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Walmart Call Out/Call In Number To Call In Sick as a Walmart Employee

If you’ve ever been out of work due to an illness, you know that trying to get a call out at Walmart can be frustrating.

Here are some things to remember if you’re ever unfortunate enough to fall ill while working there.

What is Walmart Call Out Number?

Walmart’s call-out number is 800-492-5678. This is the number you need to use if you’re sick or injured and need to leave work to go to a doctor or hospital.

How Much Time Do You Have To Call Walmart?

If you’re sick and need to call Walmart’s call-out number, the rules are pretty simple. You have approx. an hour from the time you first notice that you’re sick until you need to leave work.

If it’s after your hour, and you still feel ill, Walmart will give you a break and let you stay at work an extra half-hour.

But if it’s after your hour and there’s no way for you to make it home before getting sick again (and there isn’t another Walmart within reasonable driving distance), then they’ll call HR on your behalf and ask them to send someone out to pick up your shift.

You can also call the Walmart Call Out Number to find out what time your shift is going to end.

How To Report An Absence At Walmart?

If you’re ever unable to come to work due to an illness or injury, there are a few things that you need to know in order to get a call out.

First and foremost, you’ll need to let your manager know as soon as possible. If they’re not aware of your situation, they may not be able to help facilitate the process of getting you scheduled for a call-out.

Once you’ve let your manager know, you’ll need to provide them with as much information as possible about your health condition and the reason why you’re unable to come to work.

This includes specifying what days or hours of the day you’re unavailable, as well as any other relevant details.

Next, you’ll need to schedule a doctor’s appointment ASAP. This will give your manager an accurate picture of your current state and allow them to make arrangements with Walmart if necessary.

Finally, make sure that all paperwork is up-to-date and ready for processing when it comes to absences at Walmart. This includes copies of all doctor’s appointments and any other medical documentation that may be required.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to get through any situation related to illness or injury with ease!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Reporting an Absence at Walmart

Read the leave of absence policy at Walmart. For Walmart associates, the company offers three types of leave of absence.

If you are feeling ill and need to stay home, you can take one of these types of leaves:

FMLA Leave: This is a leave granted to employees who are unable to work because they have taken care of a serious family member or personal medical issue. Walmart will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and benefits.

Personal Leave: This type of leave is granted to employees who need time off for personal reasons unrelated to work, such as a family funeral. You will be required to fill out paperwork and may not be eligible for benefits.

Paid Time Off: This is the most common type of leave that Walmart associates take. Paid time off can be used in addition to any other form of leaves, including FMLA and personal leaves. Paid time off includes sick days, vacation days, or holidays.


As you can see, the process of reporting an absence at Walmart is fairly easy. All you have to do is call Walmart’s call-out number and provide them with a reason for not being present in your job.

And as for that absence policy? Well, it’s probably just a regular practice based on how busy the store gets. But if this happens again, don’t be shy about calling out! After all, there are other people who depend on your work.

Did you experience any weird working conditions at Walmart? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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