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Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers: An Ultimate Guide for 2024

On your path to hiring dedicated AngularJS developers for your project? We have you covered. From understanding what Angular is and why you would benefit from it to the interview questions you need to ask them, we have listed everything out.

First things first, let’s get familiar with the technology before you interview potential candidates for it.

Introduction: What is Angular?

Angular is a platform for creating front-end interfaces. For single-page applications, it is one of the most popular choices for developers.

Front-end interfaces decide how long your users will stay on your website, interact with your interface, and finish their journey as you have intended them to. This will also determine how many of those users will like to come back to your website. 

All of this makes it incredibly important for the developers to create an interactive and user-friendly frontend for the websites. Angular is used by Google, PayPal, Upwork, Microsoft, and many more.

Difference Between Angular and AngularJS

Angular is an umbrella term for all the versions that have been released since the first release in 2010. AngularJS was the initial version. The newer versions include Angular 2, addressing the issues with AngularJS. However, both versions can be used to create dynamic websites.

Benefits of Angular

So, you know why you need Angular for your website, but what does it offer? Here are some benefits of choosing Angular over its competitors.

Readability: TypeScript manipulates JavaScript and makes it easy to follow, thus, Angular offers more readability.

Modules: The codes in Angular are divided into smaller elements called modules. These modules are reusable and make the application more functional since they are divided.

Testing: The above-mentioned modules also make it easy to test and debug the code whenever you want to since they are divided into small chunks.

Maintenance: The simple MVC of Angular results in small, cleaner code that connects the modules. This means better speed and less loading time. The customers will not have to wait for long for your pages to load, and therefore there will be more engagement.

Configuration: Angular uses a default configuration that allows developers to use readymade UI component templates, aiding the speed of the development.

With that, it must be clear why you need Angular for your project, right? Now, It’s better to understand the people you will be screening in the process of hiring dedicated AngularJS developers.

Roles & Responsibilities of Angular Developers

An Angular developer will work on the client side and help build UI services for websites and web apps. They would create modules and components, and after that, they would connect these components to build functional software.

Here, it is important to note that Angular is a framework, and apart from the understanding of Angular, the developer will also need to have other development skills in necessary technologies such as JavaScript. The developers will mostly work in a team and tackle any unexpected bugs.

The job description for an Angular may include (but is not limited to) the following responsibilities.

Building Front-end

Many project managers utilize Angular for Single page development and front-end of websites. A developer’s responsibility here would be to create an interactive front-end for the websites and web apps.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

An Angular developer will be writing codes that are clean and can be tested easily. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS knowledge is a must for an Angular Developer.

Building RESTful APIs

Angular comes with its own features and RESTful APIs are one of the most important ones. The knowledge of building RESTful APIs for single-page applications.

Unit Testing

After each development phase, Angular developers will have to perform unit testing. The testing includes code units, complex testing, testing of services and components, and so on.

Access External Data Sources

The developer should have the operating skills to access external data sources and APIs to extract the data required from third parties.

Bug Fixing

The bugs should be fixed as soon as possible by the Angular developers. Sometimes they may even have to fix bugs in other’s codes.

Therefore, it becomes essential for them to know how to read a code that is written by someone else.

Drive to Learn

Technologies like Angular constantly keep updating, with new versions released each year. Angular developers thus should always be ready and strive to learn new technologies to stay up to date.

Now that you know about the roles and responsibilities, to filter out the resumes, you need to know what skills you require from your hiring based on your project requirements.

Angular Developer Skills Checklist

The skills required for the Angular developer will also depend on the tasks you require from them. From junior developers to middle and senior-level developers, the skills may vary. However, all of them need to have these basic skills, to begin with.

  • Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML5
  • Knowledge of AngularJS and Angular modules, practices, and components
  • Build reusable and testable modules and components
  • Understand app logic and ensure the dependency chain
  • Basic knowledge of SEO for single-page apps
  • Understanding of APIs, proxies, caching layers, databases, and other services in the system

The skill sets required for middle and senior-level Angular developers would not only include the basic skills but the additional skills mentioned below.

  • Leveraging CSS and JS for high-performance visual components for higher frame rates
  • Provide responsive feedback and Validate user actions on the client end
  • Working on non-blocking code, and restoring advanced techniques when needed, with something like RxJs Observables
  • Building modules and components for customized requirements with core Angular
  • Experience in the working of front-end operations such as XHRs in JS to using something like HttpClient
  • Experience in building the architecture for front-end assets
  • Automation and architecture of production processes, using scripts and task runners
  • Using JSDoc and other conventions to document the code
  • Writing unit tests with automated TDD tasks
  • Building and testing the test scripts and configurations for continuous integration environments.

Now, time for the skills that are not necessary but good to have for Angular developers.

  • Solid knowledge of TypeScript features like decorators, generic types, enums, unions, etc.
  • Understanding REST architecture
  • Understanding browser APIS like IndexedBD, workers, file readers, geolocation, canvas, and storage.
  • Server-side rendering
  • Experience with socket handling

If a candidate shows these abilities based on the role requirements and their experience, they will be able to build the solutions for you, the way you have visualized them. Finally, if you are happy with their skill set, it’s time to interview them.

Interview Questions to Hire AngularJS Developers

When it comes to interviewing Angular developer candidates, there are soft-skill questions and hard-skill questions you can ask. Here are some examples of both of them.

Soft-skill assessment

When looking for hiring an AngularJS developer for your team, look forward to these soft skills in them.

  • Communication Skills
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Conflict management
  • Adaptability
  • Dedication to the work
  • Creativity and Ideation
  • Decision Making

Hard-skills Assessment

Some of the technical skills you should be looking forward to in your candidate are listed below.

  • What is Angular? What Are its key components and modules?
  • What are Angular Directives? Give an Example.
  • What is Routing?
  • What is CLI?
  • How Will You Handle Errors in Angular Apps?
  • What is dependency injection?
  • Explain tsconfig.json, package.json, and app.module.ts files.

Once again, the job description, skill requirements, and interview questions will change depending on specific project requirements. Make sure to be clear about your needs before you start hunting.


Angular offers many benefits for project owners and managers to build their applications. However, to turn your vision into reality, you will need to hire dedicated AngularJS developers and build a team.

The skill set required, the experience, and the assessment of the candidates will depend a lot on your requirements, but we have tried our best to give you a general path you can follow while hiring AngularJS developers.

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