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Comprehensive Guide to Offshore Software Development Rates

Everyone wants to invest a minimal amount in developing their software products and program applications.

And it is impossible to calculate an exact rate of 100% when it comes to the cost of offshore software development.

We can only create a list of the elements contributing to the total cost of offshore software development.

The hourly rate is one of the critical considerations that every company needs to make before hiring an offshore developer.

There is a lot of scope for negotiation, but while hiring, the country’s standard rate should be known. In this article, we will be discussing the offshore software development rates for different countries.

Going through this article, you will have insight into the average costs associated with software development abroad, broken down by nation, and some practical tips for cutting costs. Now, let’s get going!

Hiring software developers from offshore locations will help your business grow in different departments.

On the other hand, building an internal team is always an option, but this can be costly and useful in specific situations.

However, overseeing remote developers can be a demanding and time-consuming task. For this reason, your company may benefit greatly from working with an international development company.

Let’s examine every benefit of offshore development services:

One of the industries in the world that is growing at the fastest rate is software production. Sometimes, finding the right talent in your country or even in your region can take time.

The best course of action in this kind of situation is to recruit developers from offshore development companies.

Furthermore, it allows for the acquisition of talent from foreign nations without the need for long-term employment.

  • Reasonably priced software development outsourcing services:

Offshore is the best option because it allows for cost-effective solutions. Offshore software development costs are cheap, making it the most excellent option for the second reason.

For example, you may find hiring developers in your home nation difficult, but you may employ them in India for a fair price.

Because of this, anything is within your means, as long as the costs associated with outsourcing software development are reasonable.

  • Maintain constant business hours for your organization:

The third most important benefit they provide is the flexibility to run your business day or night.

Hiring developers from a nation that follows a different time zone will ensure that your work will proceed uninterrupted, leading to higher production.

  • Employ a specialist to handle the project’s particular requirements.

The fourth reason you should hire an offshore developer for your project is that you can hire a professional depending on the project’s specific requirements.

For example, it is easy to locate and hire someone proficient in JavaScript if you are looking for someone with that level of expertise and skill.

5 Most Important Factors Affecting Offshore Software Development Cost

If you have looked into “offshore software development prices,” then you must have probably seen some variance in the costs associated with offshore software development.

Occasionally, to a significant extent. The final check is, in actuality, a compilation of numerous distinct elements.

The following sections will review the various factors affecting offshore software development rates.

  • Expenses related to software development offshore

Location is one of the key factors influencing the rate of offshore software development. The cost of software development services varies as per the nation.

For example, developers in Ukraine charge less per hour than their American or Canadian counterparts. Argentina, the Philippines, Brazil, China, India, Poland, and Argentina are other nations renowned for offering better competitive rates.

The charges can differ from one country to another, depending on where the software development team is located.

One illustration of this would be the possibility of higher software development rates in larger cities compared to smaller towns or cities.

  • An Overview of the Business

The other factor influencing offshore software development’s price is the organization’s profile. What does it mean specifically when discussing the “company’s profile”?

Regarding the business, the company’s projects, portfolio, past clients, and reputation on websites like Clutch are all that count. A corporation with a strong reputation and portfolio may be able to demand higher costs since it has more knowledge and skills.

  • Technological Proficiency:

The technology stack and programming languages used in the development process also impact offshore software development speeds.

Developers with more experience with the newest technology or specific programming languages always want higher hourly rates than developers with conventional skills.

Another issue that could lead to a price increase is the possibility that some platforms or technologies require specialized experience and knowledge. For example, creating a fintech solution could require more funding, extra security measures and experience.

Another element that may impact the rate of offshore software development is taxes. One illustration is that in some countries, software development services are also included in value-added tax (VAT), which could increase overall pricing.

The following summarizes how value-added tax (VAT) and various other tax rates affect offshore software development rates in various offshore destinations:

  • In Ukraine, the VAT standard rate is twenty percent. However, software development and other information technology services are exempt from value-added tax (VAT). This makes it an advantageous location for offshore software development model in terms of taxes.
  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate on software development services in India is 18%.
  • Poland’s standard value-added tax (VAT) rate is 23%. Also, small businesses offering IT services benefit from a 5% reduction in VAT.
  • The Philippines has a standard value-added tax rate of 12%.
  • China imposes a tax on software development services, which is about 6%. New taxes and restrictions may apply to international businesses, which will make it more challenging to locate offshore software development.

1. United States of America

One of the most alluring locations for nations to engage in offshore software development is the United States of America.

Whether it’s a long-term job assignment or a short-term project, you can hire a software developer or a committed team from various offshore development companies for the task at hand.

  • Latin America

In 2022, hourly wages in Latin American nations like Brazil and Argentina rose by 24 percent, respectively. Argentina is a popular location for outsourcing because of its short time difference with US clients and high average hourly pay, which varies from $35 to $50.

While experienced programmers can expect to make between $42 and $50 per hour, senior software engineers might expect to earn as little as $13 per hour. The hourly wage for junior software engineers may be as low as $13.

For the services of a coder in Brazil, you should budget between $15 and $60 an hour. The range can change depending on the location, years of experience, and skill level.

Our research has shown that employing a junior software engineer in Brazil will likely cost more than fifteen dollars, and hiring a senior programmer may cost as much as sixty dollars.

Brazil’s average hourly wage is $35 to $50, indicating that the country’s typical software development prices are between $280 and $400. But average hourly pay originates in Brazil.

Latin American developers often make $75 per hour; thus, hiring them instead of hiring foreign labour might be more economical. To put it in context, that same developer would charge $150 per hour in North America.

  • North America

One of the most significant hubs for technology is North America, which has drawn several new businesses and startups.

There are over 4.4 million software engineers in the United States. Studies show that North American developers make the most significant salaries compared to developers in other countries.

If you intend to hire from smaller software development organizations in North America, you should budget between $80 and $140 hourly. This charge for a significant company or organization can go up to $250.

The price environment in Canada and the US is mainly similar. However, Canada’s most seasoned and highly qualified developers might charge as much as $225 per hour.

At the same time, programmers with a respectable level of expertise can be hired for an hourly rate between $100 and $200. However, hiring coders can cost anything from $25 to $50 per hour.

2. Europe

Another renowned hub for European offshore software development firms. You can recruit developers from smaller companies for as little as $45 per developer; the cost can go even lower if you choose seasoned workers from Poland, Germany, Romania, and Ukraine.

#1 Eastern Europe

  • Poland

Poland provides a favourable environment for information technology workers and is the second-largest outsourcing tech hub in Eastern Europe.

Our research indicates that Polish software development businesses charge hourly prices for outsourcing tasks ranging from fifty to ninety dollars.

  • Romania

Romania is another well-known nation in Eastern Europe for its capacity to hire offshore software specialists.

The hourly price for offshore software development services Romanian companies provide can range from $25 to $50. Large companies, however, can charge between $100 and $150 per hour.

  • Ukraine

Over the past few years, Ukraine—a leader in offshore development—has seen a notable rise in its information technology sector.

Ukraine ranks among the top 25 countries worldwide for data science knowledge. Software developers in Ukraine typically charge between $45 and $65 per hour.

#2 Western Europe

  • Germany

Germany has the highest concentration of licensed software developers throughout all of Europe. Software development projects cost anywhere from $100 to $150 per hour when outsourced to German companies.

It’s crucial to remember that this could change and is dependent on the city. For example, Stuttgart developers charge far less per hour than Berlin developers.

  • France

In 2023, 72,686 people in France were employed in the software development industry. In France, the average salary for a new hire in the software industry is about $35,000, while the average salary for an experienced worker is about $67,000.

France-based offshore software development firms may charge an average of fifty to one hundred dollars per hour.

  • United Kingdom

Another nation in Western Europe with a sizable population of software engineers is the United Kingdom.

Although the average wage of programmers in the UK is not as high as in Germany, the country does not have lower rates of offshore developers.

While established enterprises charge anywhere from $180 to $200 per hour, offshore corporations may charge as much as $100 per hour.

3. Asia-Pacific

Asia and its developing nations are the best places to find developers employed in the information technology sector.

This is because offshore developer rates are more affordable in certain areas. It benefits startups and small businesses because they can engage offshore engineers for as little as ten dollars.

India is the most well-known country in the Asia-Pacific region because of the highly qualified software engineers that call the country home.

  • India

Many startups, small businesses, multinational corporations, and large firms have selected India as their outsourcing location.

The cost of hiring developers from India will vary based on your required experience, just like in any other outsourcing country.

Indian software professionals are thought to make, on average, between $25 and $50 per hour. There are companies where you can find coders for less than $25.

  • China

China and India are two of the most affordable countries to work with regarding software development outsourcing.

Senior developers can demand up to $50 per hour, while junior developers can operate for as little as $20. Junior developers often make less than $25 to $60 per hour, but the average is closer to $60.

  • Philippines

The Philippines is another nation in the Asia-Pacific area well-known for its beauty. The hourly cost of software development in this region might vary from $10 to $25 for small organizations and from $25 to $50 for medium-sized offshore development enterprises.

  • Australia

Australia’s relatively minor geographic disadvantage relative to its Asian neighbours prevents it from cooperating with the labour markets nearby.

Thanks to modern digital technology, the nation is blessed with the ability to work from anywhere. The hourly rate of software development is $100 to $200.

  • Middle East

The Middle East and Africa are seeing an increase in software development workers. Hiring a developer can cost as little as $12 per hour or as much as $52, but the minimum is $12.

Additionally, the price may vary based on variables, including the project’s complexity, location, level of experience, and technology stack.

  • Egypt

Egypt, Nigeria, and Tunisia are becoming African software development powerhouses in terms of talent pools. Egypt’s tech talent market also offers software engineering services at affordable costs for clients.

The hourly fa or software development rate, may range from $20 to $50. Senior developers can be hired for a salary between $33 and $50 per hour, while young developers can be hired for less than $18 per hour.

4. South Africa

In all of Africa, South Africa has the highest offshore rates for information technology. An hourly salary typically costs between $25 and $45.

If you decide to outsource your work to South Africa, you can expect to pay between $21 and $52 per hour for a junior developer and a senior specialist.

5. Peninsula Arabian

Software is being produced in more significant quantities throughout the Middle East, and countries like Saudi Arabia are finding more demand for highly qualified developers. The developer’s hourly charge may vary between $12 and $30.

6. UAE

The United Arab Emirates is another desirable location for software engineers. On average, software engineers in the United Arab Emirates charge between $50 and $150 per hour, but the cost of this service depends on the nations and locations from which you engage the developers.

Estimating the Cost of Offshore Software Development for your Project

It is imperative that you ensure the accuracy of the expense estimations. Hiring a capable financier may be beneficial.

However, you can take a few measures to estimate the costs of offshore software development for your startup project before moving forward and selecting an offshore partner.

Here are a few valuable tips that we have put up for you. Look at the possibilities that are accessible to you to get a better idea of the ultimate costs associated with offshore software development.

Establish the project’s scope:

To estimate offshore software development costs, it’s essential to first define your project scope. Begin by identifying the features and functionalities you wish to incorporate into your product.

Once you have a clear idea of your project requirements, collaborate with your offshore software development team to determine the cost and timeline for your project.

Consider your selected development partner’s experience:

Examining their knowledge and skills is crucial while selecting a reputed offshore software development partner.

The partner with more years of experience in your sector and related cases will be more aware of your company’s needs and is more likely to develop a solution that satisfies them.

It would help if you understood that a software developer employed by an outsourcing company may make more money on an hourly average. What you receive is subject to cost.

Examine the Hourly Rates:

Although they are not the sole factor, hourly rates play a significant role in estimating the expenses related to software development that is done overseas.

Even though a budgeted hourly rate can seem alluring at first, there’s a chance you’ll pay more in the long run if the project takes a bit longer to finish or if the work is of lesser quality overall.

When choosing an offshore software development partner, it’s crucial to examine factors such as total experience owned by the team, work quality, and communication abilities.

Utilize Agile Development:

Efficient project management techniques can help you arrive at more accurate estimations of the costs related to offshore software development.

Using the agile development process, you can divide your project into many smaller, manageable tasks and also work on them in many short sprints.

As you proceed, you can modify the project’s budget and scope in response to your client’s feedback and your developmental progress.

Take into account the communication costs:

When working on software development projects overseas, communication is one of the vital elements.

Proper communication is important while working, you should consider the communication cost when evaluating the project’s budget.

To contact your team, the technology can be used for video conferencing, instant messaging, and project management software.

Numerous factors influence the rate of offshore software development. These variables include location, the organization’s profile, the degree of technological proficiency, taxation, and the nature of cooperation.

Considering these factors will help you choose the solution that best fits your needs and budget when making an informed decision about outsourcing your software development.


It could be difficult to put together a team of software experts to work on your project. It could take a while if you’re searching for the right candidates at reasonable prices.

To expedite the process and prevent unexpected costs, you may, nevertheless, engage a development team situated overseas.

After reading this blog, you are now aware of the offshore software development rates connected to each nation.

But there are other factors that you need to consider besides cost when choosing offshore development destinations.

Important factors that need to be taken into account are functional capacity, communication abilities, cultural compatibility, time zone variations, political stability, legal problems, and the particular expertise needed for the project.

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