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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality-Concepts of the Future. But Which One?


The conception of AR and VR has been the talk of the town for a long time. It is shocking that people still believe in fairy tale stories, in which they imagine the visuals completely phenomenally. For this reason, to help businesses run smoothly, it is significant to aware people of these technologies and what’s the use of these technologies in our life.

The two concepts are almost the same, yet fulfill two different requirements. Often, both these technologies consider in a single segment. These technologies have a lot in common, and that just adds more to your present reality. Simultaneously, it doesn’t make much impact, and the difference is accurate whether your perspective changes.

Let’s take a look at a simple example, in VR, you can swim around sharks in deep oceans, while in AR you can only see sharks doing tasks based on the driving instructor’s virtual business card. Companies need to understand they can use which technology in which segment.

Virtual Reality

There are so many gadgets of VR technology like the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR. By using these VR glasses, you get into the space, room where the game is playing and completely move out of the actual world.

In most cases, VR games are built to improve the user experience, but along with this, users can also climb to the top of the game. Several gamers stated that they don’t like to suffocate, so they like that space provides freedom and they can go to any other place without virtual glasses.

Outside the game, it is just the fantasy that reduces the features of virtual reality. Will it be value traveling? For example, VR is going to be a boost in future, if we wear such virtual reality glasses and walk the street of New York or witness the thousands of-year-old pyramid? The question is genuine, but they can only obtain the visual with glasses.

Future of Virtual Reality

Future of virtual reality

Augmented Reality

Indifference, AR (Augmented Reality), works in the same space, but the major element and present aren’t there, it is projected into the same space. If a development company working on a similar project and collaborating with a company within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the development, with the help of advanced glasses, the production department of a particular time, thousands of users that are interested in and can integrate into the system that can showcase.

In everyday life, IKEA has already many perks of AR. They build applications that showcase your selected furniture into the place where you want to fit in (You can check whether the furniture is fitting properly into that space or not).

All you need to do is point out the camera where the furniture is placed, the app will showcase that the furniture will fit at that place or not, and through this way you can locate the furniture at any place virtually).

Another example of AR, Pepsin Company started an amazing campaign at introducing Zero, in which the company has impressed its users with the assist of VR technology. It is augmented reality that has misinformed consumers so many times that they forgot the difference between virtual and reality.

Additionally, Microsoft HoloLens has also built on augmented reality and not virtual reality. It showcases the VR information and images as holograms into space and elements that you can see. It is a highly beneficial card when showcasing a property that is still under development, or for home designing.

But if we look a few years back, I’m sure that you will remember the craze of AR of 2016 that caused a lot of trouble on the streets, or almost everywhere. It is because of Pokémon Go.

The game has gained massive popularity and keeps on surprising people in a novel way. With the game showcasing Pokémon figures through the mobile phone’s camera, thus it is a perfect blend of the real and virtual world.

So that’s clear there is a difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. On the same page, we mention that we are not talking about the future aspects of these technologies, but of the present. Both are considered as a great opportunity for the further development of science, healthcare, and the educational and everyday life of a person.

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