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How does the Intranet with SharePoint Drive Engagement and Collaboration amongst Employees?

The Intranet with SharePoint has proved that it can enhance employee engagement, team collaboration, and the overall productivity of the company. But how?

What factors or features of using SharePoint have led to this affirmation? We shall try to steer clear of this connotation through relevant explanations. Stay connected with the blog till the end to find out!

What is an Intranet?

An intranet is a private computer network used by organizations for the ease of transferring information, collaboration tools, operational systems, and other computing services. The intranet also facilitates group work and teleconferences.

The intranet has evolved to be a solution with a wide spectrum of benefits, including boosting communication, enhancing employee engagement and productivity, increasing collaboration, and various other business branches.

To leverage the intranet, you need an intensive solution that helps you transform your business seamlessly.

Over the years, SharePoint has steadily gained momentum and significance, owing to its solid foundation in building collaboration and documentation.

The present-day SharePoint has features that have successfully withstood the test of time. It now comes with a lot more user-friendly interface that provides higher performance with less dependency on developers. So, if you ever faced such issues with SharePoint, it’s time you try it again!

But what makes SharePoint so popular for intranets and how has it withstood the test of time?

Benefits of using SharePoint Intranet Portal

SharePoint has dramatically reformed itself by incorporating cutting-edge features that enhance employee engagement, collaboration, productivity, and team cohesiveness. Its functionalities are diverse enough to be used for OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Skype, and other integrated systems.

Let’s take a look at how SharePoint accomplished this.


SharePoint’s being cloud-based allows you to have access to all your data and information at any time, any place, and on any device through a web browser. There are minimal chances of data loss or damage. Furthermore, everyone in the department can use the file without any hustle. Its competency across all devices is a boon to employees and companies in general. One can search for any document, file or information using the search option.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration of SharePoint with Office 365 and other systems is its top-tier capability. The association of SharePoint with Office 365 has allowed developers to create a dynamic digital workplace experience.

The enhanced setup and easy navigation of the sites add to the resourcefulness of the SharePoint intranet portal. Your business needs to utilize these facilities in the best way possible to meet its objectives and goals.

Prakash Software provides SharePoint application development services that are reliable and steadfast. The developers in Prakash excel in carrying out projects of any scale with ease and with advancing technology.

Enhanced security

Security is integral to any organization. It is difficult to handle complex and confidential data with a safe and secure computer base. SharePoint used for intranet comes with an integrated platform that cuts down susceptibilities of data leaks and hacks.

This system also helps you, as an organization, to oversee employees’ cyber actions and behaviors to ensure their compliance with the internal policies.


The Intranet with SharePoint has widened the reach of employees in an organization. Now it is not difficult for any employee to access the data they need. They can keep themselves up to date with any new policy and daily propaganda.

Drives Employee Engagement and Productivity

The transparency enhanced by SharePoint comes with its own set of benefits. Good transparency has facilitated employee communication and engagement.

The employees feel more integrated with the company and provide valuable feedback, which further helps the company introspect and improve. All this process further helps to boost the productivity of the organization in general.

How can SharePoint be used as a solution?

SharePoint can be used as an enriched resource for all your development needs. It fosters ground-breaking solutions, including

  • Portals
  • DMS
  • LMS
  • CMS
  • Knowledge Management and 
  • Ticketing Solutions.  

With years of experience in SharePoint, Prakash provides in-demand services to amp up your organization’s work module.

A Learning Management Solution

With an upgrade in the working style owing to the pandemic, we have shifted from office work to remote work. This also provided enough time for the company to train its bench resources as well as employees who are working.

SharePoint has helped companies leverage training resources and upskill the employees as per the requirements. Integrating gamification has proven to be a boon to software development. Custom notifications are the latest introduction and a game-changer in SharePoint application development.

A Project Management Solution 

A project can only be successful if the company is provided with the right set of tools that help in managing the project. Proper execution of the project depends on how well you are using the tools and resources.

Utilizing Office 365 with an integrated SharePoint helps your business actualize its goal through actualizing the project objective first.

Ending note

The next-gen modifications combined with incisive utilization of the features provided by intranet with SharePoint represent the top-tier demand of the world today. If you want to succeed as a business, you must first align the needs of the business with the actions you do.

Your actions are based on what software you are using for accomplishing your needs. SharePoint is herein a very vital factor contributing to the communication, collaboration, and engagement needs!

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