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How Gojek Clone Will Help You Start Your Multi-Service Business?

Gojek has become a household name for people in South East Asian countries today. Being the super app that it was, both metaphorically and literally, it has got every element that comforts customers and inspires entrepreneurs.

To fulfill the needs of entrepreneurs, Gojek Clone came into the picture.

In a few years, Gojek Clone became popular in the business world and had led many entrepreneurs’ dreams to take form into a reality.

With the mobile app market booming, the urge to keep up the race, and to serve their customers online, many businesses are choosing the Gojek Clone.

Gojek Clone is an app that is a replica of the famous on-demand multiservice app Gojek. Gojek Clone script is a new solution that lets entrepreneurs offer all kinds of on-demand services under one roof to their end customers.

Though it was created after the giant, the Gojek Clone is an entirely new source code that has many new features and aspects.

Services that are integrated into Gojek Clone

  • Food delivery service
  • Grocery delivery service
  • Mechanic service
  • Beauty service
  • Massage service
  • Babysitting service
  • Lawn mowing service etc.

The solution is ready-to-launch which has provision and reliability to integrate approximately 70 different kinds of services.

This is exclusive of the biggest advantage to the entrepreneurs who want to launch their business instantly without wanting to build it from scratch.

Why should you choose the Gojek Clone script?

Gojek Clone is built from scratch and will probably take a month or even a year or two. But with the Gojek clone script, you get benefits like:

  • Shorter development time
  • Significant feature integrated
  • Affordable investment
  • White-label solution

But this is not everything. Being a multi-on-demand service app, it offers immense benefits to gain recognition, which we are about to see.

Benefits of Gojek Clone to businesses

#1 Enhanced brand presence:

There are many businesses that are always striving to make their presence known and to attract a new audience. With Gojek Clone, you have the online presence which is much needed in this era.

Moreover, since it is an all-in-one app, you can offer a personalized experience to your customers. As you cover all the possible necessary on-demand services, your audience’s traction will also grow.

#2 Promotes progress:

Once you start focussing on the performance of your Gojek clone, the more productive your app will become.

With many features like reviews, and analytics equipped, you get to see how well you are performing in your niche.

You might also know the most preferred service by the customers. Knowing this will help you move with strategies and hence increase your sales.

#3 Multiple integrations:

Since Gojek Clone is a customizable solution that you can use to add more integrations and add-ons.

The most famous integrations are multi-currency integration and multi-language integrations.

Integrating both these features will give you a chance to expand your business. Therefore, your business roots will be all over the world

#4 Commission:

Due to the wide range of service offerings in a single platform, it becomes quite obvious that you earn from multiple services.

If not for one service, the rest of the services will earn you a handsome amount of revenue by bringing steady cash flow.

Especially, if you have an established brand and you add new features to your app, then it provides you unexpected revenue.

#5 Best customer service:

All the services and features of the Gojek Clone are customer-centric, in order to enhance their comfort and augment your business loyalty.

If they have any miscommunication during their service time or service providers find it difficult to track down The app will generate invoices and has a service history, which breaks the details down.

Apart from that, the reviews system also spells a strong connection you can form with your customers.

#6 Independent employment:

Through the app, the service providers can work either as gig workers or under contract, based on their schedules.

They could choose working hours, their service charge, the region they will serve, etc. This way they can serve more people than they can do independently, and generate more money from their end.

With invoices, and earning history, they could keep track of their earnings.

#7 Easier management:

Imagine if you could run your business with absolutely no pressure because you have all the data and analysis to help you know where you lack.

Well, Gojek Clone lets you manage all the service providers and tasks at hand from a single dashboard.

You won’t be in the dark. You can see the performance of service providers, and even add or remove anyone from the partnership if they fail to meet your expectations.

#8 Optimized trust:

As Gojek Clone is an online platform, most service providers who get associated with the app can be verified with their experience and documents.

When your services and your brand is certified, automatically the trust about your brand among customers will increase.

Concluding thoughts

The urge to stay ahead of the competition is making the entrepreneurs overlook their app performance, and are ending up being a big failure in their business.

Make sure that you choose the right on-demand app development company to get a reliable and feature-enriched Gojek Clone source code.

Hari is the Business Success Specialist at Uberdoo, an on-demand app development company. He is particularly interested and passionate about striking the perfect relationship between clients and team. As a success specialist, he’s got a great attitude in solving any challenge you keep on the deck. Balancing a situation is one of his flairs, and rightly so. 

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