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Fixing The Kindle Paperwhite Won’t Sync-Fast Solutions

Have you been facing issues with the kindle device that you are using? Well, if you have been using that for a while, and suddenly you see kindle paperwhite won’t sync, then it’s going to cause you some issues.

The issue will be where you won’t be able to access the books that you bought from amazon.

You do not have to panic as most of the time it is normal is going to get resolved on its own. But if it is not getting resolved, then you need to follow some troubleshooting steps.

This is one of the most common issues that you can face at times. The downloaded content will not appear on the kindle fire or the synchronized content is not updated.

Let us now move into the steps for resolving the kindle paperwhite won’t sync issue:

Rebooting the Wi-Fi:

If you are not able to sync your device, then this can be a Wi-Fi issue. In order to fix the issue, the first thing that you need to do is switch off the Wi-Fi and then plug out the cable as well. This is the most common step.

After you have unplugged the device, you need to wait for at least a minute before you turn on the Wi-Fi again. After the minute is over, it is now time that you need to plug back the wires and then switch on the Wi-Fi.

Check whether the device is able to get synced or not. If you are still not successful to sync the device, then proceed with the next step.

Hard reset the kindle device: 

Well, if you are willing to fix the issue, then the first thing that you need to do is to keep the Kindle on/off button on hold for at least one minute.

This is done in order to reset the kindle. Make sure that it is not released up to the time the logo appears on the screen on the kindle.

When the resetting of the kindle is done, then it must be synchronized. If you see that the kindle paperwhite won’t sync issue is not resolved, then you must move on to the next step.

Log out of the kindle account:

Well, logging out of the kindle account is a very unique step that will fix this issue. In order to execute this process, you must follow the steps where you have to select the menu, then go to the settings, then open your account, and then you will deregister the kindle.

After you have logged out of the kindle, it is going to ask you to wait for at least a few seconds and then log back in again. By following this step you will be able to resolve the kindle paperwhite won’t sync issue.

Mode of payment is invalid:

When you find out that the mode of payment is invalid, then the content which you purchased is not going to sync and your device will not be able to open it.

As one of the first moves, you need to manage the content and devices. You need to go to the settings and select the edit payment method.

After that update the one-click payment settings. This is one of the easiest methods to fix the Kindle Paperwhite Won’t sync issue.

Putting the kindle on the flight mode: 

One of the main purposes of putting the kindle on flight mode or Airplane mode is to resolve this issue. Then it needs to be kept for at least 30 seconds or maybe even more. After that, you need to try and sync it again.

If you are not getting any success, then go to the next step.

If you are still not able to resolve the issue, kindle paperwhite won’t sync, then get in touch with our experts. They will provide you with the best solutions!

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