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What do you understand about APNs?

The AWS Solutions Provider (APN) is a collection of cloud software or telecommunications companies who have achieved Amazon Web Services’ approval by completing a set of requirements.

APN Consulting Partner and APN Technology Providers are the two types of AWS partners in India

APN Consulting Partners assist AWS customers with the setup and management of their cloud deployments. Enterprise customers, managed services organizations, and other organizations are examples of AWS partners in India

APN Technology Partners offer products and services which are maintained on AWS or interface with it.

Independent software manufacturers and suppliers of software and services, cloud provider, program, and security tools are examples of these types of partners.

Both groups were included in AWS Partner Directory, which helps AWS users quickly discover a partner who meets their needs.

Business applications, software architecture, software engineer resources, APN programs, APN Competency, and APN skills are among the areas in which partners are classified.

AWS partners can get to higher performance levels by meeting training, customer interaction, and monetary commitment and fee benchmarks, which unlocks more perks.

APN Consulting Partners can choose from four performance tiers: 

  • Registered 
  • Standard
  • Advanced, and 
  • Premier

APN Technology Partners can choose from three performance tiers: 

  • Registered 
  • Standard, or 
  • Advanced

What does APN offer?

APN offers programs that provide partners with additional support. The AWS Channel Resale Program, AWS Managed Hosting Program, AWS Qualification Program, AWS Government Program, and AWS Marketplace Consultant Partner Program are all APN Consulting Partner programs. 

APN Technology Partner programs for consulting partners include the AWS SaaS Partnership Deal, AWS Direct Connect Scheme, AWS IoT Hardware Program, and others.

APN also contains AWS Driving Lesson, a free program that allows APN Consultant and Technology Partners to run configured host machine tools and operations in a test environment with step-by-step tutorials and labs written by other APN Consultancy and Research Partners. 

AWS Test Drive features a number of popular cloud categories. AWS provides free e-learning courses through the APN Portal to assist partners in obtaining accreditation in specific technical areas. 

End-users of AWS can also sign up for lectures, workshops, boot camps, and other AWS training material on technical, marketing, and business themes.

How can you register with AWS partners?

After registering for partner status, an AWS client will obtain login information for APN Portal. A self-registration link allows the customer to add users. APN also offers a Partner Assessment to track partner tier level advancement.

If you’re still satisfied with the service, you’ll need to create an Amazon account first. If you have a regular Amazon shopping account, you can quickly add the web services costs to it. Go to the AWS website and register for the cloud services when you have your Amazon account. 

After having signed up, go over to the AWS Account page and note the Access Key ID and your Secret Access Key.

When you’re on that page, follow the instructions to generate a new X.509 certificate. Download the certificate as well as your private key. All of these identities will be required afterward.

AWS has bought several firms over the years, strengthening its focus on innovations it wishes to embrace further.

AWS’ recent acquisitions have focused on enterprises that can supplement and strengthen the cloud user’s existing capabilities rather than larger, well-established organizations.

However, as you can see, these cloud services and other AWS partners in India are currently rather difficult to set up and are intended for developers rather than ordinary consumers.

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