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3D Game Development in 2024 – It has never been easier

The world around has been evolving. Things that were famous in earlier times are now obsolete. But one thing has remained constant, gaming!

The industry has just evolved, and the demand for gaming developers is ever increasing. Gaming has moved from board games to 3D game development. 

As per, there are 3.24 billion gamers approximately across the globe. The demand for games is always increasing, and you can’t forget the wave caused by games like Pokemon and PubG.

These games have highlighted the need for advanced games that adopt Artificial Intelligence and 3D graphics. 

Game developers are the architects of games. They work on creating the visuals of the game through design, and code. They are also instrumental in applying the features of the game and then testing it. 

Getting Started in 3D Game Development 

Solve Problem

Developers are like mathematicians, they are always building a solution. A problem-solving attitude is the foundation of any successful developer.

While testing a game, problems would arise. A game developer should be able to break the problem and then work on its solution.

It is also necessary to anticipate problems. A person who gives up easily won’t be able to survive in the industry for long. 

Educational Qualification

Like any other technical job, qualifications are the pre-requisites for any job. To build a career in gaming, it would be appropriate to get at least a diploma in game development.

There are thousands of institutes today that offer courses in coding and programming. But it is necessary to choose a field and college that hone talent. A developer could be a 3D modeler, environment artist, or concept artist.

So to be successful in the industry, select a college that can guide you towards the right path. 


A developer is powerless without knowledge of proper computer language. When it comes to gaming, it is necessary to have a good grasp of C++, C, and Java.

Along with the languages, knowledge of tools and platforms is also necessary. The most widely used gaming engine for 3D games in Unity, practical knowledge of the platform would be handy. 


Photographers, videographers, and even software designers often build a portfolio. It always helps to get the next client or clear job interview. Some gamers launch mini-games for mobile phones or build a prototype.

Just like a catalog, a portfolio would present the developer’s knowledge of coding, programming, and visual design. 


Some companies offer entry-level positions; they are suitable to get industry experience. These jobs would help in building a working knowledge of what all goes on in the development of the game.

Get firsthand knowledge about different teams, roles, and responsibilities required to get the final game in the market. Entry-level jobs are also a good place to finalize a specialization. 

Brendan Iribe said,

“It’s a whole new world to explore as a developer to go in and learn these new gameplay mechanics, to learn what it’s like to actually control a character from a top-down, ‘God’s eye view, and to figure out how the game camera can be controlled by the player’s head.”

3D Game Development is the future of gaming. With the advent of virtual reality, 3D is the rage. Even mobile games use 3D graphics to provide gamers with a more realistic experience.

This has led to the increase in demand for developers earning them a good package. There are a plethora of institutes that provide coding and development colleges, there are some that provide online courses too, but to be successful it is beneficial to get a Diploma in Game Development from a reputed school like MAGES Institute.

Rajesh Chakravarthy
Rajesh Chakravarthy
I’m Rajesh Chakravarthy, the Academic Director at MAGES Institute based in Singapore ( I am a Master's Degree holder from SCAD, USA. I have 18 years of experience and 9 as an educator. MAGES was set up in 2010. It is a premier institution offering tertiary-level programs in Technology, Design, and Art. These programs are in cutting-edge technology like Augmented and Virtual Reality, Data Science, Game Technology, etc.

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