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8 Benefits of VPS Chile for High Traffic Websites

Websites or Businesses that receive high monthly traffic need a powerful webserver to easily manage it. As the traffic to a website increases the need for better and upgraded resource arise.

When you share resources, you won’t be able to manage traffic pressure and it will cause downtime and slow loading speed.

A VPS Server uses virtualization technology to provide independent server space to a website. It comes at an affordable price as compared to a Dedicated Server but provides excellent features necessary for easy traffic management.

With the Best VPS Chile by Serverwala, you will get 99.9% Uptime, 24/7 Support, and Premium Resources for blazing-fast website speed.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of VPS Chile for high-traffic websites. Further at the end, we will tell you more about Serverwala and the unbeatable features of VPS Hosting Chile.

Easy Management of High Traffic

The first and foremost benefit you can avail yourself of VPS Hosting Chile is the easy handling of traffic pressure. In the first few months of the website, the traffic load is not too high, so the website performs at an optimum speed even with a Shared Server.

However, as the website starts gaining popularity and the number of visitors starts rising the need for an upgraded server arises.

But the increase in traffic leads to poor loading time and even server crash at certain times, so it’s better if you choose VPS Chile in the first go. With VPS Hosting you get advanced server resources completely dedicated to your website which ensures smooth running of the website during peak traffic.

Higher Website Reliability

If your brand has become popular and attracts tons of visitors every month, it’s important to serve them with a reliable website. If a website undergoes high downtime or follows poor security measures it will make the visitors reluctant to purchase.

With Shared Hosting the probability of frequent downtimes is very high since there are dozens of websites utilizing the server resources.

However, with the Hosting VPS Chile, your website will receive high uptime, premium security, and SSD Disk Drives to ensure the visitors get the best user experience.

Improved Website Security

As the website traffic increases the risk of cyber threats also increases. Hackers and Spammers usually target websites that encounter high traffic, so that they can steal sensitive information stored on the server. So, if with large traffic you follow poor security practices then you are at big risk.

A Shared Server does not provide a Unique IP Address to every user which makes every website on the server vulnerable to a security breach.

However, in VPS Hosting Chile your website not only gets a Unique IP Address but also advanced security features such as DDoS Protection, Intrusion Prevention, Thawte SSL Certificate, etc.

Besides hosting SSL, you can also look for different SSL products available in the market from reputed brands. You can either go for a single domain or wildcard like Comodo PositiveSSL wildcard or any multi-domain SSL. You can renew these SSL certs at discounted prices from SSL providers also.

Cost-Effective Alternative

One of the biggest reasons why VPS has become the most preferred choice amongst Small to Medium Websites is its cost-effective pricing. If you go for a Dedicated Server instead of VPS, you have to pay a large sum of money. However, the features of a VPS are somewhat similar to a Dedicated Server.

Just like a Dedicated Server, VPS also gets Independent Resources, Root Control, Easy Scalability, High Security, etc. The only difference is, in a Dedicated Server your website gets a completely physical server, while in VPS you get a proportion of a physical server in the form of a Virtual Machine.

Easily Scale or Upgrade your Plan

With the traffic growth, the need for more resources arises. In Shared Hosting you get a limited share of resources which cannot be increased with the rise in traffic. In contrast, VPS Chile allows you to scale the server resources or upgrade the plan whenever required.

Any time you feel the need for more RAM, Storage Space, Bandwidth, or CPU Cores, you can ask your web host to upgrade your VPS plan.

Get Root Access

With Root Access, you can easily manage your server on your own. You can easily make changes to the files located on your server or install additional software.

Further, you can also enhance the server security by deploying additional server monitoring tools using Root Access. Root Access allows you to deploy additional tools on your server which your web host doesn’t provide.

24/7 Technical Assistance

Lastly, with VPS Chile you will receive 24/7 Technical Assistance from the web host. Technical Server Issues can arrive at any time, but when you have round-the-clock support you have peace of mind.

For high-traffic websites, a downtime of even a few hours can result in a huge loss. Therefore in VPS Hosting the web host usually has a separate team to handle all the issues of VPS Customers.

You can easily report your issue to the support team and the problem will be resolved as early as possible.

Choose Serverwala for Fast and Reliable VPS Hosting Chile

vps hosting chile

Till now in this article, you have learned the various benefits of VPS Chile for a high traffic website. But you can avail of these benefits only when you choose a reliable VPS Hosting Provider in Chile.

That’s why our web hosting experts did some research and found the Best VPS Hosting in Chile for your High Traffic Website.

Serverwala provides excellent speed, uptime, security, and scalability with their Chile VPS. Along with VPS Hosting they also provide Cluster, Colocation, Dedicated, Bulk Mail, and GPU Dedicated Server.

Within a few years, they have gained tremendous popularity in the web hosting industry and are now providing their services across 80+ countries. Additionally, they have also won several awards for their uptime, support, and services.

Here are the key attributes of Serverwala’s Hosting VPS Chile –
  • Advanced-Grade Security
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • Latest Gen Intel Core Processors
  • High-Speed Bandwidth
  • Low Latency
  • 9% Uptime
  • Root Level Control
  • Premium Hardware
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Regular Backup
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Summing Up

The performance of your website highly depends upon the type of web hosting you choose. A cheap web hosting like a Shared Server will perform well until your website does not attract many visitors. When you will start gaining traction the website performance will slow down.

To avoid such occurrences you must choose VPS Chile from Serverwala. Its exceptional features and economical pricing will help you accomplish the business objective without burning a hole in your pocket.

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