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10+ Apps like Quadpay : Apps Similar to Quadpay for Credit & Bills

Online shopping is what the world is doing in modern times. We shop everything online, from things that are considered to be necessities to the ones that are considered to be luxuries.

However, in recent times, one of the best things that we get to see on most online shopping sites is the “buy now and pay later” option.

This is precisely what QuadPay does. Apps like QuadPay provide a convenient financing option to people who wish to buy the things they need but pay for the same later.

QuadPay was previously called Zip. Two years back, the company was taken over by QuadPay and had been named the same. The name of the company has been updated since then.

This is why several modern online shoppers sometimes still refer to QuadPay as zipping. It is one of the best global payment companies that provides shoppers to shop without the headache of instant payments.

One of the key features of these apps is the ability to generate invoices, which can be a time-consuming task for many entrepreneurs. An invoice generator simplifies the process by automatically creating professional-looking invoices with all the necessary details, such as the amount owed, due date, and payment instructions.

What is QuadPay?

QuadPay is an online global payment company that provides the best financing options. The best thing about QuadPay that makes buyers love it is that you do not need a credit check and neither does it charge any extra interest against the goods you purchase.

QuadPay gives you the chance to buy now and pay later online as well as in-store. You can also pay all your bills through Zip.

The best part is that Zip also gives you a specific amount of cashback whenever you purchase using Zip. You can redeem this cashback in the future for a better shopping experience. 

When QuadPay hit the market five years back in 2017, it immediately won the hearts of more than 9 million users and was a part of 81,000 retailers all across the globe.

It is the best option for any shopper, whether online or offline. QuadPay gives the shoppers the freedom of paying back the amount taken over six weeks, and that too without any interest.

Several apps like QuadPay in the market today can be used for making purchases. Presently, several apps like QuadPay give buyers the privilege of buying now and paying later.  

List of Alternative Applications of QuadPay

No market is a monopoly. If there is an option, then there are better options too. The same goes for global payment companies.

If you thought the concept would uniquely be for QuadPay, it is ultimately the wrong thing to consider. Here is a list of the best available alternatives that you will find for QuadPay in the market.  

1- Paypal Credit

If you are looking for other apps like QuadPay, then the first and the most popular alternative that you will find is PayPal. 57% of people who choose to buy now and pay later use PayPal.

PayPal’s exclusive digital wallet program offers its customers the best financing solutions. You can easily shop from PayPal using this digital wallet and avail the buy now and pay later option.

You can later pay the amount that you have taken in four parts. Choose the PayPal option while checking out and enjoy the advantages.

Download PayPal for Android

Download PayPal for iOS


2- FuturePay

FuturePay is a trendy option for a cashless and seamless shopping experience. It can be considered an excellent alternative for apps like QuadPay but is not the same as QuadPay since, as the name suggests, the Future Pay app is exclusive to stores under the Future Group.

You can seamlessly use FuturePay’s digital wallet for shopping from any Future Group store that you want to. 


3- AfterPay – Apps Similar To Quadpay

AfterPay is the biggest competitor for QuadPay. 29% of people use AfterPay. QuadPay and AfterPay offer the same kind of solution to their customers. They allow customers to shop conveniently without worrying about the payback procedure.

You can use AfterPay’s buy now and pay later option for anything that you would want to buy. AfterPay is the best alternative for apps likeQuadPay.

It gives its buyers the privilege of paying back the amount taken over six weeks. Download the app and enjoy its benefits.

Download Afterpay for Android

Download Afterpay for iOS


4- Sezzle

Sezzle is one of the best options for apps like QuadPay, which allows you to buy the things you need and pay for them later at your convenience. 8% of people use Sezzle to purchase items they like and pay for them later.

You can easily buy what you see and pay back the amount over four to six weeks, with 0% interest. You will have to sign up on Sezzle and keep shopping. 

Download Sezzle for Android

Download Sezzle for iOS


5- Affirm – Apps Like Quadpay

Affirm is one of the best places for e-commerce, where you can buy anything you want and pay for it later. 28% of people use the app.

It is an excellent alternative for apps like QuadPay. You can take your own sweet time to pay back for the things that you have brought for your needs.

Download Affirm for Android

Download Affirm for iOS


6- Klarna – App Like Quadpay

Klarna is the best alternative option for apps like QuadPay. 23% of people choose Klara. It allows you to buy whatever you want, whenever you want to buy, and wherever you want to buy.

The app not only gives you this privilege but also notifies you when the prices drop; you can track your delivery and get regular other updates.

In short, Klara is an all-in-one buying app that is super flexible and allows you to buy the things you like with the buy now and pay later option. All you have to do is download the app and enjoy the additional advantages. 

Download Klarna for Android

Download Klarna for iOS


7- Openpay

Download OpenPay for Android

Download OpenPay for iOS


8- Zebit

Download Zebit for Android

Download Zebit for iOS

9- PerPay

Download Perpay for Android

Download Perpay for iOS


10- Four Pay Later App

Download Four Pay Later for Android

Download Four Pay Later for iOS


11- FlexWallet

Download FlexWallet for Android

Download FlexWallet for iOS


12- Salt 

Salt is one of the top financial service providers in the global market and is one of the best alternative options for apps like QuadPay.

Salt can be considered a one-stop solution for all those instant cash needs that you might have. Using this app, you can buy the things you want now and pay for them later.


13- Splitit

This is one of the most buyer-friendly and popular applications you can use as an alternative to apps like QuadPay. 6% of people go in for Splitit. However, you will have to use your credit card on this platform.

You will have to put in your credit card details before you buy now and pay later. This is a lot similar toQuadPay and is highly preferred by buyers.

You will have to click on the Splitit option while checking out, select the number of payments you need to pay back the amount taken and fill in your credit card details, and that’s it. You are done. 


14- ViaBill

ViaBill is a superb alternative for apps like QuadPay. The app works for both retailers as well as buyers. Buyers can not only use the option for shopping; retailers can also use the buy now pay later option to buy things for their business growth.

You can pay it back at your convenience and without any interest. You will have to select the ViaBill option while checking out and creating an account. 


15- Venue

The venue is one of the biggest competitors for apps like QuadPay. It is not just flexible; it also has the most straightforward option that you can find. You can use the app to buy home goods, electronics, fashion, and anything you want.

More Apps Like Quadpay No Credit Check & Bill Payment

  1. Zip
  2. Paythen
  3. Tabby
  4. Humm
  5. ViaBill


With the availability of these mobile applications in the global market, buying the things you like and not worrying about paying for them immediately has become much more manageable. These applications are boons in the present generation.

The pandemic has seen the rise of these mobile apps. 51% of people used the buy now and pay later option during the pandemic for buying things they needed. People still use it and will continue to do so even in the coming days.

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