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How Wisesolution’s VPS Vietnam helps in managing High Traffic?


Various business owners start hosting their websites on a shared server. Though a shared server is a good and affordable choice, you can not stick with it for the long run to grow your website. Initial traffic to your site will be light. Thus, your web business will work well with sufficient and shared web resources.

However, with the advancement of your web business, your website will require an independent hosting environment and more resources. If you continue to utilize the shared server for your growing website, your website will crash.

Therefore, you must upgrade your web hosting plan timely. But, you will be required to put a significant investment into a dedicated server for having an independent hosting environment. Not everyone has or wishes to spend much money on a hosting server when their business is at a growing stage.

So, before anyone has to shift to the dedicated server, they have the ideal option of upgrading to VPS Vietnam. The VPS server in Vietnam serves as an alternative choice for a dedicated server. That is because, you acquire the privileges you seek for growing your business and, at the same time, the affordability with the VPS hosting Vietnam.

Here you will get insights into what VPS Vietnam can offer your business website. And, also from where you can buy the best and cheap VPS hosting Vietnam services.

Definition of VPS Hosting

To begin with, let us comprehend VPS Vietnam and its functioning. VPS Vietnam is an acronym for Virtual Private Server. It is built from a physical server. The VPS hosting in Vietnam is quite similar to a shared server hosting. That is because only a part of the physical server will be employed by your website.

Physical servers are partitioned into various virtual private servers using a Virtualization program called a Hypervisor. Your business website will be assigned one of the virtual private servers with the needed web resources. Although you will be sharing the physical server space with other users.

However, your website will have a virtual and private hosting environment. Moreover, your website’s performance will not get affected by the activities of other websites on the server. Thus, you can infer that the Vietnam VPS hosting attempts to imitate the dedicated server hosting.

Top Reasons to Select VPS Vietnam for High Traffic Websites

The VPS Vietnam helps in managing the traffic peaks efficiently. The performance of your website will be seamless under any circumstances. The following mentioned are the crucial features of the VPS server in Vietnam that enables it to handle high-traffic websites.

Dedicated Resources

The VPS Vietnam comes up with dedicated resources. Your website will acquire the required resources as and when needed. In contrast with shared hosting, you will not be left waiting for your resources.

Administrator Access

With the VPS hosting Vietnam, you will get administrator access to your server. If you have root access, you can configure your server however you like. The most popular operating systems that can be run at the base of your server are come as – VPS Windows Vietnam and VPS Linux Vietnam. Moreover, you can install any operating system you think can work the best for your website with the VPS Vietnam.

Dedicated IP Address

When you buy Vietnam VPS Server to host your website, your website will have a dedicated IP address. The unique IP address will let your website acquire the best possible rank on the search engine. Further, your website rank will also not get affected by the unaccepted actions of other websites.

Introduction of Wisesolution

Wise solution hosting company is known to be founded in 2010. The company is well known as a standalone web hosting provider in the web hosting market. It has grown remarkably over the years for delivering high-class hosting facilities.

web hosting provider in vietnam

The company renders sound support while guaranteeing the next-level experience to its clients. It is also famous in the industry for making its clients acquire goal-specific business demands. To improve your company website, you will have a wide array of services at your disposal.

With the company’s robust infrastructure and network efficiency, your website will be able to compete with its competitors at the forefront. Continue reading to know more about the Wise solution and Vietnam’s VPS features and plans.

Awards and Recognitions

The Wise solution comes under the most influential and top-leading hosting companies all over the globe. The company has won a number of awards for its achievements. They are best known for providing cheap VPS hosting Vietnam with reliable and high-grade hosting services.


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Features of VPS Hosting Vietnam

Regular Backups

The company’s chap VPS hosting Vietnam, your website will get the protection from unauthorized access or attacks. However, there can still be chances left that can make you lose your data.

Thus, to ensure a hundred percent security, the company provides a regular backup. You will be able to back up your data every week. Moreover, If something goes wrong with the data, you can easily recover it.

Easy Customization

With Wisesolution’s VPS Vietnam, you will be able to customize your server. This gives you the flexibility to install whatever applications or software you need for your website.

Additionally, you can modify or upgrade CPU cores, random access memory, HDD or SSD storage, bandwidth, and other hardware/software specifications as per your requirement. The company allows you to upgrade resources anytime with utmost ease.

Advanced Security

As we know, the VPS Vietnam renders a secure hosting environment. In addition, the Wise solution will employ high-tech security measures. These measures will incorporate cybersecurity, DDoS, Comodo Positive SSL, antiviruses, malware Scans & removals, inbuilt security software, data encryption, and many other dimensions.

All this will let your website get protection against outside attacks, suspicious activities, malware, viruses, and hacks.

Plans & Prices

The Wise solution offers cheap VPS hosting Vietnam plans with world-class services. Along with all the company’s VPS Vietnam plans, you will acquire a high availability of resources and round-the-clock technical support.

VPS hosting Vietnam plans


Wise solution hosting company renders the managed VPS Vietnam for those who do not want to take charge of their server. Suppose you are not tech-savvy or do not possess much time to devote to the management of your server. Then, the managed VPS server Vietnam plan is an ideal hosting solution for you.

The company will take care of everything related to your server including – configuration, customization, resource monitoring, instant provisioning, and security of your virtual private server. Reach out to the company’s website to know more details about its best Vietnam VPS hosting.

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