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10 Best Figma Plugins Useful for UX Designers in 2024

Figma is a useful platform for collaborative design. It aspires to be your one-stop shop for creating user interfaces and experiences. Figma allows you to create amazing interfaces at an exact moment.

Unlike other design tools, Figma’s main applications are in the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. If you’re new to Figma, let me explain it as a web-based application for designing user interfaces and altering visuals.

It has features like responsive previews, real-time collaboration, and dynamic layouts.

It provides us with some of the top Figma plugins. One can be made by anyone in the Figma community. Figma plugins can definitely speed up your design workflow.

And they assist you in creating designs with outstanding user interfaces and experiences. Well, most of the Figma plugins are free to use. The Figma plugins require just installation before they may be used.

Figma’s community is a fantastic feature. There, you may browse and download thousands of free Figma plugins and templates. They enable you to personalize your experience or design more efficient procedures.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top plugins for Figma. There are several plugins available, but we’ll go through the top 10 Figma plugins and explain why you should use them.

So, see some of the top Figma tools you need to use in 2023 below:

1- Iconify

Iconify is a fantastic tool, and it offers more than 100 icon sets and more than 100,000 icons for you to utilize.

You may look up the icon sets directly and include them in your design. Each icon collection is vector-compatible. Additionally, Material Design, Twitter Emoji, FontAwesome, and more are some of our favorite icon sets.

Iconify also allows you to translate code into icons. The icons are editable, allowing you to change how they look and function to match your layout and theme.

Emojis, company logos, and SVG icons are all additional options in addition to icons. The finest icon plugin for Figma is without a doubt iconify.

2- Unsplash

We’ve all heard of Unsplash, a website that sells stock pictures. Unsplash is a website featuring stock photos, as we all know. It has become a standard among designers. And by turning it into a Figma plugin, Unsplash did a fantastic job.

Without a doubt, we are quite appreciative of this. However, you may select and download cost-free photos. Unsplash is the most popular Figma Plugin for a reason.

Depending on your needs, you may search for both general and specialized picture types. You may select from a wide variety of high-quality photographs on Unsplash. Furthermore, you may take your photograph without leaving Figma.

Instead, use the Figma plugin, conduct a search for the desired picture, and then include it in your design. Unsplash made it exceedingly easy to add, alter, or replace an image in your design.

3- Iamvector Icons

Finding the correct Icon that suits your requirements in the correct format, is not an easy task. This is where you make use of our official plugin IamVector icons. It provides users with a wide range of Free SVG Icons that are currently updated, and useful for their projects.

A search box will be provided to help you find what you’re searching for. This plugin has gained popularity among designers in such a small span of time because of its simplicity & feasibility. 

If you’re searching for a free SVG icons plugin for Figma, Iamvector Icons Plugin is a great place to start. You may use these icons in Figma to create designs for websites, blogs, and even personal projects.

Furthermore, Figma has a slew of new tools that make generating and maintaining SVG icons simpler than ever. This plugin contains almost 100K icons. So you don’t have to leave Figma to obtain Icons.

4- Lorem Ipsum 

The content space diverted you from your design while you were paying attention to it. Obviously, the content needs to be finished, and it’s not your responsibility. It would be nice if there was some text to occupy the area in the meantime.

There won’t be enough time for you to complete every blank. Your day will be saved by Lorem Ipsum. One of the most popular and well-rated Figma plugins for designers, it has a high download count.

The text layers in this Figma plugin will be automatically filled with dummy text when it is generated. Select “Generate” next to the text layer for which you require the fantastic Figma plugin.

Each text layer will be generated independently. In contrast, the idea of filler text is not novel; it has been used for a very long time. So it won’t be too strange for the majority of folks to see this plugin.

5- Autoflow

You may create the ideal user flow for your design with the help of Autoflow, which enables you to link two frames with a line or connector. The obvious representation of the user flow is to create a flow between the two.

Additionally, it is a quick and simple approach to developing user flows. By making shapes and linking them, you may quickly make them.

This plugin will undoubtedly get you kudos from your developers, project managers, and other stakeholders. The best feature of this Figma plugin is that it will update the flow automatically if you modify any frames or shapes inside the design.

Additionally, there’s no requirement that you use the plugin each time you make a modification.

6- LottieFiles

As designers, we’re always looking for ways to improve the visual appeal and excitement of our products. LottieFiles is a fantastic method to give your product the extra spark it needs.

You may choose your colors, adjust the pace, and export the animation as GIF or JSON files after browsing hundreds of fascinating animations. You never have to leave your file with the Figma plugin! 

Using your Lottie account, you can now smoothly browse, categorize, and import files between Figma and their website. There are a lot of Lottie animations available to you. These entertaining animations give your ideas life.

The.lottie and Lottie.JSON files may simply be dropped into your designs. You may browse animations that have been previewed in Lottiefiles as well as submit yours.lottie and.JSON files.

7- Charts

We weren’t advised that our work as designers would need us to create so many charts. Thankfully, there are several widely-used chart plugins that may help you do your work faster.

It is free and provides a large number of possibilities. It can help you receive quick approvals during wire-framing even if you cannot input actual data. Charts are simple to include and alter in Figma designs. 

Each chart has its own setup, which you may select based on your needs. You may also customize the max and min settings. If the frame is not specified, it will be first set to 0x0 by default, and you may then modify it as necessary.

Real-time random data are used in the graphic. You have access to all available chart types including area, line, pie, doughnut, and bar charts.

8- Remove BG

We are aware of how time-consuming it is to erase the background from each picture. Additionally, this frequently occurs while using Figma.

However, Remove BG is the ideal Figma plugin to address this issue. With only one click, you can easily erase the backdrop from your photographs.

For this Figma plugin, all you need is a account. The day when you needed to manually remove the backdrop is long gone. You can quickly remove the backgrounds from any picture using Remove BG to make it look more in line with your UI’s design.

9- Design lint

You can avoid inconsistent design by using an open-source Figma plugin. It is true that design thinking is quite important while building a design.

We risk missing minor design elements if we do it. On the other side, Design Lint fixes any inconsistency in your design with only one click.

The Figma plugin looks for any out-of-place components, including fonts, fills, colors, strokes, radius, border, and more.

The fact that this Figma plugin operates dynamically is one of its best features. As a consequence, any modifications you make to the design while it is being built will instantly result in the modifications you made.

10- Ghost UX writer

Developers, UX designers, and UX copywriters should all use this fantastic Figma plugin. In fact, Ghost UX Writer will become your go-to plugin whenever you require assistance with UX authoring.

Since it operates in accordance with designers’ artboards. In addition, the search engine has been incorporated, making it easy to discover the copy you want.

You have the option of pasting the specified copy into the text area or copying it to your clipboard. Then, group your UX text into several voice and tone categories.

It varies from simple to carefree and lively. However, you may add your own copy to the list and bookmark the copies.

Final words:

These are some plugins that make your workflow more fluid and efficient. We are constantly looking for newer, more powerful plugins to meet your various demands. At this point, we feel there is a plugin for nearly all of your requirements.

We hope this article has helped you truly understand which plugins are available and whether they are a suitable investment for your Figma design toolset.

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