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Benefits of Switching Electricity Providers

Thanks to deregulation, you can choose a private company to supply your electricity at a cheaper rate. It’s easy and doesn’t change your day-to-day energy needs. Many industrial processes need heat melting aluminum, tempering glass, and drying car parts. Electrifying them with clean energy could significantly reduce air pollution.

1. Save Money

Many homes can save money by switching to a cheaper energy supplier. Most deregulated states have websites that showcase energy options and rates from alternative suppliers. These sites allow you to enter your address and view the providers that offer service at your location. It’s a good idea to compare energy options regularly as prices change. 

You can also save by taking advantage of demand flexibility services available to customers on smart meters. These services work in tandem with your smart meter to help reduce peak energy use and help balance the load on the national grid by shifting electricity use to off-peak hours when prices are lowest.

Your lifestyle has changed expanding your family, working from home, or downsizing your house can impact your usage and the way you consume energy. Your introductory plan may no longer be the best fit, and it’s time to compare other energy plans. You’ve been paying a high fixed rate, and your contract is about to expire. 

You can avoid early termination fees by switching to a new plan during your grace period. It’s important to note that you won’t be able to switch energy suppliers if you have a past-due balance with your current provider. The supplier can place a switch hold that prevents you from changing suppliers until your account is paid up. 

2. Better Customer Service

When consumers are frustrated with their energy provider, they must know they have options. The deregulation of the electricity market has made it possible for many different companies to compete for customers with lower rates and better customer service. 

Third-party electricity suppliers have prioritized customer satisfaction and offer personalized plans, transparent billing structures, and helpful phone support. These factors can make a difference for consumers considering switching electricity suppliers. Price is the most crucial factor for a consumer when deciding whether to switch providers. Consumers are often upset with their current energy supplier when prices increase, especially after a sweetheart promotional period has ended. Many homeowners find themselves in a position where they feel trapped with their current provider because they are tied into a long-term contract.

However, switching to a new provider is the best way to ensure you receive the lowest rates available in your area. The live feed comparisons of the current supply offers are shown in the Apples to Apples Ohio charts in a randomly populated sequence. Suppliers are responsible for the correctness of their offers, which are subject to alter at any moment. 

It is important to remember that while a provider may offer lower supply charges, your electric utility company is still responsible for transmitting electricity to your home. When evaluating your options, ask your new provider for a breakdown of their fees. They have to be able to give you a statement in straightforward language outlining the costs that are and are not subject to regulation, as well as the payment conditions.

3. Increased Security

The growing share of electricity as the primary source of heating, cooling, transport, and many digital sectors of society makes it increasingly important to ensure its availability. It requires a solid set of policies and institutions to manage security. 

But the current trends in electricity systems challenge this status quo. Decarbonizing the electricity sector, stagnation or declining contributions from traditional low-carbon sources such as nuclear and hydro, and increasing digitalization expose the system to new risks. 

Moreover, climate change increases the likelihood of natural disasters that can directly impact energy supply infrastructure and its services. This new map of threats requires a revision of the existing frameworks to ensure the secure operation of the electricity system.

In this context, a new supplier can offer better services and products. These include paying via prepayment meters, online access to accounts and bills, or a mobile app for tracking consumption. It is also worth considering loyalty and rewards schemes some suppliers may offer.  Switching to a new supplier is easy. 

You can do it if you’re moving homes or your contract is ending, and you have a choice of tariffs for the new property. You can also do it if you rent an apartment or commercial property and want the best deal for your business. Just ensure you know if you must pay any penalties or cancellation fees.

4. Access to Green Energy

Changing electricity providers allow customers to access new plans and rates from their chosen provider. Customers can also select a plan with renewable energy credits (RECs). These RECs are credited for generating electricity from clean, sustainable resources like wind and solar. 

The more RECs that are added to the grid, the less need there is for fossil fuels. The cost of renewable energy is decreasing rapidly. For example, the basic package for residential solar panels costs significantly less than many imagine, and the return on investment can be achieved in just a few years. As these options become more accessible, households will choose them over traditional energy sources.

Across the globe, more than a billion people gained access to electricity between 2010 and 2019. However, without significant progress in the countries with enormous deficits, the world will fall short of its SDG target of universal access by 2030. 

By choosing a power supplier with a plan with a higher percentage of renewable energy, consumers can support clean energy projects and help reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. As a result, we can create a more stable and sustainable future for everyone. You can find your area’s best deals and green electricity options by entering your ZIP code into our free marketplace.

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