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What are the Advantages of using Azure Virtual Desktop?

Organizations must offer work-from-home for their teams in today’s world, but for many, just purchasing additional technology other than a desktop PC is not feasible. This is where a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with an Azure VMware solution can be of use. 

While it may appear hard, establishing a Windows Virtual PC on Azure enables your staff to continue working on any device as if they were on their office desktop.

A WVD enables you to deliver a safe, productive experience to your users in an ever-changing world by obviating the need for extra corporate devices. The following are some of the most significant benefits WVD can provide for your business:

Cost savings

If the system is already running, virtual desktops can significantly reduce costs. Additionally, you can disregard any costly hardware that requires specialized software and licenses.

However, it does not end there. Additionally, there are future savings to be made. You’ll be able to effectively manage upgrades, saving IT time by not having to repeat the same update across multiple devices. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to access Azure Virtual Desktop using current Microsoft 365 and Windows licenses. Your organization can reinvest the money saved through WVD to enhance company operations and your potential IT strategy.

Superior Security

By transferring your company’s data to an Azure Virtual Desktop, you eliminate the chance of hardware being lost, tampered with, or stolen.

WVD is secured in the same way as Microsoft Azure is. As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits associated with identity management, backup, and database security. 

Not to mention that Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually in security, has over 3,500 security specialists committed to increasing your security, and Azure has the most compliance certifications of any cloud service provider.

That means you can use the most advanced security technologies available.

Productivity & Flexibility

The primary purpose of the majority of firms is to increase their productivity, which takes us to the final advantage of Azure Virtual Desktop. Productivity gains.

When desktops are virtualized, WVD enables your IT to be more nimble. Employees will have access to windows and programs from anywhere. 

Providing you with the ability to build a dynamic and modern work environment. Azure Virtual Desktop integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to help your employees work more efficiently within the Microsoft Ecosystem. 

Over the last few years, about 80% of firms have relied on employees to utilize personal phones for a single app, resulting in the proliferation of BYOD policies. A flexible work environment is an efficient work environment.

Additionally, it serves as a catastrophe recovery protocol. Staff would be able to sustain productivity levels in a crisis, thanks to the adaptable workspace you’ve developed.

Management Ease

The AVD service controls the RDS infrastructure, leaving you to focus on the user, application, and virtual machine management.

The AVD service manages RDS components like Brokers, Gateways, and Licenses. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, this includes AVD licensing for Windows 10. 

The latest AVD version converts the AVD components to ARM resources, which can be managed via the PowerShell or Azure Portal.

This significantly simplifies the management of AVD. Users can be allotted to individual desktops or desktop pools inside the portal or via Azure AD group memberships. 

Scaling the AVD pools automatically based on peak hours and user session counts. This saves money by shutting down virtual computers when they aren’t in use and then restarting them as users log in.

Additionally, monitoring of AVD diagnostics is offered via dashboards and alerts for troubleshooting user concerns.

The advantages of installing an Azure Virtual Desktop with an Azure VMware solution are virtually limitless. By deploying WVD, you have the flexibility necessary to assist in the growth of your cloud-based organization. Are you prepared to accept the risk?

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