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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is rigorously being used everywhere around us. Perhaps, it is still far from the interesting science fiction scenario where robots and machines are as intelligent and capable as us humans.

We cannot however deny that its proficiency is already exceptional. A majority of the devices we already have use artificial intelligence in one way or another. 

Several small and large-scale companies have successfully integrated AI-driven technologies into their daily processes and functions.

Telecom companies like Xfinity have made these technologies a permanent part of their customer care department. 

This means that you can get assistance for any type of technical problem by contacting for example the live chat of Servicio al Cliente Xfinity (for Spanish speakers only). Live chat, voice recognition technology, automatic monitoring, etc. are all applications of artificial intelligence that are being used by companies to enhance the efficiency of their daily activities. 

Hence, we can safely say that one prominent industry in particular that can greatly benefit from this interesting concept is customer support. With the aid of a virtual assistant, businesses can provide a better, more customized service to every single customer.

And they can carry out all these activities while also taking some of the burdens off their workers’ shoulders, giving them ample time to take care of all the other activities and tasks. 

In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of artificial intelligence for the customer service department. Let us look at four of the most significant advantages. 

Manage Huge Volumes of Data

If you are the owner of a big company, you would know that the more consumers you have and the more often you communicate with them, the more information and data you would have about them.

Analyzing such huge volumes of data manually is super hectic and close to impossible, regardless of how talented your employees might be. 

This job is difficult for humans; AI-powered tools however possess the ability to analyze large volumes of data within seconds.

By using artificial intelligence to evaluate your previous and current customer data, you can instantly grasp more information about and also forecast their future behavior.

By doing so, you can easily come up with targeted promotional campaigns or identify the most recurrent problems and queries that your customers have, among other factors. 

Lower Average Handling Time

Are you in search of a method to reduce the average time your representatives spend on each call?  AI-powered tools like ‘chatbots’ and ‘passive voice biometrics’ can also be super useful in this case.

Because chatbots can respond to essential queries and issues instantly, customers don’t have to wait for the representative to show up and get their issues resolved. Instead, they can easily reach out to the Chatbot for assistance. 

The time that your customer care representatives spend on each engagement can be significantly reduced by using ‘passive voice biometrics’ because they can quickly identify the caller by listening to how they speak.

The time spent on each call will be cut in half if voice biometrics are used to authenticate each caller’s identity rather than the more time-consuming traditional way. 

Adapt to Changing Circumstances

The actual robustness of AI-driven solutions essentially comes from their potential of learning as well as adapting to changing situations.

Generally speaking, the more information artificial intelligence technologies have about company operations, the lesser time it will take to match its recommendations to your business’s goals. 

Moreover, this valuable information can give you a huge advantage over your rivals. But it is not just limited to offering an enhanced service than the competitors.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can conveniently maintain a record of present market trends and prepare your business to adapt to the changing industry landscape.

This will end up making you more competitive than your competitors and eventually you will be able to secure a better position in the hearts of the customers.  

Offer Proactive support

Consumer satisfaction essentially can be enhanced by efficiently catering to customer needs and requests and reducing the time, it takes a representative to resolve issues.

However, if you desire to provide exceptional customer service, you should also foresee and if possible solve any problems before the customers even have to think about getting in touch with you. 

Again, the ability of AI to acquire data can be quite helpful in this situation. AI can help you focus on concerns or issues that come up, particularly after it analyses and sorts the consumer data in your database.

So that customers who encounter these issues won’t have to look for the solutions, you can then build an FAQ page with those solutions. 

Both chatbots and virtual assistants can be very helpful in offering proactive customer support.

They are an excellent mode to give your consumers the chance to address their problems even when your representatives are not available.

Why? Because they can work around the clock. You can give people a far better experience and enhance the reputation of your company by making it possible for them to contact you whenever they need to. 

Final Words

By incorporating artificial intelligence in your customer support departments, you can take your company to greater heights. We hope the benefits mentioned in this article will inspire you to use AI-powered technologies.

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