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Materials Used in Braces and How They Affect Treatment Outcomes

Orthodontic treatment helps to correct misaligned teeth and jaws, improving oral function. Other orthodontic implementations, such as braces, help straighten teeth and correct other jaw-related problems. An orthodontist florence ky can advise on the material to use for braces depending on a patient’s specific needs. Here are some materials that orthodontists use to make braces and how they affect treatment outcomes:


These can be small, square-shaped attachments that orthodontists bond to your teeth to serve as anchors for orthodontic wires. They come in various materials, such as metal, ceramic, and plastic. Orthodontists can also use stainless steel to make metal brackets, which have been used for decades for their durability and effectiveness in correcting misaligned teeth. They also use clear or tooth-colored materials to make ceramic brackets, making them less noticeable than metal brackets.


Orthodontists often use elastics, also known as rubber bands, with braces to guide the movement of the teeth further. They can attach them at various points on the brackets and apply additional force to help shift the teeth into their desired position. Elastics come in different sizes, and you can wear them in various configurations, depending on the individual’s treatment needs. An orthodontist florence ky can advise on each patient’s placement and use of elastics.


The archwire in braces is the main component that applies pressure to the brackets to help shift teeth or jaw alignment. Metal or a more flexible material like nickel-titanium can make up the archwire. The type of archwire can impact the treatment outcome, as different materials have varying levels of stiffness and flexibility. Orthodontists may often use a thicker and stiffer archwire at the beginning of treatment to move the teeth into position. The archwire also plays a role in guiding the movement of the teeth.


Headgear is a removable appliance orthodontists use to correct more severe orthodontic issues. It consists of a metal wire, straps attached to the braces, and a padded piece that rests against the forehead or chin. The headgear applies pressure to the teeth and jaw, guiding them into proper alignment. You can wear it at night or for a few hours during the day. An orthodontist florence ky can help determine whether you require a headgear depending on your treatment.


These coiled wires help create tension or compression. It can help close gaps between teeth, rotate teeth, or open spaces for implants or other dental work. Some common types of springs that orthodontists use include coils, power chains, and open or closed springs. Power chains are a series of connected links that orthodontists make out of elastic materials. 

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The materials orthodontists use in braces play a role in the success of your treatment. From brackets and wires to springs and elastics, each component has a unique function that contributes to a straightened smile. Discuss with orthodontist florence ky to learn more about the materials used in braces and how they can affect your treatment. Schedule an appointment today and take the first step towards a straighter, healthier smile.

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