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Equipment and Products to Keep in your Business’s Janitorial Supply Closet

The right cleaning supplies are necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary workspace. Buying wholesale janitorial supplies keeps your janitor’s closet stocked with everything your cleaners need to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Here are some cleaning products to always keep in your business’s janitorial supply closet:


A good mop and bucket combo is necessary for tackling spills and maintaining clean floors. When buying wholesale janitorial supplies, opt for microfiber mops, which are highly absorbent and allow for streak-free cleaning.

Microfiber mops use less water and cleaning solution, reducing waste. These mops also weigh less than traditional cotton mops, making them easier to use. Use your microfiber mop with a flat mop bucket and a sieve for better cleaning.

Cleaning Cloths

Your cleaners need cleaning cloths for wiping surfaces. Microfiber and huck towels are ideal choices when buying wholesale. Microfiber cloths absorb cleaning solutions quickly and are soft, allowing cleaners to wipe down small surfaces without leaving scratches on them.

These cleaning cloths are durable, making them ideal for frequent use. Huck towels work well with microfiber towels, as they are excellent for drying surfaces.

Cleaners can use huck towels to wipe down windows, leaving a streak-free finish. Huck towels have tight fibers, allowing them to be cleaned without leaving lint.

Dusting Tools

Your cleaners need dusting tools to clean the vents, décor, and fixtures they cannot wash with water. A dusting wand is an effective tool for dusting off hard-to-reach surfaces.

Invest in a dusting wand with a bendable blade and a pole attachment that you can add to reach high corners. Get dusting wands with interchangeable covers that allow you to clean surfaces that require heavy dusting and lighter work.

Microfiber dusting mitts are another tool that can make your cleaners’ work easier. Microfiber mitts are ideal for dusting since the positive charge in the fibers attracts the negatively charged dust particles. This effect allows for a more effective dusting job as the mitts leave no particles behind.

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes prevent the spread of germs, helping maintain a healthy and sanitary workspace. Stock up on surface cleaning wipes for high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and communal spaces.

These wipes can remove dirt on surfaces while disinfecting them, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Get fragrance- and alcohol-free disinfectant wipes that do not leave unwanted scents behind or cause allergic reactions.

Invest in scrubbing wipes to clean up stubborn messes while disinfecting surfaces. These wipes can cut through grease, oil, and sticky messes like food on surfaces.

Scrubbing wipes are effective for clearing messes in the kitchen, scrubbing bathtubs and sinks, and removing food stuck on tables.

Buy Wholesale Janitorial Supplies Today

A well-equipped janitorial supply closet allows your cleaners to do their job effectively, maintaining a sanitary and inviting atmosphere.

Investing in wholesale janitorial supplies may help you save on costs and prevent untimely cleaning supply shortages. Prioritize key items like mops, cleaning cloths, dusting tools, and disinfectant wipes when shopping for janitorial supplies.

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