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Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Software For New Normal Business

Network security has always been a top concern since the dawn of the internet age. The moment information became a public commodity, it has been the purpose of cyber attackers to exploit whatever data or information they can get a hold of.

The cyberattack industry is a trillion-dollar industry. It cost $6 trillion worth of damages this 2021 and is expected to continue wreaking havoc upon the world by $10.5 trillion annual costs in 2025.

In line with all this, we need to take cybersecurity software, antivirus, and other security measures more than seriously.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are more likely than giant corporations to believe that they target hackers. As a result, they prefer to rule out risks of future system issues.

They think it is pointless to invest additional money in antivirus software since they are a little business. These individuals (hackers) are more likely to target larger fish than they are.

Unfortunately, even small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises (SMEs) are very vulnerable to the dangers posed by digital attacks. 58% of SMEs have suffered hacking, malware, and data breaches. Seriously, that’s a significant difference, and it has to be handled immediately.

These hackers frequently target small businesses as easy victims for various reasons, including the belief that SME owners do not place a high priority on the security of their networks.

Why Antivirus and Cybersecurity is a must for SMEs?

Antivirus software is typically used as a failsafe method for detecting and curbing the spread of malware spread by robust monitoring of devices, servers, and networks.

Having antivirus and security software is crucial if you want to monitor any vulnerabilities in your directories or database to spot and eradicate ransomware, trojan attacks, phishing attacks, and other malware activities and threats so that mitigation can be performed and system updates can be disseminated to the entire network in real-time.

It is why users must not ignore security updates, as patches for the latest malware attacks are integrated into those updates.

So, what can you do to protect your business against the growing amount of cyber dangers today? Install the most up-to-date and reliable antivirus protection.

Here are the top antivirus and cybersecurity software compatible with Windows, Apple’s Mac and iOS, Android, and Linux, that you can install to protect your business, your data, and your customers:

1. Kaspersky Small Office Security

Is Kaspersky Security Software still capable of keeping you safe in 2023?

Over the last two decades, Kaspersky Anti-Virus has faced tough competition in the internet and network security industry. Despite several flaws, it remains the best greatest malware cleanup program available.

Kaspersky is not only lightweight and easy to use, but it also offers outstanding protection against a wide range of online threats.

Furthermore, Kaspersky is currently the most frequently used anti-virus program in the world.

Manufacturers regularly update antivirus software, as we all know. Because new dangers and diseases develop often, being informed is critical. And your anti-virus software must stay up, identify threats, and safeguard your machine.

Kaspersky excels in this area, regularly upgrading its threat database and adding new threats. It is why Kaspersky is a strong security provider for 2021. And it does so without affecting your system’s overall performance.

It also includes built-in system optimization tools to make things even better. It is simple to use and contains a strong TDSSKiller.

TDSSKillers are a unique species. While not every antivirus product has one, Kaspersky does. It is a piece of software that looks for and removes bootkits and rootkits from your system, which are used by hackers to hide malware or infections. Kaspersky also has unmatched 24/7 customer support.

2. Bitdefender

Bitdefender Total Security is a total package when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. Its app protects you against common cybersecurity attacks like phishing scams, malware, and even zero-day attacks.

The option of giving or rejecting site or app entry is also shown, which can help reduce the possibility of problems created by those apps and services.

When it comes to protecting your data, Bitdefender offers a wide range of features in its security suite.

When you visit the various pages of the essential antivirus, you will be invited to upgrade your settings for Firewall or antispam. It is also said that this antivirus provides virtually flawless protection against all sorts of digital and data threats.

In addition, you will receive a considerably higher system impact, cheap rates, outstanding customer service, and a product that should be a staple. The ease of access and use, plus the extensive trials you get for free are a sure-fire reason to get the software for your business.

3. Mcafee

In terms of the brand’s premium protection suite, McAfee leads with its multi-device Total Security package covering 10 devices. There are also options to acquire a subscription for 5 devices if your household or small business isn’t big enough to make the most out of a 10-device plan.

As many other reviewers have noticed, McAfee excels the most with its multi-device coverage, making it the choice for home device protection. The flexibility of having one, five, and 10 device packages is a good start.

It is a long-time trusted antivirus software with plenty to offer. McAfee provides the essentials you would expect from a security suite such as antivirus and a built-in firewall solution. It also uses machine learning to define code that is only difficult to understand because of the way the code operates and appears on your computer network.

McAfee also has a Web Boost application that gives high value to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer users. It also has an App Boost, that increases your device’s performance by eliminating all the digital flack.

The best part is that you may use the same subscription to secure any device you own without incurring additional fees. It goes above and beyond the Multiple Licenses offered by other anti-virus companies, and we feel it is an important addition to the service.

4. Avast 

Avast Internet Security is built to protect your device from the most dangerous threats and viruses available today. It’s an integrated firewall, behavior shield, web shield, and email shield that gives you security from malware apps, activities, and email.

Furthermore, Avast for Android is the safest antiviruses for Android smartphones. It received a flawless score of 6 in all recent AV-Test testing. It regularly outperformed several of its immediate competitors, cementing Avast’s dominance in mobile security.

Even well-known websites may be hacked, and thieves can simply fake emails from friends or banks. Avast Security warns you about harmful websites, limits dangerous downloads, prevents dangerous email attachments, and prevents intrusive online tracking.

It also boasts of top-notch security features such as Web Shield which prevents hazardous downloads and stops malicious websites from infecting your device with malware.

The software comes with an Email Shield and Online Security that informs you of potentially dangerous websites, stops invasive ad tracking, and safely redirects you to proper sites if you input a URL incorrectly (available as an optional browser extension).

5. AVG Antivirus 

Another popular antivirus application on the market is AVG AntiVirus free. The company is transitioning from yearly updates to rolling releases, which means that as long as you have a subscription, you’ll always get the most up-to-date version of their software.

Previously, purchasing a copy of AVG provided you with regular antivirus updates, but features did not change until you purchased the next year’s version.

You may now always have the most recent version of AVG. Separate components of the program can also monitor your desktop email client and Web browser for dangers.

In a time when free stuff is limited, AVG keeps providing extensive security features that are free of use, further endearing it to both seasoned and newbie internet users.

Its competitive security that boasts of free link and email integrity scanner can defend you from the most common and deadly malware assaults.

With the premium version, you may achieve complete web security, including the protection of both online and offline data, as well as secure downloads.


Inadequate computer systems that are segregated do not suffice. External businesses need to keep networking, communicating, and engaging.

These activities alone are enough to open it up to attacks. Cybercriminals exploit information or data systems to commit fraud, such as identity breaches, invasion of personal privacy, business information fraud, and other similar crimes.

A computer without an antivirus application is nothing more than an invitation for dangerous malware to steal essential data and destroy your system.

When it comes to your SME, diligently monitoring and mitigating threats to your system data, and consumer interactions are more than critical in today’s digital world.

Providing a secure atmosphere and safe business solutions instills a great deal of trust in your employees, clients, and maybe even your coworkers and customers.

In the corporate world, investing in cybersecurity is crucial for better business operations and keeping your reputation secure as a reliable brand.

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