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Marketing and Advertising: Friendship That Won’t End Ever!

Marketing and Advertising are those words all of us have been listening from many years. While most people consider them different, many consider them as two words with the same meaning. What if we tell you that none of these people are correct?

Marketing and Advertising are two friends who won’t leave each other’s side to the end. These are two concepts where the latter one is a part of the former. Marketing is a vast concept and advertising is just a segment of marketing or its type.

However, the target goal of marketing and advertising is always the same. The results or outcomes of marketing and advertising might differ in magnitude; however, the rationale behind both these terms would always remain the same.

There is hardly any company that can survive in this evolving competitive world without investing in marketing or advertising strategies.

It becomes important for every company to promote its products or services to have a competitive edge over other companies selling homogeneous products or services. The larger your share in the consumer market, the more profit you will enjoy!

Let’s discuss both of these terms separately.


Marketing is the best way to promote a product. It’s a delicate process because of the number of strategies involved. All the strategies planned as a part of the marketing campaign must be created according to the goal of the company and the likes/dislikes of the customers.

Every marketing strategy must establish a connection with potential customers. Marketing helps companies to convey every detail related to their products/services in the best way possible and keeps people connected with the brand.


Marketing involves four stages: Identifying, Creation, Testing, and Executing. Though these terms might seem easy, it takes months to conclude. You would have to identify your target audience by creating Feedback Forms, etc.

It will help you identify people who are likely to buy your products or services. Once done, you would have to create a marketing strategy that suits the company’s goals and customers’ preferences. Now, you need to test the marketing strategy. If the results are good, you may execute the plan at the national or international level.

It has been observed that most of the customers usually respond well to slogans and mages. Hence, make sure your marketing strategy is a perfect blend of all these things. If you are from a commerce background, you must have learned that Marketing is a combination of four Ps, i.e. Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.

Hence, by creating a marketing strategy, you should be able to explain to your customers every small detail related to your products or services.


Advertising is a small part of marketing. By advertising your product or services, you want to increase your sales. The major goal of advertising is increasing sales of a product or service by engaging more potential customers at once. Advertising includes information related to the product like its benefits, uses, etc.


A good advertisement is one that creates excitement for a product. Advertising spreads positive words about your company. You can advertise your products in an uncountable number of ways. You can run campaigns on various social media platforms as most of the customers are active on these platforms.

If you can run a successful campaign, there is hardly anything that will stop you from making huge sales in a short period. Hence, advertising has the ultimate power to convert your leads into huge profits. Here’s is a list of sources that can be used for advertising:

  • Television
  • Websites
  • Radio
  • Banners
  • Brochures, etc.

Wrapping Up!

Congratulations if you have reached it so far. You must have understood by now that how Marketing Advertising plays an important role in shaping top companies’ brands. Marketing refers to creating awareness about a product or service, whereas advertising means taking the product and service in front of the potential customers and explaining to them about the same.

While both of these terms might have different explanations, the goal is the same. Marketing influences a customer whereas advertising helps in creating demand for that product or service. The goal remains the same, i.e. increasing the share in consumer marketing by attracting more customers and converting them into leads.

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