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Transform Your Fireplace Surround With Stylish Tiles

The power of tiles is undeniable in transforming a room from functional to fabulous. Try a permanent fireplace facelift instead of putting up strands of garland for the holidays. Rebuild your surround, hearth and mantel using manufactured stone or thin brick in a coordinated color scheme.

1. Tile Size

Most people first envision a classic brick layout when thinking about a fireplace. While that’s a great look, it doesn’t have to be your only option. Using tile to create a unique surround design can make the space stand out. With so many color, texture and pattern options, finding a material that speaks to your style is easy. 

One of our favorite fireplace tile ideas is using a herringbone pattern to add eye-catching interest. This navy herringbone tile adds a moody pop to this fireplace and contrasts the olive green wooden mantle. 

If a herringbone pattern isn’t your thing, try creating a unique chevron pattern on your fireplace. This black chevron mosaic on this stone fireplace creates a sleek, sophisticated look that will turn heads. 

For a more natural look, consider using a stone fireplace tile to complement the earthy tones in your room. A ceramic tile can take the face of a brick fireplace to the next level. Unlike brick, these tiles are smoother and have more shape and color options to fit any design scheme. 

2. Tile Shape

While a classic stone fireplace can add timeless beauty to any living space, it’s not the end-all for fire surround style. Tile offers endless design possibilities that can set your fireplace apart from the crowd. With its wide variety of colors, shapes and textures, tile is ideal for a fireplace facelift. Shapely tiles add visual interest and dimension to your fireplace. 

Hexagons are a popular choice that can create a vintage vibe, as seen here with the zigzag pattern of this mosaic white hexagon tile fireplace. Or, opt for a subtler appearance with narrow marble tiles that showcase shades of gray and white. Unlike wood, tile is flame-resistant, making creating a natural look around your fireplace easy. 

Try a reclaimed wood-look ceramic tile to envelop your fireplace in a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic. Or, go all-out with a bold color to make your fireplace the focal point of your living room. 

A deep blue glazed tile surrounds this fireplace to make a statement, while the reclaimed wood mantel complements the hue. Don’t stop at your fireplace tile can be used to extend the beauty of your walls and ceiling to the rest of the room. 

For example, a floor-to-ceiling tile installation paired with a patterned accent wall creates a unified design. The repeated blue boat imagery on the tile adds a distinctive element that perfectly complements this nautical-themed living space with plaid furnishings.

3. Tile Color

A fireplace doesn’t have to be strictly functional or traditional—it can become a focal point of your space in any design style. Whether your hearth is an original chimney structure or a modern linear gas fireplace, you can add a gorgeous tile surround to complement your living room or bedroom style. 

Choosing the right color and tile pattern will help you create a fireplace that feels perfect for you. A sleek white surround is a great choice for a modern look, while a deep charcoal gray brings rich warmth to a contemporary room. 

If you prefer a subtler pop, opt for a pale blue tile that will complement the flames while adding a hint of calm to your heart. Of course, it’s not only the tile that matters—the grout is also a big part of the overall look. 

Grout is another opportunity to add contrast and texture. There are endless possibilities when designing your new tile surround, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a look you love. A knowledgeable professional can help you achieve your vision with a dry layout and a test run before installation to ensure everything looks perfect.

4. Tile Pattern

A fireplace can be a focal point in your home, and tile is an excellent material for accenting or embracing a style or theme. Cement and ceramic tiles come in various patterns that work well with traditional, contemporary and even rustic design themes. Straight-edged rectangular or square tiles are best if you’re going with a modern or contemporary design. 

If you’re going with a rustic or cottage-style theme, rounded hexagonal or round-bodied pebble tiles offer a unique, textural and three-dimensional look. Patterned tiles also evoke a period or have been “distressed” to look like vintage materials such as old bricks. When deciding on the tile, it’s important to determine your vision for the fireplace surround and hearth. 

Once you have that in mind, drawing out your tile patterns on a flat surface, such as a piece of wood or a board, which will then be positioned against the wall in a mock-up of the finished area, is helpful. This can help you see if the pattern works and will fit properly, minimizing any cutting of tile once it’s applied to the walls.

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