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How KWSME Business Setup Consultants in Dubai Help?

The Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are the only hope for entrepreneurs and foreign investors for new company setup in UAE. The best and most trustworthy business advisors in Dubai are KWSME. KWS Middle East is providing business aid to starters who are unfamiliar with the norms and rules of the Dubai business market.

Some factors are essential to be fulfilled in a given duration before the Dubai government takes legal action to create hurdles for your business registration process. KWSME understands those requirements and they created a perfect platform in Dubai for newcomers.

Here are some major KWSME services which help to make your business setup legal in Dubai.

Make your new company set up in Dubai simple

  • Gives you a free consultation

KWSME are professional company setup consultants in Dubai who offers cost-effective services which can help you to complete your business setup procedure. The UAE consultancy agencies are present in abundance but the best consultancy firms are extremely rare to find in all states. KWSME offers quality consultancy services assures their clients get satisfactory results.

  • Collect and submit the documents

The document authentications are necessary for any new company setup in Dubai. KWSME helps you to complete the process of legal documentation in minimum time.

Some conditions are meant to be submitted to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) are:

  1. Contact details of the individual owner or the partnership members.
  2. Stamped and signed memorandum of association.
  3. Passport copies of business members.
  4. Company project file.
  5. Name you selected for the startup and license application form.

KWSME can assemble and attach legal paperwork to send them online to Dubai Chamber for official approval.

  • Trademark Registration

The registered name for the fresh company is mandatory and Dubai Courts have strict rules for the trademark process. KWSME can help you to find a special name with no copyright issue and they will make sure to respect the UAE norms while finding a suitable trademark. The registration of a trademark required some fee to pay all government authorities. KWSME can assist you to minimize the trademark registration cost and finish this process rapidly.

  • License Approval

There are four types of licenses required in the Dubai business market.

  1. Professional license.
  2. Commercial license
  3. Industrial license
  4. Tourism license.

KWSME has complete knowledge about the license approving system, they can find you any legal license in Dubai free zone or mainland sector. The professional and commercial licenses are slightly economical but industrial and tourism licenses are expensive for entrepreneurs.

This business setup consultants in Dubai can acquire reasonable license packages for your company which will deal with any manufacturing raw material business, general store, a tourism company, and providing services to people within Dubai.

  • Sponsorship Services

Dubai local sponsors can be a national or citizen who acts as a service agent for your new company setup in Dubai. They own about 51% of the share of your new firm and the average fee to be paid to local sponsors is around AED 7000 to AED 9000.

The business setup consultants in Dubai are designed to make a good deal between local agents and foreign company owners. KWSME can help you to find a trustworthy local sponsor if you are working in the mainland region of Dubai.

  • VISA Services

KWSME the best business setup consultant in Dubai can help you to get affordable VISA packages in a limited period. KWSME deals with all major types of VISA processing within the UAE which are family, business partners, and employees. VISA approval can become an easy procedure if you are hiring KWSME who are the best business advisors in Dubai.

  • Accounting and Auditing

KWSME can assist you to reduce finance staff expenditure, report you about financial statements, offer effective accounting management, and decrease your administrative problems. These business setup consultants in Dubai can also help you in the company liquidation procedure if you are planning to end your offshore company in Dubai. They will complete your auditing steps and give you a Real-time update.

  • Translation Services

In Dubai, the miscommunication between local and foreign business owners can create havoc which results in serious problems. The local Arabic language of Dubai is the key part of all business activities in Dubai.

KWSME has expert English and Arabic translators who can help you in completing your company registration paperwork, communicate with local business parties who cannot understand English, and these company setup consultants in Dubai will make legal deals with them.

Benefits of working with KWSME

The business setup consultants in Dubai can help you in many ways such as:

  • Expert advice on decision making

The experience the KWSME team has in the past couple of years dealing with free zone and mainland business policies can be extremely helpful for your company’s future. They can provide you legal guidelines that can expand your company in UAE and you can get a reliable resource to complete your registration procedure.

  • Helps to complete registration process easily

The registration criteria are a complex structure that cannot be resolved without authentic information from the best business setup consultants in Dubai. KWSME knows about the smallest details for completing the registration process in Dubai. Their help will create a hassle-free environment to complete the company setup registration system.

  • Creating links with governmental authorities

KWSME has a legal partnership with all major Dubai commercial bureaus who have full authority to sign and stamp your licenses to continue business in Dubai. This will help you to create links with governmental bodies that can help you to renew license procedures or expand your company in Dubai.

  • Business setup in affordable price

KWSME is the best business setup consultant in Dubai for a reason and their best strength is to complete your setup at a reasonable price. This will help you to save money and spend it on other important steps for business setup in Dubai.

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