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Top Programming Languages According to GitHub Trending in 2024


In the tech-driven world, people are looking forward to learning programming languages for a stable future. Writing codes is the current requirement of the market. Technology serves many industries which make human life easier. Food, groceries delivered at home, salon services at home, digital speedometer in all vehicles.

Computer programming is almost everywhere, help businesses to perform their work more efficiently. Additionally, as the market keeps changing, companies need to hire professionals who have powerful command over programming languages.

To build a mobile app or web application, to earn an eLearning certificate, or to learn a new programming language, it is significant to know the basics of programming languages. In this blog post, I talk about GitHub’s mentioned top languages 2022, which are highly used by developers and expected to produce their horizon this year as well.

GitHub offers complete information, news about the happening in the tech world. The company has over 24 million clients across 190 nations, working with 337 programming dialects. These million clients some tech giants including Google, Apple, and Facebook. These companies depend on GitHub to share their open-source programming.

Now let’s talk about the top programming languages that GitHub mentions going to be in high demand.

According to the GitHub, Top Programming Language in 2023

GitHub mentions a few programming languages which were dominating the market in the last couple of years. Over the years, these languages have been used to build interesting web and mobile applications.



Java programming language

Java is one of the most significant programming languages that are in prime requirement. It plays a crucial role in developing dynamic web applications. The reason companies are opting for this programming language is its high scalability on a large scale. Java is an open-source programming language, highly used to develop mobile applications and to design the back-end programming for giant companies’ websites like Amazon, Google, etc.

Advantages of Java

  • Offers open-source libraries.
  • Automatically clear the cache files and cookies.
  • Code structures are based on the object-orientation model
  • Extremely secure integrated with advanced security models.

Disadvantages of Java

  • The lack of a template is the reason the data structure quality cannot be built.
  • Memory management is costly.



python development company

Python is one of the most famous programming languages, easy to use. It’s a free open-source, python development that gains an enormous amount of libraries that are utilized by the users.

The python community is big, which means users can find the answers to any queries in less time. Being integrated with user-friendly data structures, that’s the reason it is used for machine learning, data mining. Python programming language can easily develop 2D and 3D animation like Autodesk and Inkscape.

Advantages of Python

  • It can be read easily.
  • Easy-to-read
  • Flexible Nature
  • Supported multiple platforms and systems

Disadvantages of Python

  • The language is slow
  • Basics aren’t accessible
  • Significant basic concepts are hidden



C programming language learn

C/C++, this language always is on the list of top 10 programming languages as it is the base of all the programming languages. The reason coders choose this language is it is fast and reliable. The language is comprised of Standard Template Library which is used for data structure, operation process, and algorithms.

Advantages of C/C++

  • Some objects are accessible, which are blocked by all major programming languages.
  • Execution of the program can be performed quickly.
  • Most preferable programming language for designing cross-platform development
  • Codes are easy to read and efficient.

Disadvantages of C/C++

  • Language isn’t designed with modern coding hurdles.
  • No functionality available like garbage collection.
  • Troubles like memory corruption and overflow are there.



JavaScript development company

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language, hugely popular among developers who develop remarkable front-end applications. The language is highly used in IoT technology and the gaming industry. Also, it is among the most significant technologies used for web and app designing.

Nowadays, several companies are using Node.js which runs a Java-script interface. Node.js enables developers to JavaScript development for scripting. With the help of JavaScript, you can use a programming language for client-side scripting. If you are running a startup and looking for cool tech tools, learn JavaScript.

Advantages of JavaScript

  • Client-side JavaScript is fast.
  • Give an amazing interface to the website.
  • Help build dynamic web and mobile applications.
  • Integrated with multiple programming languages.
  • To develop something for the web, JavaScript is the most significant programming language.

Disadvantages of JavaScript

  • Security is at stake for client-side content.
  • Each browser has different functionalities that can interrupt the scripting process.



top websites written on kotlin language

The language was developed by Jet Brains for people who search for an alternate option that is superior to Java. Mobile app developers promise his motive is fulfilled now. Kotlin is one of the trendiest programming languages in the last couple of years.

With the in-between of Java and Kotlin, Android development is easy. As Kotlin adheres to the important issues which are highlighted by the Java developers. Some companies which use Kotlin are Coursers, Pinterest, and Post mates.

Advantages of Kotlin

  • Enhance the productivity, efficiency of team members.
  • Easy to reliable, learn.
  • Offers an enhanced run-time execution.

Disadvantage of Kotlin

  • Slow speed
  • Limited learning resources



Dart language development company

This is a client-side programming language that can be used for multiple platforms. Google develops Dart with a motive to develop mobile, web, server applications. The language is popular because it can compile codes between native code and JavaScript.

This garbage collected, object-oriented functionalities make the language developers’ favorite. It is considered as the alternative option to React Native.

Advantages of Dart

  • Open-source language
  • Offers flexibility for development
  • Easy to learn
  • Confirms improved efficiency


It is transparent now that several languages can be used for programming. Github offers a wide range of information related to codes and programming languages.

One can evaluate which language is suitable for their project and decide which one is good for the development. Each programming language provides several perks, the decision should be solely dependent on the project.

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