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Why You Should Use Translated Captions for Your Social Media Videos

In recent times of information overload, one thing that stands out from the clutter is video content. As social media usage becomes the norm and videos crowd the internet, engaging the audience has become tougher than ever before. However, video captions are one of the key ways to keep your audience hooked to your videos. 

A captioned video is a sure way of making your social media videos accessible to everyone–even the deaf or the people with hearing impairments. According to research on social media users, it was found out that about 85% of Facebook users and 80% of LinkedIn users scroll on their social media feeds with the sound off. Owing to this, your informative and valuable video content is just like any other mute video that the viewer can scroll by without paying attention to. 

A closed caption is a way to optimize your social media videos so that it catches the eye of the social media users. Thanks to professional translation agency, the translation of these videos has become easier than ever before. 


Using Captions for Social Media Videos

So why are captions so important for your social media videos? Let us find out.

Creates a seamless viewing experience

When it comes to social media posts, who does not want to boost engagement across social media platforms? This is where translated captions come into play. 

Videos with translated captions perform better on almost every engagement metric, such as impressions, likes, and views. According to research, about 40% of captioned videos receive more views than the ones without any captions. Not all social media users can speak English, and not all watch videos with the sound on. This is the reason why a video with translated caption is bound to catch the attention of the social media user and stop him from his scrolling. 

Other than a preference to watch videos on mute by default, social media users also tend to watch the video till the end once the captions have grabbed their attention. A translation service company can provide translation services for these videos in whatever language the user wants. This means that captioned videos have a higher watch time and can enjoy a better rate of completion. 

Accessibility for all

Other than increasing engagement for social media users, a translated caption makes video accessible to everyone. Not everyone can indeed speak or understand the English language. Thus, a translated caption can make these videos accessible to a greater audience. For example, a company providing chinese translation services can ensure captions of videos are translated into the Chinese language for the Chinese audience. 

Intend to make your videos accessible to maximum viewers across multiple platforms? A translation company can help you with the process. Captions add inclusivity for all users, helping to garner more support from people of all communities. 

Makes content inclusive for all

Other than improving the video content’s visual impact, translated captions can make your videos more accessible to all kinds of social media users. Inclusivity entails including the deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who use social media platforms but are unable to comprehend the videos. Translated captions are a good way to include these people among the viewers, irrespective of the language they understand. 

This means that adding translated captions can greatly improve the accessibility of your social media videos. It maximizes their reach and helps to garner a greater number of followers from across the globe. 

Attracts the attention of multi-tasking users

Gen Z and the Millennials, in particular, are updated and unique generations. They have a tendency to multitask in everything they do. As a result of this predisposition to multitask, these social media users constantly switch from one app to another.

Therefore, grabbing their attention is quite tricky. A translated captioned video is a sure way to connect to these viewers. It allows them to stop their scrolling and view the whole video. These videos make it easy to narrow down their focus to one thing. 

Students and young adults rely on videos for better understanding and comprehension. Perhaps  this is why about 7 in 10 YouTube users rely on these videos for study-related purposes. Additionally, videos help to maintain focus when there are so many apps to use. Thus, video game translation services can be very beneficial.

Enhances SEO ranking

Every organization wants to leverage its video SEO along with increasing organic traffic for its brand. Take the example of the gaming industry that uses language games to make comprehension of games easier. SEO is useful as it can amplify visibility for your video content and improve discoverability as well. 

A video with a translated caption can improve your SEO rankings. Why? Because it will allow your videos to be featured on multiple pages and platforms. In addition, translated captions, descriptions, and tags improve SEO rankings by a high margin. Although search engines cannot view your videos. But,  crawlers can index your video captions and search for relevant keywords to rank the videos.

Key Takeaway

With the rise in the use of video content on social media platforms, there is a need to provide closed captions and translated videos. This is why there is a need to hire translation services and social media video translators to make captions easier to comprehend for everyone. The more translated captions the videos contain, the more people they will reach.

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