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Top 10 NFT Marketplace App Development Companies in 2024

Have you heard about cryptographic assets recently from a friend or a colleague? The first NFT emerged in 2014 and, since then, has been gaining momentum globally. With the rise of NFT marketplaces, many businesses are looking for the potential to develop an NFT marketplace app.

Let us go through in-depth research for NFT marketplaces, starting with understanding NFT, NFT marketplaces, top features, etc., followed by the reviewed list of the NFT marketplace app development companies. The rough estimate of the costs for creating different NFT marketplace modules is not to miss.

What are NFT and NFT Marketplace?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, which are unique, specific, and can’t be divided further. Hence, NFTs are different from traditional cryptocurrencies.

NFTs have unique meta-data and algorithms, which gives them their specific characteristics. Like other cryptographic assets, these are created on Blockchain technology but remain 100% unique.

NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform that offers NFT trading, i.e., selling and buying NFTs. It works like an e-commerce platform that has multiple buyers and sellers.

The specific features of the NFT marketplaces make it easy to store, trade, and display different NFTs to a large audience. 

The business potential in NFT marketplaces is soon realized, and hence multiple companies are looking to develop dedicated NFT marketplace apps. The NFT business model offers a range of NFTs for audio, video, and art domains.

The dedicated NFT development practices take charge of creating, launching, and maintaining different NFT marketplaces.

A crypto wallet is used to buy, sell, and store NFTs on any NFT marketplaces. Hence, it is easy for businesses to start NFT marketplaces and earn revenue.

Let us now look at the top features that are a must for any powerful and user-friendly NFT marketplace.

Top Features of NFT Marketplace:

To offer seamless trading of different NFTs, certain universally accepted and recommended features can be part of your NFT marketplace app development.

Let us go through the key features:

Shop Window:

NFT marketplace must offer quick NFT details like payment methods, owner details, NFT description, price, and name of NFT. After introducing the optimized shop window for customers, businesses have agreed to trigger their sales.

Search capabilities:

It should be possible for the users to search different NFTs from gaming development, characters, memes, art, photography, videos, music, etc. It offers the right information to the user at the right time based on the search algorithm. 

Crypto Wallet:

Ideally termed as one of the main features of any NFT marketplace development, a crypto wallet should be quickly synced and integrated into the platform. For seamless transactions, some of the popular Crypto Wallets include WalletConnect, Coinbase, Metamask, etc.

Registration process:

NFT marketplace must allow quick registration of new users and integrate their existing crypto wallets to the platform. Further, users having no previous crypto wallet can go for creating one at registration time.

Customer support:

It is important to incorporate different channels like live chat, call, email, knowledge center, etc., for dedicated customer support to NFT marketplace users. Hence, customers are never alone in their journey of NFT trading.


The customers must get different alerts about their transaction history and last searches. Further, NFT marketplaces may offer instant notifications on the listing of new NFTs.

User history:

All the user history on the NFT marketplace, like NFT trading data, transaction history, NFT listing, approvals, buying or selling of NFTs, etc., should be stored on the platform.

The comprehensive user management can be quickly integrated to manage user history.

Top NFT Marketplace App Development Companies in 2022

Multiple NFT marketplace app development companies offer dedicated NFT marketplaces for different clients. Below is a quick list of the top ten reviewed and analyzed service companies that are leading the NFT Marketplace App Development:

1- Suffescom Solutions:

suffescom solution- Top NFT marketplace app development company

If asked for the leading NFT app development company, Suffescom Solutions is the only answer. The range of services from the company varies from OpenSea, SuperRare, Raible, etc. It is known for honesty, transparency, customer-oriented approach, and quality deliverability.

Suffescom has a dedicated team of more than 150 NFT development professionals. Different client testimonials confirm the high professional services and dedication in NFT marketplace development. Many businesses have entered NFT with the services of Suffescom Solutions.


2- Arka Softwares:

Arka Softwares- Top NFT marketplace app development company

It is one of the popular digital NFT development companies that has helped multiple businesses to develop dedicated NFT marketplace apps. The center of excellence, offshore development teams, and product engineering teams offer the best benefits to the clients based on their needs.

The company is a pioneer in using advanced technologies like Salesforce, WooCommerce, Shopify, NopCommerce, Big Commerce, etc.


3- Appinventiv 


Offering the best range of enterprise-focussed metaverse development services, Appinventiv Technologies has, till now, supplied 1500+ digital solutions and worked on 150+ blockchain projects within just 7 years of being in the industry.

With its years of experience in developing immersive applications, the company serves as a top-notch software development company that can take a project off the ground to the height of success.

The metaverse software developers at Appinventiv build fully tested, glitch-free software solutions and implement various enhanced features that not just fulfill the business needs but also creates a great immersive virtual environment.


4- RisingMax:

RisingMax- NFT marketplace app development company

It comes as an effective NFT marketplace app development company that helps individuals, businesses, and startups. It is helping multiple clients to design, build, and launch the NFT marketplaces.

The dedicated needs of the startups and businesses are different, and hence RisingMax is offering dedicated support for creating unusual marketplaces.

The company relies on powerful frameworks and technologies to meet the client requirements to improve customer satisfaction levels. According to the company’s estimate, RisingMax has helped businesses retain 75% of their clients. 


5- LeewayHertz:

LeewayHertz- NFT marketplace app development company

It is one of the oldest companies developing the NFT marketplace app and has delivered more than 100 platforms. Being in the industry for the last ten years, LeewayHertz has a ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace.

Hence, it can satisfy multiple businesses in displaying their NFTs on their dedicated platform.

LeewyHertz has served clients from different domains like real estate, sports, digital collectibles, music, games, art, etc. Clients recognize the company as the perfect solution for quickly launching their NFT marketplace without waiting months to create a one from scratch.


6- Kelton Tech:

Kellton Tech- NFT marketplace development agency

The company has an amazing reputation in the NFT app development companies and has a proven history of successful NFT marketplace launches for established businesses and individuals. Since its inception in 2009, Kelton Tech has handled multiple projects and has a long list of satisfied clients. 

The company is helping multiple businesses with their specific NFT marketplaces having features like SuperRare, Raible, etc.

It is one of the exclusive companies which offer scalable NFT marketplace solutions and a reliable platform for displaying NFTs and a competitive edge over the existing competition.


7- Hyperlink Info System:

Hyperlink Infosystem- NFT amd NFT marketplace development company

Founded in 2011, it is one of India’s most popular NFT app development companies. The company relies on agile development, a skilled development team, dedicated customer support, data backups, data protection, and quality deliverance for creating NFT marketplaces. 

Hyperlink Information Systems has worked with multiple start-up businesses, enterprise businesses, agencies, and small businesses to develop their NFT marketplaces.


8- Turnkey Town:

Turnkey Town- Best NFT marketplace development company

Businesses and individuals can launch peer-to-peer NFT marketplaces with the professional help of Turnkey Town.

It comes as the powerful NFT app development company which helps clients launch their NFTs on Ethereum, TRON, BinanceSmartChain, Cardano, Polygon, etc.


9- Pumex Computing, LLC:

Pumex- A Top notch NFT marketplace app development company

As an exclusive NFT marketplace app development company with a customer retention rate of more than 95%, Pumex Computing LLC can be the perfect partner for different businesses.

The company offers 100% customer satisfaction, 100% transparency, and around-the-clock customer support. With a range of development services, the company has multiple certifications in its kitty that attract clients from all corners of the world.


10- Appdupe:

AppDupe- Best NFT marketplace development company

With over seven years of experience in NFT marketplace development, it has an excellent team of blockchain developers. It offers IO development, crypto-collectibles, digital asset development, open marketplace development, peer-to-peer NFT exchange development, etc.

Appdupe allows businesses to create NFT on the popular blockchain network, including EOS, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, etc.


11- CronJ:

Cronj- Best NFT marketplace app development agency

Ideally termed as the NFT experts of the USA and the UK. It is the dedicated NFT token creation or NFT app development company with the help of white label business founders. 

It offers an experienced team of developers to handle multiple app development works including the dedicated NFT marketplace apps.

NFT Marketplace Development App Cost

Businesses may have convinced their stakeholders to develop NFT marketplace app but may still feel confused about the overall costs. While popular clone scripts can help businesses launch their NFT marketplaces quickly, these can help introduce affordability in the process. 

The overall costs of the NFT marketplace app depend on its features and business needs. Thus, the costs to develop NFT marketplace apps can’t be the same irrespective of the feature’s similarities.

Let us have a quick look at the time taken to create different modules of the NFT marketplace app and the associated costs.

  • Admin panel: It takes around 85 hours for development and may cost 2125 USD on average.
  • Author panel: It takes around 132 hours for development and costs around 3300 USD.
  • Buyer’s panel: It can be created in roughly 64 hours and may cost 1600 USD on average.
  • Inventory management: It requires 42 hours of development and costs 1050 USD.
  • NFT management: It can be created in 96 hours and may cost 2400 USD on average.
  • Etherium integration: It can be completed in 96 hours and costs around 24 USD for businesses or individuals.
  • Notifications: It takes around 32 hours for development and costs 800 USD.
  • Payment gateway: It can be developed in 42 hours and may cost 1050 USD for businesses.
  • Shopping cart: It takes around 48 hours for development and costs around 1200 USD.
  • Reviews and ratings: It can be created in roughly 48 hours and may cost 1200 USD on average.
  • Product page: It requires 42 hours of development and costs 1050 USD.
  • Search and filter: It can be created in 96 hours and may cost 2400 USD on average.
  • Homepage: It can be completed in 84 hours and costs around 2100 USD for businesses or individuals.
  • User profile: It takes around 42 hours for development and costs 1050 USD.
  • Authorization and security: It can be developed in 72 hours and may cost 1800 USD for businesses.
  • UI or UX development: It takes around 42 hours for development and costs around 1050 USD.

Wrapping Up

With the value of crypto spent on NFT marketplaces crossing 41 billion USD in 2021, many businesses are turning up to creating NFT marketplaces. It is quick and easy to enter the NFT marketplace by understanding these non-fungible tokens and their dedicated platforms.

The quick list of the key features incorporated in any NFT marketplace makes it easy for startups, businesses, or individuals to develop an NFT marketplace app

The quick list of the top ten NFT marketplace app development companies that can be the next solution provider is not to miss. It is easy for the companies to go through the costs of developing multiple NFT app modules and start planning the finances accordingly.

Hence, it is easy to enter the NFT marketplaces with a detailed understanding of NFTs and partner with the top NFT app development companies.

Gourav Sharma
Gourav Sharma
Gourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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