behavior to check out traffic that is most engaged with your content, multiple page views, maximum time spent, and much more.

If you’re wondering how to create a higher number of returning visitors, the simple answer is android push notifications and Subscription lists.

Common Challenges Of Subscription Lists – Email & Social Media

Many publishers opt-in various formats to convert visitors into subscribers. 

When it comes to increasing the customer retention, there are couples of challenges you need to deal with-

 You rely on the visitor to enter their email address correctly.

  • If the subscriber hasn’t set up a filter to sort your email into a folder other than the inbox, you will have to rely on an email server to deliver it to their inbox instead of the spam folder.
  • For return traffic, you rely on the subscriber to open your emails and CTR to your website.

Publishers are often relying on social media that help to keep their visitors loyal to your content. However, challenges can arise while converting new visitors to returning visitors using Social media platforms.  

You rely on the visitor to leave your site and choose to follow you on the third-party social media platforms.

  • You must rely on the social network to display the post you make to your social media profile or page in your new follower’s news feed. 
  • For customer retention, you rely on your followers to see your post in their newsfeed and click through to your website.

So, in both your email inbox and social media newsfeed, you’re struggling against the flood of other messages from acquaintances to other brands that your subscriber follows.

With push notifications, you have an easy way to boost your traffic and return visitors to your site. Let’s see how you can drive traffic and engagement with push notifications.

How To Drive Traffic and Engagement With Push Notifications?

With push notifications, you no longer have to rely on an email address, email servers, or social media algorithms that filter your message into the subscriber’s main view. 

Also, you don’t need to work with your subscriber’s data as you need to do with email notifications. Now, you are free, and your site is set up with push notifications. So, let us see how to perform it for the higher benefits.

Find The Right Timing For Sending Push Notifications

With iOS push notifications, you have the advantage of sending push notifications in segments of your subscribers at a scheduled time or automatically published content.

With scheduled and automatic notifications, you have higher chances of reaching your targeted audience quickly, and they are most likely to be online and engage with your content.

Moreover, scheduled notifications can help your subscriber to know no matter what, someone is there for your help.

Automate Push Notifications For Traffic

Sometimes business owners have no time to send push notifications; thus, automating push notifications can save you. With this, you can reach your audience regularly with your content, allowing you to generate the full range of traffic without doing any extra activities.

Perform Audience Segmentation

If your subscribers are happy with you, you can segment based on various factors such as interests, likes, dislikes, etc.

Thus, you need to send them a message according to their needs. Make sure you have a website that covers multiple topics so you can share and gain traffic to your site whenever you find something useful for your users. 

Final Words

So, with push notifications, you can easily drive traffic and customer engagement to your website, which is easy to integrate and reap benefits.

If you are wondering about the best push notifications platform, WonderPush is the best to get started. It is well-known to return maximum traffic to your site. Try it now!

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