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Largest IT Service Provider Companies in The World in 2023


Technologies are shaping our future and the way people do business, it is now crucial for businesses to have a strong relation with world-famous tech companies. Imagine if you can name the top 10 IT companies without using Google? Or better you can connect with them easily.

We have researched to come up with a list of software development companies so that you can directly contact them in the year 2022.

Information technology is one of the emerging industries which help companies to strive in this cutthroat competitive world. Since the top-notch IT firms are one of the best software service providers which empower other companies also worldwide.

Within the last couple of years, information technology (IT) has made drastic changes in our day-to-day life.

With the emergence of innovations and technologies, for example, cloud platforms, IoT, Artificial intelligence, blockchain, the international IT sector is booming on a large scale. At present, the list of top 10 IT firms consists of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and HP Enterprise, etc will predict the future of software companies and achieve new heights in the upcoming future.

List of the top 10 IT firms in the year 2022



IBM stands for International Business Machine, is one of the world’s biggest IT firms consist of more than 400,000 working employees in more than 160+ countries. GTS stated that the company offers infrastructure services, process outsourcing, product maintenance, whereas consulting firms, etc.

In today’s time, 97% of banks are reliable on IBM services which makes the company the giant online trades. IBM has played a crucial role and develop the IBM cloud as a major platform for your company.




The company is famous for its applications, products, operating systems, Internet Explorer, Xbox. The company’s business includes a lot of business applications for computers and servers.




Oracle’s motive is solely on developing database applications and technologies, cloud-based platforms. After Microsoft, the Oracle company is the second-largest firm by revenue. Oracle company is one of the most remarkable companies in the list of top 10 companies in the world.




Accenture is a professional IT company that provides consulting, engineering, strategy solutions. Accenture has so many business modules- Accenture consulting supplies electronic solutions, Accenture engineering especially attention on research and development, plan execution, engineering solutions, offer advanced technology for emerging solutions.

Accenture business modules include enhanced performance strategy, alternative solutions. Accenture currently has 425,000 working employees, across 120 countries and is known as one of the top-notch technology firms with multiple benefits- retained as the wealthiest and prominent software company in the year 2019.




Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the recognized world’s top technology company that offers IT services, B2B products, engineering solutions, headquarter is situated in Palo Alto, California. The company is famous for its hardware product and components which are directly related to the customers.

Additionally, it also offers services to customers, small-medium scale companies including government authorities. HP Company also offers SAAS applications, cloud platforms, infrastructure, and consulting services. Along with all these, the company is a renowned name in Information Technology.




SAP is a German-based IT firm, an expert in delivering business applications that handle operations and client relations. One of the largest tech firms across the world has more than 335,000 clients across the nation.

The company is famous for its advanced solution using technologies such as AI, machine learning. With the emergence of blockchain, the cloud helps businesses of different industries to grow. SAP will have products/services that are remarkable.




TCS is a part of the Tata Group and has its offices in 46 countries. TCS is one of the largest firms in the world and famous for its IT services such as app and software development, consulting, infrastructure support, and business process outsourcing.




Capgemini is a prominent IT consulting firm, outsourcing and professional services, has 200,00 employees across 40 nations. The company offers engineering solutions that fulfill the international business’s requirement which helps them survive in the cutthroat competitive world.

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