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Important Aspects Businesses Must Know About the Development of Ticket Booking Apps

Mobile apps are now as important to us as watches were, as virtually everyone used to have one.

Smartwatches and mobile apps have replaced them, and an overwhelming majority cannot think of living without an app.

Smartphones have become smart in the true sense, and upcoming technology like AI and AR integration will only raise the bar high. Mobile apps are widely used, and for ticketing purposes, it is also a reliable source.

From air travel to rail travel and movie theaters to stage plays, the need for a ticketing app is immense nowadays.

Websites like Fandango, based in Los Angeles, CA, are prime examples of how such businesses can make a killing. No one likes to stand in a long queue to book a ticket for their favorite movie.

Usually, when a new blockbuster is about to release, fans get crazy, and there is a huge rush on the ticketing window.

How to get a ticket for the upcoming blockbuster is on everyone’s mind, and that is where a mobile app can do the trick for any business.

Mobile Apps to the Rescue

Services like Fandango and many others offer people the convenience to book tickets from the convenience of their home or on the go.

That’s why we do not see a mad rush at the cinema ticketing window when “Advance Booking Open” signs are seen.

Similarly, many different businesses and industries can also benefit from mobile apps to offer exquisite support to their customers.

So, what can be the key development aspects related to ticketing mobile apps? And how can a company be sure that they have got the right app? Go through this blog, and you will know all the answers.

Development of Ticket Booking Apps

Just like any other app, you need to think about facilitating the end-users. After all, if an app cannot satisfy end-user requirements, it will not sustain itself in the market.

Surely, you need top-notch Dubai mobile app development services so that you can be sure of getting a good start. So, just like the case with any other app, research is the key to success.


Some of my readers may be thinking that why there is so much emphasis on research and everything is clear. For example, a company knows that it requires to have just like Fandango.

So, why need to bother researching hard as they can just copy the design and working of the Fandango app and launch the app.  It is easier said than done because there are many aspects that one has to think about.

In this regard, the role of a mobile app developer is of great importance because he has to research to make an app work for the customer.

The need for research by contacting the end-users would be using the app is a genuine requirement other than just for gap-filling.

Not every business can go for defending go app as it is purely based for advance take it for the movies. Even the design and the layout cannot be copied just as it is.

Through surveys and interviews, a developer can get the right idea of how to create such an app.

The demographic of that survey audience would totally depend upon the type of app. Let’s take the example fan app that will let you book tickets for air travel.

So, the audience for this would be young adults, adults, and even senior citizens who have retired as they usually go on long trips.

Setting the Requirements and Using Minimal Viable Product

After the research, the developer comes up with all the requirements to make a graded product for its target audience.

But even then, many mobile apps fail to get the kind of reception anticipated by the developer and the constant company.

So why does this happen, and what can be done about it? Minimal viable products are the solution to this problem.

The Minimal Viable Product or the MVP is the final product with all the minimum features that are required.

Think about the air travel app we have discussed previously. What can be the minimum options for people to start using an app without thinking about it too much?

Surely, it must have the booking option for various airlines and also advanced options for people to book a hotel or resort.

Of course, this is not the final product as it is offered to the intended audience to check out the available options.

And based on their feedback, the product can be completely revamped, or in some cases, just minor tweaks, so that the product can be finalized and launched on different operating systems. MVP can tell you about your app’s shortcomings or what needs to be done to make things perfect.

What do you Need in a Ticket Booking App?

The ticket booking app must have a nice screen to start with. Sections like the name of airlines, details about the flights, available discounts, checking out for tickets at the last moment should be clearly mentioned.

The UI/UX of the app must be user-friendly so that everything is available at the fingertips. The searching option must also be hassle-free, so anyone can search for the required information instantly.

The payment and booking of the tickets must be carried out seamlessly. Mobile App developers need to understand that it can be a matter of life and death for the passengers, as they may have to go for surgery for a very important meeting.

Even a family going for a vacation will be bitterly disappointed if any discrepancy will occur, and they will not be able to fly on the date mentioned on the ticket.

Over to you 

Ticket booking apps can be one of the most important and popular apps for any business.

But it must fulfill the requirement so that everything falls into place. And the UI/UX of the app should look at the part to get the thumbs Up from the end-users.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or ask a question, you are more than welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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