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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Spa

The right music can make or break a client’s experience at your spa. The wrong music can distract or detract from their treatment, while the right music can elevate it into a fully immersive experience that will keep them coming back.

This playlist will help your clients relax during their massage or other facials, featuring mellow piano and woodwind melodies. This collection also contains calming nature sounds like birdsong, falling rain, and crashing waves.

1. The Atmosphere

In the same way that a spa’s decor and the expertise of its staff inspire consumer loyalty, music is a key element in creating an ideal environment. Music sets a tone for the entire experience and can immediately impact your clients’ moods from the reception area to the treatment rooms.

Choosing soothing music for spas to help create a relaxing atmosphere is essential. Music should be played at a low volume and contain no lyrics that might distract from the calming experience. The sounds of nature are also a great choice. These soothing sounds are proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate, which helps in the relaxation process. Water sounds, chirping birds, and crackling fires evoke peace and tranquility.

Other calming songs to consider include soft rock and instrumental jazz. These genres are popular choices for many types of spa music. They are often mellow and inoffensive, making them easy for guests to relax. Avoid songs that are too loud or too upbeat, which can increase stress levels.

When your client leaves the treatment room and heads back to the lobby, a slower tempo of spa music can help extend their feeling of calmness by providing a consistent soundtrack for the rest of their stay. This can help minimize the comedown from the euphoria of their treatments and result in more product sales.

2. The Music

The music played in your spa should help create the experience you want for your customers. It should be soothing and match the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create. Music is also a great tool for helping to sell your products. Playing slow and relaxing music in your retail area will encourage customers to shop and spend more.

Many different types of music can be used in a spa. Some of them are designed to be specifically healing. This is done through specific frequencies that are known to be able to heal the body at a cellular level. Others are designed to be uplifting and energizing. Some even include chanting and sacred sounds that can be very healing at a spiritual level.

Some of these playlists are similar to the music played in a yoga studio. They will typically consist of mellow piano and woodwind music that can transport your customers to a place of peace and relaxation. Other playlists are designed to be uplifting, which can encourage your customers to return to your spa again.

Regardless of what kind of music you choose to play in your spa, it is important to remember that real people created this music. Many people must remember that the music they listen to is not just some background noise that algorithms have manipulated. It is music created and arranged by musicians who deserve to be paid each time it is played in a business environment.

3. The Scents

Soft, dimmed lighting; the soothing sounds of wind chimes and running water; a cold, refreshing novelette—there is something about the sights, sounds, and smells in a spa that can instantly transport you to a place of peace and rejuvenation. And while it may be hard to recreate at home, it is possible to bring a little bit of the spa-like experience to your life through aromatherapy.

The benefits of essential oils for spas are vast, and they’re not just for making your space a little more pleasant. Aromatherapy can help your clients to relax and improve their physical well-being.

For example, a lavender-scented candle can promote relaxation and lower blood pressure, while eucalyptus can calm nerves and encourage focus. Peppermint can combat headaches, and lemongrass can boost energy levels and reduce pain. The scents a spa uses can vary, depending on the treatment they offer and the atmosphere they want to create.

When creating a scent, they consider the spa’s architecture, decor, geographic area, and client demographics. This can go a long way to creating a cohesive brand identity and enhancing the overall guest experience.

4. The Lighting

A spa’s ambiance is key to its customers’ overall experience. This includes everything from the music to the scents that are present. The right music can create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, while upbeat music can give a more energizing experience. Either way, the music should enhance the feeling the customer takes away from their visit.

The lighting that is present in a spa is also important. Bright overhead lighting can be distracting and may cause discomfort for the client. Opting for recessed cans or track lighting in your spa is recommended. This will provide a gentler approach to lighting that is better for the space and can be adjusted to suit the room’s mood.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the music played in the reception area can affect how long clients spend there. The slow tempo of the music can keep a calm continuity from their relaxing treatment space to your busy reception area and encourage them to linger and purchase products.

Various musical choices are perfect for a spa, including soft and soothing nature sounds, classical music or even some chanting and mystical melodies. Certain frequencies can help with healing and chakra cleansing as well.

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