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Sepstream – A Complete Guide

SepStream’s versatile, cloud based prosperity development offers custom fitted mechanized deals with serious consequences regarding radiology, cardiology and strong circumstances and engages relationship to execute a sensible, secure and content rich imaging the board stage to deal with their clinical organizations.

Reports can be in a brief moment passed on through the HL7 interface with GP and specialists practices, centers and joined clinical consideration.

What advantages do we offer?

  1. From solicitation to convincing report, sepstream.com EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions offer a full response for digitize your work interaction environment. Our HL7 engine will perfectly integrate with your charging, helper EHR/EMR, or possibly practice the board suite.
  2. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions incorporate extensiveness and significance, organization, and assessing that no other dealer can facilitate.
  3. We give a fast and steady execution into your work cycle.
  4. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions outreach bunch is really taught to guarantee we outfit you with the plan that will resolve your issues.
  5. We are centered around 100% satisfaction of sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions things and organization.
  6. We don’t charge extra for additional modules, studies or client costs.
  7. 100% web enabled gives sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients with “wherever” secure permission to the sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions.
  8. We work with you to fit the solution for meet your solitary necessities.
  9. Every arrangement consolidates 1-year of help, upkeep, and updates.
  10. sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions are versatile and will continue to create with your association.
  11. We arrangement a couple of methods to consolidate with your continuous EMR/RIS/PACS/DICOM™ things at an apparent cost.
  12. We are centered around our sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients and ONLY succeed when our clients succeed.

Sepstream Solution

We give solid, limitless plans at a sensible expense. Clients can streamline assignments and immediately see cost save assets, thusly ensuring continued with efficiency and gaining an advantage in the suggestive imaging industry.

Our zero “stunts” method for managing arrangements and compromise gives sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions clients with a lone response for lay out a mechanized and helpful work environment.

We will work with you to digitize your work interaction from the fundamental solicitation to movement of the last report and pictures. Moreover, we offer you the devices to reprieve down your capability, advancing entry, and volume.

Insightful Imaging Has Changed Forever

These movements are a direct result of continued with cuts in reimbursement, complex rules, extended contention/costs, and an unsound economy.

Whether you work in IDTF, ER, cardiology, strong wellbeing, crisis centers, or tele-radiology, we commitment to work with you to ensure that every penny spent on sepStream® EMR/RIS/PACS™ Solutions will achieve a quick, quantifiable, and obvious benefit from adventure (ROI).

sepStream® is in a serious association with clients to assist them with squeezing by, yet succeed.

Sepstream Web-based System:

To give clients ideal idea from any spot, Sepstream’s Web-based PACS has become prominent. The framework’s single working all and UI awards experts to convey their genuine undertakings in any climate without having different designs or educational assortments that need making due!

Consequently, You can unquestionably get to Online pictures quickly, so you won’t anytime miss anything basic occurring during your arrangement once more.

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