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How to Calculate Body Temperature with iPhone using Smart Thermometer? 

To measure the body temperature, you need to take note of the highest temperature reading. This is usually done with the help of a thermometer.

Could you ever imagine it would be possible to calculate body temperature through a mobile phone?

Yes. The impossible has become possible in the modern world, where measuring the body temperature is possible through a thermometer app on your iPhone.

The iPhone has an in-built temperature sensor that allows you to calculate the body temperature using a thermometer app.

If you visit the iStore, you will find a range of thermometer applications that can help you to measure your body temperature.

You will have to download one that you find to be good enough. The iPhone also allows connecting an external thermometer with the phone to check body temperature.

Body Temperature in Humans

The body temperature is different for humans at different ages. If you check the body temperature for humans, you will find out that it is usually on the lower side in the morning and as the day proceeds, the body temperature also increases.

If you want to measure your highest body temperature in a day, you will have to check it either in the afternoon or in the evening, as that is when the body temperature reaches the highest in humans.

However, as already said, body temperatures vary from age to age. For children and babies, the average body temperature must be somewhere between 97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.2°C).

In the case of adults, the average body temperature is somewhere between 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C). While, for older adults, the average temperature is usually lower than 98.6°F (36.2°C).

Any temperature above the average temperature can be considered a fever. However, if the temperature does not rise to 102°F (38.8°C) or higher, you can take care and control the fever with some essential medications and fluids at home.

However, if you see that the temperature is 102°F (38.8°C) or more, you will immediately have to consult a doctor and get medical help.

If you want to measure the body temperature through your iPhone, then a digital thermometer is the fastest and the most accurate way. You can easily do this with the use of a thermometer app.

Checking the Body Temperature with the iPhone

An intelligent thermometer has become the temperature measuring procedure for the modern generation. Why would you need a thermometer when you have an iPhone? There are so many ways of measuring body temperature through the iPhone.

You can easily download a thermometer app and check your or someone else’s body temperature on your iPhone. All you will have to do is, connect the device using your iPhone headphone jack, and once the machine gets connected, it will automatically display the body temperature on the screen.

One of the best things about checking the body temperature with the iPhone is that you will get a lot of information about the temperature metrics, which you will not get on a regular thermometer.

You will find a lot of thermometer apps on the iStore, that can check, measure, and calculate your body temperature accurately and let you know if the temperature exceeds the normal range.

Ways of Measuring Body Temperature with iPhone

Measuring body temperature through an iPhone is an easy thing to do. You can easily do it by downloading a thermometer app from the iStore.

However, there are two main ways through which you can check your body temperature on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at the two ways:

1- With the Use of Smart Thermometer

Smart thermometers, as the name suggests, have an intelligent nature. Hence it is not like the regular thermometers that people use for measuring body temperature. These thermometers can easily transmit the temperature readings to the thermometer app installed on the iPhone.

They are called intelligent thermometers since they can be connected without wires. You can use these smart thermometers through Bluetooth to get body temperature measurements.

You will all the information related to the body temperature on the screen effortlessly with the use of Bluetooth.

These thermometers also have a dedicated thermometer app where you can calculate a person’s body temperature, analyze it, and store it for future reference.

You will also find several smart thermometers in the market that you can connect to your iPhone’s headphone jack. If your iPhone does not have a jack, you would need a headphone connector to attach the smart thermometer.

2- With the Use of Third-Party Applications

You can measure your body temperature with your iPhone even if you do not have a smart thermometer. This can be possible with the use of a third-party thermometer app. These applications are specially designed for iPhone and are readily available on the iStore.

Calculating through these applications is easy since it can be done with the help of the sensors that are in-built into the iPhones. If you download a thermometer app, you will also not need any additional device to measure your body temperature.

Also, these applications are much faster in calculating body temperature as compared to the other ways of measuring body temperature.

Top 10 Temperature Apps for Android & iOS

1- Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Download App: Android & iOS

2- iThermonitor


Download App: Android & iOS

3- ICelsius


Download App: Android & iOS

4- Thermo


Download App: Android & iOS

5- Fever Tracker

Fever Tracker

Download App: Android

6- Thermometer & Hygromete

Thermometer & Hygromete

Download App: Android & iOS


How to Use a Smart Thermometer?

There are several ways of using a digital or an intelligent thermometer. Here is a list of such methods:

Forehead or Temporal Artery

If you want to measure body temperature, forehead thermometers are a great option. However, their reliability is a little questionable, which is a significant plus point for digital thermometers since they are way more reliable.

To measure temperature through a forehead thermometer, you will have to place the thermometer on the forehead to measure a person’s body heat.

Ear or Tympanic

These kinds of thermometers differ from the other kinds of thermometers available on the market. To measure the body temperature using this thermometer, you must place the thermometer inside the ear and read the heat.

These thermometers are more straightforward than other thermometers and are also much easier to use. These are ideal for children.


To read a person’s body temperature, the thermometer is inserted through the anus. This method is followed mainly for babies or for children till the age of 3.


This is the most common way of checking the body temperature and works for everyone. In this method, the thermometer is placed in the armpit to prevent body heat.

Bottom Line

Modern problems need modern solutions. With the world’s pandemic, keeping a regular check on the body temperature has become a must. Most people, even to date, rely on standard thermometers for checking their body temperature.

This is simply because the temperature measurement applications are often inaccurate. However, as technology is evolving, these applications are becoming better too.

In recent years, these thermometer applications have become even more sophisticated and widespread among people since they are easy to use and fast. If you are an iPhone user, then you can quickly get hold of a thermometer app in the iStore.

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