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Pay per head are online betting websites for bookies. Using these websites bookies can bet on thousands of sports each day.

As it is an online service, bookies do not need to do paperwork. Bookies can grow their business by acquiring more players and handling payments with them.

Ace Per head is an online bookie software by which you can earn money for betting as low as 10$ per head. They offer to bet on different kinds of sports with customer service available 24/7.


As it is difficult for bookies to bet by phone all day, you can consult an online pay-per-head service provider to look after this work. This will help you to focus on the things that can help to increase your customers.

Most importantly the risk of accepting wagers is reduced as all the wagers are accepted by licensed gaming companies. Thus it will help reduce the loss in profit. Y

ou can get credibility by using pay-per-head services like Aceperhead as they provide a complete gaming experience to your customers. By this, you can grow your business by increasing the number of customers.



  • It can provide players with an online sportsbook, casino, and racebook.
  • It provides a larger menu for betting options on different sports which a private bookie does not offer on a daily basis.
  • They provide the benefit of 24/7 customer help and wagering services.
  • Softwares are available to show real-time reports and the probability of winning or losing.
  • All the data is tracked online to reduce the risks of error.
  • Settling of bets and tracking of results is done through computer softwares.
  • It provides the availability of live dealers 24 hours a day.



The fee for pay per head depends upon its use. This depends on some factors who are:

  • Bet in a week: The fee depends on how many times a client makes a bet in a week. If a client makes more than 1 bet per week, he is charged a fee.
  •  Internet Wager: The second factor is whether the client strictly wagers on the internet with no phone wages. If yes, then the fee for those clients are cheaper
  • Play in Casino: The third factor is whether a client plays in the virtual casino or not. This feature of pay per head is usually more costly than a private casino while some places offer to pay a certain percentage of the loss.

These services grade all the wagers at the end of an event to provide a good experience to the customers. There are many online pay-per-head service providers. Different companies provide the same services at different prices depending on the quality of services.

If you are looking to become a bookie, Ace Per Head is the best option for you. Our representatives are available 24/7 to customers and can be contacted through texts, phone calls, emails, or live chat.

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