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How Using Magento to Develop eCommerce Website Help Business Succeed?

Every eCommerce entrepreneur has one thing on their mind: having a website and app that builds better engagement and brings in the expected conversions.

Evolving technology has provided a plethora of options to realize such goals, allowing for brand-themed customizations to be incorporated for added appeal and identification in a competitive and crowded market.

However, combining those into a website can be a difficult task due to the complexity involved. 

Using Magento can make that task simple. This eCommerce web development platform can catapult your online store’s website to new levels of traffic generation, attention retention, and conversion rates. 

Read on to learn more about what makes this development framework tick and why it should be an essential part of your eCommerce website development strategy. We’ll also discuss how a Magento website development company can make your job easier. 

What is Magento Exactly?

In the early days of web development, every website component had to be developed individually and added to the final set of code to bring it into reality.

This process was time-consuming and expensive, hitting the ROI and turnaround times adversely. Hence, web development frameworks were created to make the process simpler and more convenient. 

Magento is the result of this push toward web development simplification, with a focus on eCommerce website development.

It is developed to be a platform that even non-technical people can use to create the website of their needs by using plug-ins, themes, and templates that they can simply click on instead of coding the website’s elements. 

With better development skills, particularly in the platform’s native PHP language, one can further enhance websites with unique content.

Magento development service providers, thus, are needed to make a strong impact on user minds with the advanced customizability they offer. 

It is today one of the top three choices for eCommerce business owners worldwide due to its flexibility, open-source nature, and a host of other advantageous features.

With continuous updates rolling in frequently that keep the platform relevant, its prevalence is expected to become more expansive in the coming years. 

Reasons to use Magento for eCommerce Website Development

Below are the many reasons Magento is popular among eCommerce merchants of all types.

  • Open-Source Fundamentals

Open source means that the piece of code at the heart of the software is not the Intellectual property of anyone or any company.

While a single entity may be in charge of the software’s development, independent developers can modify it according to their needs. This is in contrast to closed source, where everything is controlled by the top web development companies

Magento being open source is a big reason behind its popularity. This open-source nature also makes the platform free to use, bringing down development costs significantly compared to using a closed-sourced one, such as Shopify.  

  • A Plethora Of Plug-Ins

No smartphone OS can survive without a vast offering of apps. Likewise, no development platform of any kind will thrive without a vast quantity of plugins. Fortunately, Magento offers more of those than you could need. 

A Magento website development company will have no problem attaching your preferred payment processor to your website since it’s highly likely its plugin will be around.

Likewise, with analytics plugins. You don’t have to get a separate analytics platform to monitor your web KPIs. 

You can find its plugin in the list and natively integrate it during development for backend monitoring. And more are added all the time, further extending Magento’s capability in this aspect. 

  • Mobile-friendly Development

The world has gone mobile and will continue along that trajectory in the years to come. And those websites that don’t work well on these devices will get the boot.

Yours won’t suffer that fate if you choose Magento for your eCommerce site’s development. The platform supports mobile web design by default via its HTML5 platform. It helps to keep your site optimized for mobile all the time. 

  • Quick Load Times

Online shoppers are not patient types. They just want to get to their required product page and buy the product as soon as they can.

You must make this happen if your business is to appeal to them. Besides other conveniences, your site’s load time also plays a role in this. 

The quicker your web pages load, the more likely it’s that your customers will buy from you. Magento makes these lag-free pages possible due to customizability, using the latest languages, and enabling the choice of Progressive Web App storefronts

  • Complete SEO Support

Magento is created with SEO in mind because, unlike a blog, an eCommerce site’s ranking can determine its business’s survival. It has an SEO-friendly CMS in the form of Magento SEO.

It lets you add a lot of important features to your site that aid your SEO efforts, such as Sitemaps, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, Product Titles, Keywords, Layered Navigation, and Search-friendly URLs. There are even analytics for tracking web traffic. 

  • Large Support Community

An open-source platform’s popularity comes not just from its features but also from its community of enthusiastic users.

This group of people acts as the biggest supporter of those using the platform, offering help that even the original creator may not. 

With Magento, you get to join a large community of fellow users from all over the world. It is filled with developers and other sellers using the platform for the site. You can find answers to any type of query you may have about the platform. 

It is also possible for you to hire a Magento developer in India, for instance, by going through the forums on a social media site. 

  • Easy Scalability and Good Reliability

Your eCommerce website’s traffic-handling capability should grow along with the business. It shouldn’t stall or crash with the high number of visitors and actions performed on it.

Magento-based websites won’t have such problems as the platform is made to help scale while maintaining a site’s reliability. So you can expand your business without worrying about it failing due to bad website performance from the added visits. 

  • Built-In Cross-Selling Option

It is a rewarding practice to suggest items similar to the ones your customers are searching for or buying on your website to increase sales.

Magento makes it easy for you to add related items to your site’s product and checkout pages. This facility increases the sale rate of items that would have otherwise remained unsold. 

  • Excellent Data Security 

Magento 2 has made the platform a data security fortress. It comes with easy and secure password management tools, so you don’t have to fiddle with password managers you’re unsure of.

It gives you adaptable file permissions to authorize file handling according to your security protocols. The regular updates provided by the development team behind it keep the security features up to date, protecting your site against the latest risks. 

  • Smart Product Filtration 

Magento also automates your cross-selling by suggesting product pages and terms all by itself. It uses the search cloud and monitors user behavior to provide those suggestions. Thus, you can get great ROI on your ad investments and website development. 

Why you should Hire Web Developers in India?

Outsourcing Magento web development to India has become the norm across industries due to a host of reasons. The country’s educated demographic is large and they have a good deal of technical resources.

That availability also means that the country offers great economies of scale benefits when it comes to development costs. The currency exchange rate is also favorable for someone from a developed country with a stronger currency.

The average hourly rate for Magento development in the country is around US$3.5 an hour, according to

The trend of choosing Magento for website development in India has also picked up in recent years due to the influx of orders and native startup progress.

Thus, you get developers with plenty of experience within a short duration, ensuring that there is no dearth of talent when you need it.

The country’s government and private sector have put in place measures to encourage the development of such opportunities in the country. 

Hence, by outsourcing to India, you get Magento web development from a place with a dedicated ecosystem to support it.

It is also one of the biggest markets in the world for a variety of consumer goods, so using local developers helps with your scaling as a bonus.


eCommerce will only get entrenched as the de facto means of shopping in the coming years due to the expansion of the Internet in new markets.

Your online business should be ready to cater to this new normal and higher demand with a robust website that gives the best possible user experience.

Choosing Magento is the way forward to get this result, which will be enhanced if you hire web developers in India. You get the advantages that come with the platform and location of development that can boost your business to new heights across markets.

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