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7 Salient Features that Clearly Defines Salesforce Customer 360

Before the arrival of Salesforce, most of the organizations were struggling with disconnected customer data. Even the customer care representatives do not keep product purchase history that made interaction with customers much difficult.

Why was it happening? It occurred because representatives have no access to the crucial data.

And the end result! Frustration among companies and customers and need arising for consistency! So, what is the solution?

Every organization is creating strategies that are customer-centric and consider as a masterstroke in terms of business. With the delivery of the new platform in the form of customer 360, Salesforce is offering unified customer data in a single view. Therefore, it has made the connection of different Salesforce applications easy.

In addition, it works with other applications in a sync manner to offer all-important customer data from numerous resources. So, all the information possessed by the customer will help the companies in determining new strategies to enhance their sales prospects manifold.

Nowadays, the new form of Salesforce customer 360 comes with a wide variety of exciting features that acts as a bridge to fill the gap between companies and their customers, and even enhance the business productivity to help enterprises for the successful delivery of services to their beloved customers.

7 Salient Features that Clearly Defines Salesforce Customer 360
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In the given article, there will be a detailed description of crucial features of Salesforce customer 360 that will assist the organization to always stay one step ahead. Thus, when implementing the current Salesforce platform, one must know about these appealing features:

The offering of Universal Customer ID

Salesforce customer 360 comes with a universal customer ID that combines both Boolean and fuzzy logic that helps in finding a replica of data records by matching them across all Salesforce cloud successfully. At first, Salesforce consultants check the records and find out duplicity in them. Afterward, each customer is assigned a unique ID.

In this way, there is a significant reduction in data duplication as instead of copying data, it retrieves the data from diverse platforms as and when the need arises. In addition, it also pairs down the records of the customers.

Better Data Governance

For any organization, being always adherent to the GDPR and other privacy laws is not always smooth.

However, utilization of Salesforce customer 360 helps in the perfect cleaning of data and have a proper connection to all the places where the crucial data of the customers are located.

If a condition arises that when customers request to delete their data, they get assurance from the organizations that everything is deleted from the system.

What is the idea behind it? It happens due to a feature called data stewardship that works on the principle that instead of going into the individual cloud to delete data, it gets deleted at once from all the systems automatically without living any trace.

Optimization of Artificial Intelligence

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, more opportunities come up for business enterprises. It assists customers to offer valuable data through an assessment tool that not only improves its performance but also widens customer loyalty.

How to implement it? It can be done by using it to track the number of customer’s click on a particular product and then get information about their profiles.

Thereafter, it can sell the information to the organization to showcase the product across multiple channels that will eventually lead to a surge in the contentment level among the customers.

Availability of the Use-Cases

There are certain cases where users fill the cart and then abandon it without completing the ‘request order’ procedure. With customer 360, the customers are added to the marketing cloud and get access to discount deals to encourage them to opt for completing their order.

To make it more meaningful, let’s go through an example. When a customer places an order online, an online support agent is there that checks the data of a particular customer from the commerce cloud and what product has been purchased by them using various use-cases.

Afterward, the order is passed through various digital channels that offer the best services to customers.

Presence of Click-based UI

Salesforce admins use customer 360 platforms for data mapping as well as to bring transformation in a system for the effective connection of Salesforce clouds.

With it, customers get access to a single view, and even organizations do not need the development of multiple APIs for data sharing. With customer 360 at the helm, it is achieved just by opting for a few clicks.

Assistance from External Data Sources

What are the sources from where the data for customer 360 comes to the organization? It arrives from multiple resources Salesforce partners, clouds, and external data sources. One such biggest purchase, called MuleSoft, has made Salesforce champion in the proper collection of data.

Which companies will most benefit from it? Those companies that have grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions will take maximum advantage.

Arrival with Pre-Built Packages

Why most of the new platforms either fail to take off or achieve success by taking more time? It is because they don’t always come with a pre-built package. However, it is not the case with Salesforce customer 360. It already comes with various design utilities to match the needs of commerce, marketing, and service requirements. In addition, the organization also gets better experience to handle the needs of their customers with great efficacy.

Last Thoughts

Salesforce customer 360 is increasingly getting acceptance among business people across the globe. Even Salesforce consulting companies are giving much preference to the given platform to increase their customer base and make Salesforce more popular among them.

With its thrilling features, the given platform is going to change the working of the business environment to a greater extent. Indeed, it is also going the change the customer’s perception towards the Salesforce development company and will help to become a ‘leader’ in offering the best of the best cloud services to the customers.

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