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How to do the Network Setups for the Eero Mesh Systems?

If you are having trouble connecting to your internet, and thus if you are looking for a better and more advanced internet router, then the Eero mesh routers are just for you. And along with that, it will provide you all the network setup and status information regarding the Eero router.

So if you need any Eero Help regarding your Eero mesh router, please comply with this guide.

How to do Network Setups for the Eero Mesh Systems

But before you go through this guide, you should know a little about mesh routers. The mesh routers help in expanding the internet coverage. Thus, with the help of a mesh network, you can use the internet in the farthest corners of your home. And you also don’t have to compromise with the speed of your device either.

Let’s start with the Setup process of the router.

The setup process of Eero Mesh Router

Before setting up the Eero Mesh router, make sure you have the Eero app on your device or computer. Login to your account or signup if you don’t have one.

To create an Eero account, you need to fill in the following information on the login page:

  • You need to enter your full name in the respective column.
  • You need to enter your Phone number in the respective column.
  • And you need to enter an Email address.

But in case you already have an account, you need to enter your phone number or email address. Once you fill in one of these information, you will receive a verification code on your device.

And even if you are creating an account for the first time on the Eero app, you need to verify your account.

To verify your account, you have to enter your phone number or email address. And then, use the verification code sent either on your entered phone number or email address to verify the account.

The setup process of the Eero Mesh Router

After verifying your account, Eero will ask you for some basic information that will help the app understand your home’s structure. For example, these details could be regarding the Shape and number of floors of your home. With the help of these details, Eeros could help you with the positioning of the remaining routers.

Lastly, you have to connect the eero router with the modem or bridged (modem/router) router. The modem is actually the device that is connected to the upstream connection. The Eero router can also be considered a gateway, as it almost acts like the residential gateway, based on most of its configuration.

In case you want to check the Network status of your Eero

Follow these steps to check the Network Health Status of your Eero Router:

  • So firstly, you need to open the Eero app on your device.
  • Once you open the app, its homepage will automatically show you the network’s health status.
  • Now, if the health status of your network is fine and there is no network issue, you will see a message saying Everything Looks Good.
  • But if there is an issue with one of the eero routers, then the app will show you. In such a case, first, check if there is an error with that particular Eero router. Also, make sure that all the eero routers are powered on and are placed within the range. Also, if there is an issue with any particular router, you will see a red mark on that router in the app. In addition, that router will also show a red LED status.
  • Now the app tries to connect the router to the internet. So while connecting, the status icon of that particular network will turn yellow. The app will also show you the Connecting to the internet The yellow status means that the router is coming back online from a reboot. The other reasons for a yellow status could be an ISP (Internet Service Provider) Outage or any other reason due to which the network was previously offline. Then the router’s LED will start blinking white, and finally, the LED will become solid white when the router is back online.
  • If the Eero app shows an internet outage message while the router is plugged into the modem, the modem is further not able to detect an internet connection. The reason for this could be that the internet from your ISP is down. Thus the router is not getting any internet.
  • Lastly, if the app shows the message Internet Connection Issue, there is an issue with the gateway eero. To solve this issue, make sure that your Eero is properly connected to the modem and the modem is further connected to the internet.

If you want to add or remove any Eero router from your network

You can easily add or remove any eeros device with the help of the Eero app. But before that, make sure that your gateway’s configuration is complete and properly working.

Steps to Add an Eero

  • So, firstly open the Eero app on your device.
  • Then open the Menu tab in the app.
  • Now click on the Add Eero
  • Then select the Next
  • After following the above-given steps, the app will suggest some places to place your router. You could consider the suggestion if you like. Then select the Next button to continue.
  • If the Eero device you are trying to connect is not already plugged in, please plug it in. And then again tap on the Next button to continue.
  • Now the app will search for your Eero device to add it to the network.
  • Once the app finds the new Eero device, it will do a placement test of the device. The app does this test to make sure that the device will function optimally in its placed location.
  • Once the test completes, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. Now again, tap the Next
  • Now you have to select the location in which you have placed your router. This way, you could easily recognize your router in your app in the future.
  • The app will then start the final setup process.
  • Lastly, you will see a confirmation message after the completion of the process. Now just hit the Next button, and the new eero router will be added to your network.

Steps to remove an Eero device from the network

Before removing any device, do note that if you remove the primary eero device, then it will delete your entire eero network. However, if you remove any secondary Eero device, it will just reduce the coverage and might cause some connectivity issues.

Follow these steps to remove the Eero device:

  • Firstly, open the Eero app.
  • Then select the eero device that you want to delete from your Eero network.
  • And lastly, click on the Remove Eero button to delete that device.

If you further need any Eero Help, then you can come back to us. Or you can also visit the official Eero website.

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