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10 Mandatory Features of a Spa Management Software

Salon or Spa owners are truly engaged in the customer service business!

Clients visit Salon to get relaxed or healed. Of course, they want to leave being rejuvenated and refreshed.

Just a wrong encounter or negative feedback from the existing customer is enough to tarnish your Salon business image.

Coupled with all the other hassles of operating a business and managing employees, choosing an ideal Spa software is important.

The prime benefit of a Spa management solution is to give a boost to your salon business.  From handling inventory, online bookings, Point Of Sale, report & analytics, to marketing, it covers all to manage your Salon operations efficiently. Its market is anticipated to reach a CAGR of 7.11% by 2026.

With so much software in this competitive market, it is tough to pick the one that fits perfectly in your Salon business requirements. Consider if your chosen solution is not providing you the definite features, then, you are not in only loss, but have wasted money and effort.  To make the task convenient for you, we are discussing the ten features that you must take into consideration before buying the software for your Salon.

Features of Online Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking

The online booking appointment gives customers an overall control on time and date as well, of course, as per their convenience.  Using this feature, the clients do not have to wait to get the confirmation of their appointments, hence, assuring that the staff member is there to serve them on time.

Online Appointment Booking in spa software

Salons can schedule many bookings at one time when the other staff members are available to assist them.  It is a profitable tool for the Salon business as they can now check when the clients are visiting and deploy the employees accordingly.

Inventory Management

The Salon or Spa owners majorly keep the special type of products for their customers.  It could be any gel, shampoo, tanning cream, or some massage oil.

Check out the sales, highest selling products, stock levels, profit margins, and those staff members that are responsible for generating profitable results.  The Salon software gives an alert when the stock levels are lower, and the solution must order the product with the right vendors accordingly.

Point of Sale

The POS feature allows the Salon owner to improve the business productivity by marketing the products to each client. It lets you keep track of the inventory stock, service sales and notifies when the stock lessens. The main aim of the Point of Sale is to maintain everything that is to keep everything balanced.

We can say that when the customers are completing the payment process of buying products or taking services from your salon, they are only performing the POS transaction. The software also is a different payment gateway. It increases the chance of improving the Salon visibility. POS lets you complete the transaction in bulk and allows more business possibilities.

Automated Appointment Notifications

With this feature in hand, you are expanding the capacities of the appointment module by improving employee and customer engagement. The Salon booking software sends the reminder to the customers regarding their future appointments, pending payments, etc.

The best thing is that it reduces the chances of no-shows. The solution also notifies the staff member about their bookings in advance. This way, they can get prepared and give clients an enduring experience.


Let the Salon software find out how your salon is performing; that is your marketing efforts. If the Salon is not performing well, then, the salon businesses can change their strategies. The Salon solution assists in selling the services and products more efficiently. Several features are there that enable automated greetings.

You can send happy birthday emails and SMS to the existing customers every year. Acknowledge new customers and approach the clients who have not visited Salon for long. The automated SMSs are valuable and make the customers feel valued. Similar to email marketing, the messages can either be sent in real-time or could be scheduled for later. This type of communication enables you to send one-time messages or create ongoing campaigns. From the filtering option, the SMSs or emails can be customized.

Client Retention and loyalty system

Definitely, it is known that it is easier to gain repeat business from the current customers than expected from the new ones. However, we cannot forget that clients have many choices nowadays. The boundaries to the entry are less, resulting in more competition on a daily basis.

Client Retention and loyalty system in spa software

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to interact with clients regularly to keep brand relevance. You can simply segment your clients (like, based on the types of services they receive or the products they buy) and approach them through special offers tailored for them. This is a fundamental tool to assist you to retain clients and stand out from the competition.

Report and Analytics

After the system is deployed, it will quickly begin to accumulate.  The employee records, daily transaction records, revenue tracking, inventory, customer files, etc.- you require simple and easy to create to analyze graphs, reports, and charts, etc. It could and should give insights to the Salon operations and give guidance to the future growth.

The reporting options that are must-have for the Salon solution are; Consumers Reports, employee scheduling, inventory Value Reports, sales Analysis, canceled Appointments Report, future recurring membership income, total sheet, etc.

Payment Management or Payroll of Staff

The Salon staff members are basically the pillars of your business. They are working for you day and night giving you the reasons to thrive. So, it is of utmost importance to take care of them. To reduce the confusion and the conflicts among them, the software manages it all.

As the Salon owner, you must save them from these underlying instabilities in the Salon. It is advised to deal with all on a regular basis. Cooperate with them and do not hesitate. And when you have the SaaS solution, then, you are not required to consider such things.

User and Role Management

The Salon Management Software manages everything at once and controls to the best. It plays its role best by means of data protection, business control, and user management. With this feature, you can enable and analyze the account at any point. In addition, create the roles and responsibilities as per the requirements.

The salon solution is famously known for protecting the client’s information and confirming its safety from unauthorized access. Leverage the software to give more contribution towards the beauty business in a single click. Moreover, you can activate and deactivate the account for controlling the staff members.

Location Management

Manage Salon and Spa operations from a single dashboard only in a single click and sell products in bulk. You just need portable devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and so on. Hence, it improves the mobility of the Salon business. Using the salon solution, the salon owners can have a track of the salon operations.

Location Management for Salon and Spa

In addition to this, you can find the details and assign the managerial operations. The salon software makes it easy for you to share customer information from different salon centers and offer the asked services with high satisfaction.

Concluding Remarks

Every Salon has a different way of carrying out business -so does the salon software.  It is essential for you to choose the software according to your Salon requirements- the solution should fit in properly.  Everything has to be where you require it to be so that your system can be used intuitively when operating the salon daily.

It is recommended to choose the software that has all the features mentioned in this article.  This will assure that your Salon is having a record-breaking Salon business in the competitive market.

Share your thoughts regarding the article below in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!

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