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Why Boss Need WhatsApp Monitoring App for Employees?

Businesses are part and parcel of the growth and advancement of a region, without any doubt. The social and economic prosperity of a region vitally depends on the dynamics of the business of the same region.

Narrowing down the argument furthermore, is it established that the business progress primarily depends on the performance of its workforce. If the workforce is right on the course of performing according to the expectations and assignments, the businesses flourish.

Nowadays, a major proportion of businesses has switched to the online mode of operation. This switching to online networks has paved the way for the use of Whatsapp more than ever before.

Business professionals and employees frequently use Whatsapp messenger for the accomplishment of business purposes, and to live up to the assigned roles that are needed to be addressed for the growth of the company and region as well.

But there comes an astonishing fact that can turn the tables around. It is reported that Whatsapp messenger, as used frequently for business purposes, has started posing some serious threats and implications to businesses.


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Threats of Whatsapp to businesses

The top of the list are the cyber threats that are produced for the businesses, and it is reported that Whatsapp has been used as a way to plot malware in the official business phones.

Talking about the issue more closely, it is inferred that there are loads of cybercriminals that remain there over social networks and cyberspace that spread compromised content. This content is widely spread out over Whatsapp groups and chats.

Cyber threats

Loss of productivity

The content includes malware, viruses, and spam files that can breach all the security protocols of the official mobile device and can steal confidential business and consumer information.

This stolen data is then used for getting monetary benefits. A report suggests that the data which gets stolen from business phones lately gets used for consumer trendsetting, trend identification, and advanced selling.

Moreover, the need for the monitoring of employees’ Whatsapp has another reason as well. A number of employees remain involved in connecting with friends and family over Whatsapp, which seriously affects their productivity.

With the decrease in employee productivity, the business progress also suffers a lot as organizations don’t live up to the deadline assigned by the clients, and as a result of this, the business loses credibility.

So, the use of Whatsapp by the employees must need to be logged all the way. The experts suggest the employers about using the Whatsapp monitoring application that can extensively track and monitor all the Whatsapp communication taking place on the employee’s phone.


The solution is TheOneSpy

There are plenty of Whatsapp monitoring services that claim to spy and monitor Whatsapp activities, but the very best out of them all is TheOneSpy, for many reasons.

The Whatsapp spy app can be installed on android and iPhones. The employer only needs to buy a subscription to the spy app and needs to install the app on the target device. After this, the employer gets remote access to the Whatsapp messenger of the target user and can view, track and record all the communication.


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Chats spying to monitor Whatsapp

TheOneSpy allows the employer to extensively monitor all the group and one on one chats of the target device. In this way, the employer will be able to find out any sort of malware and viruses that are circulated by the criminals in order to get illegitimate benefits.

If an employee looks to share the deep side business secrets with unconcerned and irrelevant people, out of differences and grudges with the employer, which is quite common nowadays, the employer will also be able to track the same using TheOneSpy.


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VoIP and video call recording

The Whatsapp messenger furnishes VoIP and video call features, which is out of the box. The VoIP and video call communication of the employee can also be monitored remotely.

The employer can remotely listen to these calls without any hassle. The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for later reference. The online dashboard retains all the call recordings for 90 days, before clearing out the storage and creating room for newly monitored data.


The need of employers for having a Whatsapp monitoring app over the employees’ phone is discussed. The reasons and threats which are posed through Whatsapp are also presented. The best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy. It has the best service to monitor Whatsapp.

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