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Order Fulfillment Services

Ever wondered how the E-commerce industry operates? Have you ordered something on your phone while being in the luxury of your home scrolling through a Facebook page?

If yes, then today we will have a detailed discussion on how this whole operation of the Order Fulfillment service works and what components are involved in it.


Collecting parcels, packing them in appropriate packaging containing your company information, and delivering the packages to the recipient are all part of order fulfillment services.

Furthermore, it also includes dealing with all management processes involved starting from collecting your parcel to delivery of parcel to the customer.

It has made life easy for everyone:

These services have made life easy for everyone. Due to the over-burdening stress of work, crazy inflation has compelled both males and females to work to earn bread and give their children quality of life.

Here these services really come in handy. You can order anything, anywhere just give them your address and they will deliver it to you.

It’s either invests or it’s game over:

In recent years, companies that have wisely invested in these services have earned fortunes. You cannot compete in business if your order fulfillment services are pathetic, regardless of how much you invest in ads.

Models of Order fulfillment Services:

There are three most widely followed methods Models for Order Fulfillment Services which are explained below.

  • Model 1: A product is sold by you and delivered to the customer by someone else. For each sale, you receive a commission.
  • Model 2: As the owner of this entire inventory, you are responsible for taking orders and fulfilling them.
  • Model 3: You hire a company that packages and delivers your order.

Now it depends on your that what kind of Order Fulfillment service suits you. If you are new and don’t have money in hand then it is better you choose Model 2 where you have to take orders, take parcels out of the packaging facility, and deliver them to the customer.

While on the other side if you have an abundance of money in hand and sales are good then you get to choose 3rd one.

You must be wondering how this whole service works. Let’s dig into the detail of this process.

The main goal of all this service is to have a satisfied customer which will only be possible if you have an amazing network of fulfillment.

  • The first step is placement of order which is mostly done via online portals like Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network.
  • Once an order is confirmed, it is forwarded to the management of order fulfillment services which actives their stepwise process.
  • Product is traced in inventory and sent for packaging.
  • Before packaging, the product is weighted so that it may be charged accordingly.
  • The product is packaged in appropriate packing and sent to the delivery area.
  • From the delivery area, it is picked up by courier services which deliver it to the concerned address.

Everything is modified with time so is the way people shop. In order to be successful in this digital world, you have to modify yourself according to new needs and new technology. Order Fulfilment services are a new future, a new beginning.

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