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Alexandria’s Genesis (Purple Eyes): Fake or Real?

Alexandria’s Genesis is a piece of fake information that states that human beings whose eyes turn purple during the early stage are going to be perfect humans. Based on the report of Snopes, a fact-checking website, it has spread rumors about these rare genetic people on the internet since 2005.

The fallacy of Alexandria’s Genesis is comprised of several stories, claim that people born with this rare mutation are particularly born with purple eyes or their eyes color turns purple shortly after their birth. These perfect humans with purple color eyes are allegedly live to be for a minimum of 100 years.

What is the cause of Alexandria’s Genesis?

Several reports say that they are the origin of Alexandria’s Genesis. Though they don’t have any information scientific or historical that backs up their data.

This section of people who are known as Spirit People is the first one who is known as Alexandria genesis, which later settles in Europe.

What is cause of Alexandria’s Genesis

The other online account that talks about Alexandria’s Genesis say that a child was born in the year 1329 named Alexandria with blue eyes that turned purple. That was rare. Later on, the priest declared her witch.

Though, the priest also considers her as a special child or gift. Years later, the girl Alexandria gives birth to two children, and both of the children have purple eyes. This is how Alexandria’s genesis get famous.

Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects

Symptoms of Alexandria’s genesis, causes of Alexandria’s genesis. Though most of the information related to Alexandria’s Genesis is fictional. There’s no such authentic scientific backup related to it.

So, if the purple eyes exist and what are the side effect of it. But let’s find out the main side effects of Alexandria’s Genesis?

Though there are several cases of purple eyes that have been registered, there have been no side effects which have been recorded.

All these symptoms we have collected throughout the years from people who suffer from Alexandria’s Genesis. These symptoms are considered as the side effects of Alexandria’s genesis. Reasons are these symptoms are rare and almost scientifically impossible coming from single genetics.


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What are the symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis? 

Well, it is a genetic disorder that affects people during infancy. It reverses their eye color blue to grey, to the color pink because of a single person genetic mutation.

But, later on, as the kid grows, the color darkens and turns into purple.

What are the symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis

So below mentioned are some features or symptoms which are related to purple eyes disease.

1. Immunity

Yep, you read it correctly. Alexandria’s Genesis offers enhanced symptoms from burns and skin tans under the sun. Additionally, people with particularly purple eyes have no hair on the body except on the eyelashes, eyebrows, head, and nostrils. This clearly states that people with purple eyes have no hair on other body parts.

2. Pro-weight Loss

One another thing which people mention is that the people with the rare genetics of blue eyes are immune from weight gain because of the high metabolism functioning. In a way, it doesn’t matter how much they eat; they don’t add weight unlike you and me as their metabolism is high.

3. Near Immortality

Another feature of Alexandria’s Genesis is that it offers an ability to live a longer life and an enhanced expectancy rate. It means that after the age of 50; they stop aging, and reverse aging starts. Eventually, they start looking younger than age. Some accounts say that they can live up to 150 years.

True or Conspiracy Theory

As you have read about Alexandria’s Genesis symptoms, causes, and all other important things related to it. You now have clearly understood that there is no scientific or authentic backing to these claims. In simpler words, it is not a medical condition. It is a hoax created by people.

Because there is no human skin that is immune to burns and tanning. Although there is a protein like melanin that offers enhanced protection to our skin from sunlight, it makes the skin darker.

Also, there is no one on this planet who lived up to 150 years. The oldest person ever in recent times is 122 years old. So that’s not true that a purple eyes person can live up to 150 years.

Although there’s no scientific backing that says that eye colors can turn purple. But, there are reports which state that violet-colored eyes are more harmful to sight compared to any other colors. Some diseases change the color of the iris. But, once the disease is cured, the color of the iris will turn back to normal.

Other Disease Related to the Color of Iris

Let me clarify that it is just a myth and Alexandria’s Genesis is not a medical condition. But many health conditions directly affect eye colors. Let’s read about some of these health conditions.

Newborn eye color

Eye color usually displays the color of the iris. Iris is a ring around the pupil that controls how much should enter your eyes. Iris color is the same as hair, skin color and strongly relies on the presence of a specific protein called melanin.

Special cells known as melanocytes try to manage the bodies accordingly. Melanocytes work on responding to light (to understand it more precisely, you can read about summer tan). The eyes of newborn babies aren’t exposed to light, so they’re not completely active.

Newborn eye color

Most babies are born with brown eyes, irrespective of their race. But in particular Caucasian babies are born with gray or blue eyes. As the melanocytes are activated in the beginning years of babies’ life, the eye color changes. If the level of melanin is low, then the eye color is blue/gray to hazel/green (medium melanin) or brown (high melanin).


Humans with heterochromia have both eyes’ iris of a different color. For example, you have one eye of blue color and another one is of a gray color. It is also possible to have small segments of iris different colors. For example, the half color of your eye is blue, and the remaining could be brown.

what is heterochromia both different eyes

Usually, all the cases of heterochromia are not linked with any medical symptoms. A combination of rare genetics causes it. Its signs showcase since the birth or after injury or disease.

Pigmentary Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an amalgamation of eye conditions that slowly or slowly start affecting the optic nerve which leads to vision blindness. For suppose, in front of your eye, there is a tiny hole. All the fluid moves into that hole which ended up feeling like that entire eye is drained up.

In most cases, open-angle glaucoma drains the fluid slowly. This creates pressure into the eye, which is harmful to the optic nerve. The damage to the optic nerve means complete blindness.

Horner Syndrome

Horner syndrome is a mixture of symptoms caused by the damage of nerve systems, which is a link between the face and eye of one side. It is usually caused by injury, medical problems, tumors, and spinal injury.

The primary symptoms of horner syndrome are a decrease in the pupil’s size, decreasing sweating on one particular side of the face. The worst news is there is no specific treatment for this condition.


Nowadays, it is getting difficult to identify what’s real or what’s fake. Therefore reports like Alexandria’s Genesis must go through a fact check. Well, there is some medical condition in which the diseases change the color of eyes of people.

None has been reported to be harmful to your physical capabilities. But if you want to change your eye color, artificial lenses are a good way. Before doing it, consult your doctor and have a proper conversation about contact lens safety.

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