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Why is Flutter a Great Choice for Startups?

When you’re getting interested in mobile app development nowadays it’s hard not to hear about Flutter.

This technology, launched for the first time in May 2017, has taken over the cross-platform apps market really fast. It is mainly chosen precisely by small, new companies, including start-ups.

That’s why I’d like to focus on Flutter as a great choice for startups planning to build a new mobile app.

In this article you’ll find out:

  • What Flutter is in app development
  • Why it’s a good technology choice for startups
  • What it means to build cross-platform apps and why they are perfect for startups
  • Advantages of mobile app development with Flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an innovative technology created by Google, enabling the creation of cross-platform apps for mobile, desktop and web. It’s a Software Development Kit (SDK) – a collection of tools to compile your code in native machine code.

It also includes the framework of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc.).

Additionally, Flutter is relevant when you decide to build mobile apps, as well as for desktop and web apps.

what you can build with flutter

What are cross-platform apps?

Cross-platform app development is creating apps for multiple operating systems (like for both Android and iOS) or devices (like mobile and wearable devices) with a single codebase. This way, one developer can for example develop mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Flutter is not the only one framework used to build cross-platform apps. There are different methods of building such an app and different cross-platform technologies to choose from. However, Flutter is the most popular one, not without reasons.

Cross-platform app development can be useful when different versions of the same mobile app need to be compiled to work on different operating systems.

Sometimes, mobile app developers build one code for two platforms, to then make minor changes to it for each platform with the use of APIs, to adjust it in the best possible way.

Cross-platform App Development for Startups

Why are cross-platform apps a good choice for startups?

Even though every project should start with a deep market analysis to get to know the target audience, at the beginning of your business journey it might be hard to decide whether you should build a mobile app for iOS or Android users.

Native app development allows you to create an app only for one platform, so if you decide to make it available for both iOS and Android audience, you’ll have to build two apps.

With cross-platform app development, you don’t need to make that choice or build separate apps! Moreover, Flutter enables fast mobile app development, which means you can start earning earlier.

Advantages of mobile app development with Flutter for startups

Flutter app development has lots of benefits, especially for startups. Let’s focus on the main ones:

The most popular cross-platform technology in the world

Among other technologies, tools and frameworks that enable cross-platform app development, Flutter is the most popular at the moment globally. 42% of software developers used Flutter in 2021 to create cross-platform mobile apps.

It won’t be hard finding Flutter app developers or mobile app development companies to help you create a mobile app with this technology.

Advantages of mobile app development with Flutter for startups

Flutter community

Growing Flutter community from around the world are people helping each other and making it easier to build mobile apps with this technology.

What’s particularly unique about this community is that its resources are very high quality so Flutter app developers can take advantage of helpful advice anytime.

So if you want to be sure that the technology stack won’t let you down, Flutter app development is the right choice.

Fast development

Thanks to the opportunity to build a mobile app for multiple operating systems with one codebase, it can be a much faster option to build a Flutter app. This SDK also offers ready-to-use widgets and its syntax requires less code to write.

Another helpful feature of Flutter is hot reload, so developers can see the results of their work in real time. All this makes this solution faster than native app development.

Do you want to release your product or your MVP to the market quickly and see if your startup idea has business potential? Flutter is perfect for this solution!

Lower costs

One developer is enough to build a Flutter app. Thanks to this and thanks to fast development, cross-platform app development can be much cheaper, which is significant for startups.

Additionally, if you decide on implementing any changes during the app development, it won’t be a problem. Developers can implement new features for both iOS and Android at the same time.

Building your startup with limited funds and resources? Flutter can make it happen!

Great performance

Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts.

The Flutter code is compiled to native ARM machine code using Dart’s native compilers, so the app can be no different from a native app when it comes to its performance and user experience.

Unique UI

Flutter offers a wide range of widgets that can be customized. The mobile app design fully complies with the standards of each operating system. The widgets not only help make your UI more attractive, but they will also still look the same on older versions of Android and iOS.

Building an MVP

Startups often decide to start with an MVP (minimum viable product), which means building an app with the minimum required (core) features to test its viability and plan further development based on the results.

Flutter is a great choice for MVPs as they allow us to test the business idea with less investment. When it comes to investors, it will also be easier to encourage them to put funds in further development by showing the app with core features.

When the business is at its start and the idea is being tested, it might turn out that some features require changes to fully meet the target audience’s expectations.

What is Flutter best for

Building an MVP with Flutter enables you to change mobile apps’ features or specific elements for both platforms at the same time.

The opportunity to change your mind

Mobile app development with Flutter enables you to add native components to the code in case you’d like to use specific system features in further development plans.

So once your idea is validated and you decide to implement new features, you don’t have to worry about any limitations.

The app development process is basically no different depending on which technologies you choose. And even if you decide to switch, it’s worth looking for developers who specialize in working with Flutter apps. Usually, the same people have also worked with other frameworks before.


Mobile app development with Flutter is definitely a good choice for startups. May it be just for validating the idea to then change the technology and strategy or for building a complex app with an implemented monetization model, you won’t regret this choice.

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