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What are the Types of Compression Pumps for Lymphedema?

The biggest issue faced by elder people in the U.S.A is suffering from Lymphedema. This disease has caused problems not only for older people but those who have obesity or lower limbs infections are the victims of Lymphedema.

There are some medical gears available in the market which helps to reduce the swelling in the legs and foot but the main problem for the patients is choosing the right product.

The compression pump for lymphedema is one of those medical garments that perform a significant role to minimize the impact of inflammation in lower limbs. There are some major types of lymphedema pump which have specific features but before their functions are discussed it is important to understand the importance of compression devices.

What are Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs?

Lymphedema is a rare disease but it is spreading rapidly in the world due to some medical conditions. Lymphedema occurs when lymph nodes are damaged and start accumulating in deep parts of the lower limbs. This pooling of waste material causes swelling in legs, knees, ankle, and foot for which physicians and orthopedics prescribe compression pumps to use regularly.

These lymphedema pumps assist by exerting rhythmic pressure on the users’ legs which forces the lymphatic nodes to move with the bloodstream and this process helps to reduce inflammation. The lymphedema compression gear is comprised of two primary components; one is a pumping device and the second one is padded sleeves.

The pump can be controlled manually with an easy user interface or comes with automated programming. The sleeve covers your entire leg starting from knees to the end part of your foot (toes and heel). The gripping of sleeves matters the most and if it does not fit properly which may cause fatal side effects.

Both apparatuses perform their functions in a cyclic order which helps to push blood upwards towards the heart and then downwards towards the end part of your toes. This seesaw motion of blood regulates the proper flow of lymphatic notes which stops the chronic and cardiac pain that is directly linked with lymphedema disease.

Types of Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs

There are three main types of lymphedema pump and each of them has some unique properties that distinguish them from each other.

Non-Programmable and Non-Segment Single Chamber Garment Pump

They are called Type-1 classification which has a simple design that has no manual control of pressure distribution and it is one large sleeve. These lymphedema pumps exert uniform pressure which inflates and deflates without any sequence.

The compression it applies will be the same on the foot, calf, and knees. They remain static and you need to switch them off manually. The continuous pressure comes from a single outflow port and no gradient pressure compatibility.

Non-Programmable and Segmented Multi-Chambers Garment Pump

These lymphedema compression gears are mostly used by the majority of patients worldwide. They are Type-2 classification which is comprised of multi-chambers that are available around 2 to 12 separate chambers based on your choice. The pressure range is fixed for each chamber and you can adjust the pressure but there are some limitations related to programming.

This compression pump for lymphedema has segmented garments as each segment wraps around your leg, calf, ankle, foot, and knees. The multiple outflow ports with sequential pumping effect. The graduated sequential pressure can reach every part of the lower limbs at the same compression level. They are highly recommended by doctors and easily available on the online market.

Programmable/Self Calibrating (Single-Multi Chambers) Segmented Garment Pump

The most advance and highly effective compression gear for lymphedema available in the market is extremely expensive or rarely available in online stores. The Type-3 classification with up to 36 multi-chamber and has segmented garments with sequential inflation in each specific chamber. The most exceptional function of this programmable compression pump is that each segment pressure can be controlled separately.

The cyclic incremental pressure starts highest at the distal end (foot/ankle) and lowest at the proximal end(knees). It has multi-outflow ports and treats two limbs instantaneously.

The 3 zone pressure segments help users to program desired compression range and decrease swelling quickly. The display panels usually come to the product and they are easy to operate while resting on a bed or traveling in a plane.

How To Use the Lymphedema Compression Pumps for Legs?

The guidelines come with the compression gear you ordered and before purchasing the product always measure your leg or check the suitable pressure level which cannot damage your veins or arteries.

Try to avoid increasing the pressure unless your doctor suggests doing so and monitor your improvement in leg healing by checking the pressure reading. Stop the compression device if you feel heavy pain or uncomfortable feeling, sometimes the high pressure may constrict your veins from proper functioning.

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