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How to Build Website and App in Joomla with Advanced CMS?

An appealing website is crucial for large-scale business organizations. With this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, almost all businesses have an online presence due to social distancing norms. The Content Management System (CMS) is a more efficient web development platform.

Joomla web development is solely based on CMS and is most popular for web development. In this blog, I will share deep insights about the process of building websites and applications based on Joomla platforms. But first, I need to explain to you more about Joomla and CMS.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management System is a platform that enables users to manage content on a website. Managing content means to create, edit, publish, collaborate, or report the data or information from the website.

Moreover, CMS gives special permission to people with advanced features so they can easily work on the project.

Thus, CMS is considered to be helpful for websites that are integrated with complex designs that require team efforts. To use an advanced CMS, you need to hire a Joomla developer for the website project.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source CMS platform. In the last few years, the popularity of the platform has increased because of its easy-to-use interface and consistency in developing advanced-level applications and websites. The Joomla community is gigantic, people across the globe use this platform.

These people confirm that Joomla is SEO optimized, accessible, user-friendly, multi-language supported, responsive, and much more. In a similar vein, Joomla lets you use it single-handedly so you can build innovative web solutions.

Joomla Development: A Robust Content Management System

Currently, the entire online community is talking about Joomla. Many tech giants developed their websites with Joomla. Joomla can build a website for large organizations.

Because of its advanced services and flexible architecture, Joomla is considered the top priority of developers. To develop a website based on Joomla, you need to hire a full-stack developer for your company.

Joomla Development to Build Advanced Web Application

Nowadays, Joomla web development is commonly used for software. But it’s not just limited to that. Web applications are growing due to the smooth connectivity among users during these worst times of pandemics.

Joomla is used for on-demand applications because of several reasons. The prominent reason is to allow multiple developers to work on the same project conveniently.

Thus, it helps them create high-quality web applications according to their company standards. Moreover, Joomla enables cross-platform app development. So that their users are not limited by devices while trying to access the web applications that are built using Joomla.

It is worth noticing that Joomla web applications are highly used in the healthcare industry. Due to COVID-19, people are looking for quick healthcare services. They can’t visit hospitals or clinics because of the norms of social distancing.

The only solutions they have are to use web applications, talk to specialists, and share their health reports with them. This is where Joomla web applications come into the picture.

The platforms have developed applications that you do not need to install on your devices. People can access these web-based applications through browsers. These applications are designed with high-level security features and an easy-to-use user interface.

How to Get Started with Joomla Web Development?

As we discussed above, Joomla is an open-source platform and freely available for those who have a GPL license. To hire a Joomla developer, you need to look for the below-mentioned options.

1. Use Joomla Software for Website and Application Development

Companies can download the Joomla software from the official website of the platform. They just need to hire a full-stack developer who can use this application to build websites. Joomla also provides tutorial videos for beginner rappers.

Moreover, it has a discussion form that helps you find developers who can build on-demand applications like food app.

2. Launch a ready-made Website with Joomla

This is one of the easiest ways for small-scale companies that do not have much time to build a customized website. For this, they don’t even need to hire a mobile app developer, they can do everything themselves.

The Joomla platform provides many ready-made templates that let companies build websites in a short period of time and start publishing content.

This is an innovative and time-consuming solution. Additionally, you have the option of hiring dedicated developers and customizing the website later.

How to Build a Joomla Website or App in Simple Steps?

1- Register a domain name and find a web hosting service

Before you start the development process, you need to look for a domain for your company.

According to your company’s size and requirements, you can purchase a domain for your website. Then, you can hire developers to personalize the website using Joomla Web development platforms.

2- Install and set up Joomla

After purchasing the domain for your website, you need to install the Joomla software on your device for website development. The software is free and open-source; you need to have a GPL to access its features.

When you are looking for full-stack developers, you need to look for someone who is passionate about their job. Joomla web development requires an enormous amount of work. So only someone who is a passionate developer will build advanced-level websites.

3- Get familiar with Joomla basics

Before you move on to the complexities of Joomla, the developers must be aware of the basics of the platform.

The basics help them streamline the whole Joomla Web Development process. So when you are looking for on-demand app developers, look for a person who is familiar with the basics of the platform.

4- Add a blog section

In this digital-driven world, a blog will increase the visibility of your website. When you are hiring a full-stack developer, make sure that the person is well-acquainted with these website communication features.

For example, you can showcase your company’s expertise through the blog section of your website. It will let you share vital information about your company to attract new customers.

5- Install extensions

If you want to raise the standards of your website, you need to use the plugins. Joomla Web Development offers advanced-level extensions that help you stay ahead in this cutthroat competition.

The whole process of developing a website with the Joomla platform. We highly recommend you hire a seasoned developer who helps you customize the website for your organization.

6- Create new pages using Joomla

A website is not limited to one page. It consists of several pages. There are numerous pages integrated into the website.

That’s the way to showcase the company information to the users. For that, you need to create multiple pages. The process of creating pages is the same for all the pages.


So in this blog, we jotted down the process of creating the most reliable websites and applications based on Joomla Web Development. However, you must hire developers who know how to use the advanced features that Joomla offers.

During these tough times of the pandemic, people almost moved their physical stores into the online world. So your company or brand must have a website and application to survive in these harsh times.

This will not only help you survive in the present but also help your business in the upcoming years. So, now all you need to do is hire an on-demand web app developer and create the most interesting websites and applications.

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